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  1. He probably Meant this one here, you can really see the whole CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GROUP PICTURE....ON FRONT PAGE OF THE SITE..NAIROBICITY.NET
  2. Calculate Your Life Expectancy! While there is no sure way to calculate your life expectancy, there are certain guidelines that can give you rough estimates. If you are between 25 and 65 years of age and reasonably healthy, this test provides a statistical view of your life expectancy.And after the test if you could share the number , it would be nice!! Start with the number 72 # If you are male, subtract 3. # If you are female, add 4. # If you live in an urban area with the population over 2 million, subtract 2. # If a grandparent lived to age 85 or over, add 6. # If all four grandparents lived to age 80 or over, add 6. # If either parent died of a stroke or heart attack before 50, subtract 4. # If a family member under 50 has (or had) cancer, a heart condition, or diabetes, subtract 2. # As an individual, do you earn over $60,000 a year? subtract 2. # If you finished college, add 1. # If you have a graduate or professional degree, add 2 more. # If you are 65 or over and still working, add 3. # If you live with a spouse or friend, add 5. # If you live alone, subtract 1 for every 10 years alone since age 25. # If you work behind a desk, subtract 3. # If your work requires heavy physical labor, add 3. # If you exercise strenuously three to five times a week, add 3. # Do you sleep more than 10 hours each night? Subtract 4. # Are you intense? Aggressive? Easily angered? Subtract 3. # Are you easy-going and relaxed? Add 3. # Are you happy? Add 1. Unhappy? Subtract 2. # Have you had a speeding ticket in the last year? Subtract 1. # Do you smoke more than two packs a day? Subtract 8. One or two packs? Subtract 6. One - half to one pack? Subtract 3. # Do you drink the equivalent of two drinks of hard liquor a day? Subtract 1. # Are you overweight? By 50 lbs., Subtract 8. By 30-50 lbs, Subtract 4. By 10-30 lbs., Subtract 2. # Are you a man over 40 and have annual checkups? Add 2. # If you are a woman and see a gynecologist once a year, add 2. # If you are between 30 and 40, add 2. # If you are between 40 and 50, add 3. # If you are between 50 and 70, add 4. # If you are over 70, add 5. Now total it all up and you'll have a rough estimate of how long you can expect to live.
  3. he he, This is a good sceario that any can relate with, atleast I can say i can relate with it... I've had past like that, very similar, "really" However the thing that i most hate is when a relatiobship comes to an end or at brink where the two can't stand or bare each others faces, There is only two ways that can be worked out, the situation that i was in was nothing like depart if you can't take the heat more like fight or flight i could have walked away and never return, or just simply say I'm not feelng ya vibe no more, ya love has drained from me i hold no grudges but my taste for you has gone sour no longer happy instead you bring a cloud of drama, Your face brings grave of anger from me I have one thig to say,"Can you please walk away and never look back ..But i have done something the opposite when i stood in front of the girl i could't say such words, my manners would not let me, Istead i proboe to her ad married her. And now i love her got to beautiful halal kids with her. the thing that i didn't forget was that She was beautiful and some way if we tried new halal way maybe we could work it out,and it did, so i'm not saying everyone should fallow my foot sreps, there is diffrent way situatio can be dealt with..... So always look onto your options don't just measure one... I like to break this down more, My time is scarce, Peace!!
  4. I Have Bussiness based in here---If you ever wana come and just say hello, Don't hesitate----- Let me give you some web sites where the mall has been critiqued on.On remmember it's two mall one in St.Paul And One in MPLS-Theyre both somali malls This is another article that Just shows little Positivity In the somalis of MPLS_MN
  5. Mawduuca ku saabsan gabadhan wuxuu i xusuusiyey warar la mid ah keeda, sida runta ah ujeedadu gabdhani waa lacag raadsi ayadoo laga faa'iideysanayo dhibaatada haysata dadka muslimiinta ah ama soomaalidaba. Dad badan baa u qaadanaya in arrintu tahay dhibaato sixid, walow dhibaatadu jirto, laakiin arrintu waa in magac lagu samaysto oo deedna lacag looga helo hay'adaha wadanka la joogo iyo midda EU(midowga yurub). Arrinta gabadhan mid cusub ma aha oo waxaa dhacay arrimo tan la mid ah, bal xusuuso hadii aad wararka la socotay gabadhii Norwey masaajidka filinka ka soo duubtay samadkii hore(2001), xusuuso gabadhii kale ee reer Iiran ahayd ee tiri "qamaarku wuxuu la mid yahay Nazi_gii jarmalka waana in la mamnuucaa", arintan waxaa si xoog leh uga hortegey dawlada Sweden iyo dadka muslimiinta ah ee ku dhaqan dalkaas. Waxaa kaloo jiray nin soomaali ah oo asna ay dawlada Sweden u yeeratay si loogala tashado dhibaatada haysata dhalinta soomaaliyeed xagga waxbarshada, information-kii uu dawlada siiyey wuxuu noqday in uu shirkii tuso sawir labo maroodi mid yar iyo mid weyn iyo geed yiraahdana hadalkan "Haddii maroodiga weyni uu ku yiraahdo midka yar fuul geedkan, ma fuuli karaa kan yari? arintu waa maya sababtoo ah kan weyni ma fuuli karo. Sidaa darteed caruurta soomaliyeed waxba ma baran karaan ee lacagta ha isaga qasaarinina". The irony is that his children were at school at that time. Tusaalayashan oo kale waxay ka dheceen meelo badan oo yurub ka mid ah mana rabo inaan kuligood soo tiriyo laakiin ujeedadeydu waxaa weeye inaan isla fahamno maxaa dadka noocan ah dabada ka wada. Marka aad u fiirsatid dadkan waxay ka simanyihiin in mid walba leeyahay urur ku aadan adeeg mujtamac(social service) kaasoo aan dadkale kula jirin ee asagu/ayadu kaligeed iska leh, waxay kaloo ka siman yihiin iney mushtamaca ay la nool yihiin ayna waxba la qaybsan xataa hadalba ha noqotee. Hadalada ay dhahayaan ama barnaajmijyada ay samaysanayaan waxay ku aadanayihiin u sheeg waxay rabaan lacagna qaado (tell what they want and make money) that means fooling government. Ma kula tahay nin ama gabar dadkeeda banaanka ka taagan iney rabto xalinta dhibaatadooda? Adigu ka jawaab....... asalam
  6. Yepp, this is the place where somalis dwell,not all somalis, but good amount.It's a low income area,But you'll amazed if you go inside, as somalis are known to make their homes turn into a castles.
  7. It's Marvelious,It's Muraclious, It's MinneFabulous. There wasn't any better way to say it...... I had a glimse of the Towers that all the somalis Live in , Cedar Riverside>>Check it out. Click it on on West Bank, you can view the buildings and a somali restaurants... Also, try and see the public schools, I've seen pictures of Rooselvelt H.S,were thousands Of somalis have graduted from. Many of you from the Forums as well have graduated from there.. Take Advantage--- You Londonians--
  8. Mr.Somali Pres, there never was a somali guy whom was running for a senate. But there was guy running for a mayor.Anyway, it's really sad, i guess i'ma go with next best on my vote, but never a republican, they cut the cost of education and the help for poor people. Plus i never ben a in favor of republican in the beginning.
  9. As i was reviewing that article, guees what has happen?.****PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SEE***** Now as sad as it seems. Many Somalis were Encouraging each other to vote for wellstone, who's been there for the somalis ever sinse they arrived at the state of Minnesota. Me myself and many others including my family were planing on going to the booth and voting for wellstone. today-friday the 25th oct,2002. sad Breeze of story came by,senator wellstone passed away. i guess now it won't matter to spend anyt time at the booth.
  10. Somali community encourages voting, queries candidates Democratic U.S. Sen. Paul Wellstone and Republican challenger Norm Coleman tried out a few words of Somali on Saturday as they courted the support of more than 1000 people of Somali descent, many of whom who are expected to vote for the first time Nov. 5. Somali leaders heralded the public meeting they had organized at Augsburg College in Minneapolis as a historic occasion for the growing community as members begin to put down roots in Minnesota and join the political process. "We are not guests anymore," Abdirahman Sheikh Omar, an imam, said through a translator. "This is our home now. This is our homeland. And we have to participate. . . . We have to get our own piece of the pie." More than a dozen Somali organizations, along with the nonprofit organization VOICE for Community Power, have been working for months to increase political participation and voter turnout among Somalis. While many Somalis are not yet citizens and therefore aren't eligible to vote, some leaders have estimated that about 10,000 Somalis will cast ballots Nov. 5. It won't necessarily be a swing vote, they acknowledge, but it could have an effect on the outcome of some races and will be more important in coming years as more Somalis become citizens. "I think it is a group that can make a difference if it is a tight race, especially in local elections," said Saeed Fahia, executive director of the Confederation of Somali Community of Minnesota. Several candidates are taking notice of Somalis' burgeoning voting power. Independence Party gubernatorial candidate Tim Penny will attend a community forum Monday, and Somali leaders hope the others candidates will do the same. The 2000 census counted 11,164 Somalis in Minnesota, most in the Twin Cities area. But many Somali leaders have said they believe the numbers are much higher. There are more than 5,000 K-12 students in Minnesota who speak Somali as a first language, according to the state Department of Children, Families and Learning. Learning to vote Citizenship may be one hurdle to Somalis. Another is the whole idea of voting -- a concept as foreign to many recent immigrants as Tater Tot hot dish. The last free elections in Somalia were in 1968, the year before a military junta took over, said Ali Khali Galaydh, a former Somali prime minister who now teaches at the University of Minnesota's Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs. That means that Somalis under age 50 never had the opportunity to vote in Somalia. In later decades, there were elections under a one-party system in which there was simply one candidate for whom to vote. "It was a sham," Galaydh said. "It was a foregone conclusion who it was going to be." Fast forward to Minnesota in 2002. Since May, Somalis have been spreading the word at Somali malls, mosques and workshops about the importance of voting. They've gone door-knocking in Minneapolis' Cedar-Riverside area. After Friday prayers and other events at mosques, religious leaders have been encouraging people to register to vote and to become informed. It has been a broad effort that has included young people and women's organizations. At a recent workshop in Minneapolis about the link between Islam and democracy, an elections official was on hand with a voting booth to show Somalis the actual mechanics of voting so they know what to do on election day. The demonstrations attracted a large crowd, organizers said. Hashi Abdi, a community organizer with VOICE, estimates that the effort has led to hundreds of Somalis registering to vote. He said he has been telling Somalis that voting is one of the most important ways to improve their lives. "We don't want to be seen as just refugees,' he said. "No, we are citizens -- Somali Americans. We are not going to keep that name [refugees] all of this time." The importance of practicing democracy has been particularly resonant in the community in a post-Sept. 11 world in which many Somalis have felt unjustly targeted. Somali money-wiring firms that many Somalis depend on to send money to family in their homeland continue to struggle to survive after the federal government alleged that some had links to terrorism. Concerns have also surfaced around deportations and racial profiling. In light of such an atmosphere, voting is a proactive step Somalis can take to raise their voices, Abdi said. "We are all together now -- united our voice to become Somali voters," he said. Picking a candidate Many leaders said there is no clear indication how Somalis will vote Nov. 5. There appears to be Democratic leanings as evidenced by the exuberant show of support Saturday for Wellstone, whom many community members see as an advocate for Somalis, said Debra Rodgers, an organizer with VOICE. But support for Coleman was evident as well Saturday. And many Somalis remember that President George H.W. Bush ordered an airlift of food in 1992 to help ease a famine in Somalia caused by the civil war and drought, Rodgers said. Coleman didn't shy away from mentioning his relationship with the current President Bush and his father. The main thrust of Saturday's meeting, leaders said, was to establish a relationship with whoever will take office -- not to endorse one candidate over another. That was why they talked to each candidate separately, rather than having a debate. Each was asked five yes or no questions about their positions on certain issues around immigration, affordable housing, employment, education and continuing a relationship with the community. Coleman said yes to each question except one: whether he would support basic human rights and direct the Immigration and Naturalization Service to stop the deportation of Somalis until a stable government has been established in Somalia. He explained that he doesn't know enough about the situation to commit to an answer and said, "I will commit to this: I have a firm commitment to human rights." In a time of heightened fears after Sept. 11, he said he would try to balance security concerns with human rights. He ended his speech with "salaam aleikum." which means "peace be with you" in Arabic, and "mahad sanidiin," "thank you" in Somali, phrases that were greeted with many surprised and appreciative smiles. Wellstone, like Coleman, received a warm reception from the crowd. It became even warmer when he answered "haa" or yes in Somali, to all five of the questions. Each time he responded with "haa," the cheers grew louder. "I respect the effort of the Somalian community to become an empowered political force," he said. After the meeting, Coleman said he had been brought to tears by a man who said Somalis haven't been a part of the decisionmaking process before. But now, "the community has been getting engaged," Coleman said. "And we are listening." Said Wellstone, "What a turnout. . . . This is the heart of representative democracy." -- Kavita Kumar
  11. Un-exceptable.To the somali community. Such thing ever exists that would be the downfall for the somali nation.We are people whonm have manners,and great respect in practice of the religion of Islam, If ever this accurs to one, he is an outkast not to be considered a somali.
  12. Un-exceptable.To the somali community. Such thing ever exists that would be the downfall for the somali nation.We are people whonm have manners,and great respect in practice of the religion of Islam, If ever this accurs to one, he is an outkast not to be considered a somali.
  13. Un-exceptable.To the somali community. Such thing ever exists that would be the downfall for the somali nation.We are people whonm have manners,and great respect in practice of the religion of Islam, If ever this accurs to one, he is an outkast not to be considered a somali.
  14. Un-exceptable.To the somali community. Such thing ever exists that would be the downfall for the somali nation.We are people whonm have manners,and great respect in practice of the religion of Islam, If ever this accurs to one, he is an outkast not to be considered a somali.