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  1. This is for real, we need to wake up! (listen) You walk around town, you see all kind of people saying they are muslim, their name is abdikarim, mohamed and so forth, you read the newspaper there is almost 80 thousand muslims in this town..masha allah then you go to the masjid.... less than 2% are there?????? then you say maybe it is the amount of knowledge available, You go to the library, internet, masjids (having lectures) books, cd's, tapes over flowing... then you go to the masjid....less than 1% are there????? you say this cant be, are we really those people that the prophet s.c.w talked about. who : love the makhluuq but forgot the khaaliq (allah) love the wealth but forgot the xisaab (allah) love this life but forgot what comes next(death) and so on are we? i think so, cuz we all remember birthdays but simply forget the day of judgement.. this is not a long lecture...this is simply a wake up call from brother in islam, if your eyes are open. ((((may allah guide us in the right path))))
  2. can you add the koran please?
  3. that is a good question.... answer: Everything that i do.
  4. *****eykum salaan waraxmutulaahi wabarakaatu. abaayo i realy enjoy the way u put on the words i just wanted to ad one . nabi nuux alaha ka raali noqdo waxuu aduu ku noolaa almost 950sano markii la weydiiyey aduunku maxuu ku jawaabey "waa guri gashay dhinaca kale ka baxey. marka adigoo og inaadan noolaaneyn more then 70years waa average. marka walaahi in uu aduunka la is siiyo wax tareynin. aaqiro inaan u shaqeysano wax ka fiican maleh asalaamu caleykum waraxmatulaahi wabarakaatu. ilaahey waxaan ka baryeynaa inuu na soo hanuuniyo maxaa yeelay ilaahey qof uu soo hanuuniyo ma hanuunsamo diintana halagu dadaalo.
  5. asalaamu caleykum waraxmatulaahi wabarakaatu my brother and sister. i realy aprecited nur for u honest and everything and i wanted to share one more sheeko of mine. i used to be birthy guy i mean realy birthy guy every where i go just music all the birthy place until my mind just wanted dark like i mean realy dark becuase i couldnt think striaght i will be honest with u i was going colege i take time off becuase i couldnt do better job. now i dont listen music at all alxamdulilaahi i switch all my music casete to quran casete and alxamdulilaahi my thinking is coming back every day. and i start felowing some kutub on mosque and try to pry at mosque on time that is helps to that is my short story. let me give u one short advice my man and who every enjoy music. aqoro is around the corner u never know when u going to die please lets go back to our "diin" and study them is our way of living. hogaamiyaheena waaye hala barto waa idin tuuga. thank u all. asalaamu caleykum
  6. asalaamu caleykum. is very nice u guys doing extremely important to our people and i give u alot of credit. my suggestion is that i would recomand him to go the place where the muslim meet for instance they were some picnic for all muslims all over united states in chicago the the end of the december and every year they are two of those or three. i dont know how the schedule is this year insha alah but defenetly they will be some meeting and beleive me they are going to be alot of greogous sister up there so i will sugest that and i can find out for him when i visit next time i am just using one of my friend ID iga raali ahaada . asalaamu caleykum. alahu akbar.
  7. asalaamu caleykum waxaan idinku salaama magaca ilaahey. aad ayaan u farxey marka aan arkey topican. waxa keliya wadankeena ey ku soo noqon karto waa inaan ilowno qabiilka aan u dhiibano our wadaado ayagana ey na hugaamiyaa nagu dhaqaa ilaahey sharcigiisa oo raaliga ka yahay. walaahi aduunka waalaga socdaa hadii aan ilaahey u noqonin hada not later ? waxaan kale oo aan rabey inaan dhaho please ha la barto diinta dhalinyaronimo yeysan idin qaadin aduunka walaahi inuu wax idin tareynin. i dont mean in aan idin wacdiyo laakin i couldnt help it and i probably think alot of people think me as a older guy or wadaad . i am not either one i am just one of you but i was doing little remind becuase we human are tend to forget easy. the mean of human is forgeter. so please halis xasuusiyo aqaaro. salaada si fiican haloo dukado weysada hala saxo ilaaheyna hanoola baryo in ilaahey wadankeena uu nooga dhigo wadin diinta islamka lagu dhaqo. waan ka soo daalney domacraadi qabiil iyo gumeysi kuli.. thank you all for give me aportunity to expres what i have in mind is long but remember i was just visiter.
  8. May Allah put him in paradise. Aaamiin. There aren't alot of good people in this world.
  9. One of Abdulahiyusuf's famous statements at the peace talks: "these hooligans in Mogadishu chasing each other with the AK-47 need to realize that I am coming soon" looooool. That was very funny. Negotiations failed, so he wants to try force with warlords. Not a bad idea i voted for abdullah yussuf
  10. Originally posted by Kowneyn: Atleast, 8,000 of the great ****CAYDIID'S**** clan were handed over to Aidid and the USC which absorbed them into its ranks And What happened to the soldiers from the other tribes? Massacred?
  11. Gediid, I really used to like your posts. You ain't making any sense yo. Originally posted by Gediid: The North generally speaking unlike Mogadisho was never a multi ethnic city. Really? People were chased out of their homes and massacred bro. I can tell you 100s in Minnesota who grew up in the North including my own family. When ya say SNM never comitted any attrocities or were angels, how are ya different from that dude Xasan Nasra Allah? ya'all the same man. It is all about tribalism and politics. Talk to elders from Somaliland baby. I mean elders from Burco, boorame, Eerigabo, Hargiesa etc. The nice ones will tell ya the truth. peace
  12. Google search brings up tons of works Latest news about Jamal Omar. The dude was the most famous Somali activist in North America for real.