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  1. that's a beutiful i'm comming this summer so you show me where mall of america is and where all somalis are aight ba'nah
  2. looooooooo that was halarious i didnt the second one
  3. Abaayo you are scraping in a empty place to find somali men as some us said ^there the good person is the one who struggles for seek of his life not one you seen on the corner using same line over 'n over again to get your attention..the good once are busy studing,working hard to success in the future so next time you decide to look for quality men check the price before you star pouncing like this ball
  4. damn :rolleyes: !!!i'm already thinking to be one of those soon
  5. nadira you know what's bad about talking about anything is i just lost what i'm about say before i sign in but fill the whole between lines all i got to say is today was my holiday of the year and i slept as clockwise until my holiday year ends.
  6. A woman walks into a department store and buys: 1 bar of soap 1 toothbrush 1 tube toothpaste 1 loaf of bread 1 pint of milk 1 single serving cereal 1 single serving frozen dinner 1 single-size bedsheet The handsome clerk at the checkout counter looks at her and says, "Single, are you?" The woman replies very sarcastically, "How did you guess?" He replies, "Because you're freakin' ugly."
  7. it deponds which way you look when comes to human since we all human nature and plus not all human run one finger(same stage)beside somalis for us there is people with higher education, some on the way and some hardly spell their names but that's not the issue it's what environment you live in or standing at the time..that's my thery!
  8. totally disagree with you poster may be you need to do some research