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  1. helloooooooooooo, NOOOOOOOOOOOO...wearing the hijaab does NOT make u less attractive...and it does not stop u from getting good looking brothas (I should know). Infact you get good looking brothas with good manners...even ciyaalo suuqyada got mad respect. Oh yeah..I wear alot of brown with black...but how about a gorgous baby blue skirt with a black ribbed turtlenck and black knee high boots (I know u the only that knows...but knowing it will make u feel good)...oh and black hijaab..I say REPRESENT girls. I hate the idea that ppl think hijaab is unattractive
  2. looks like someone did their research!. Can't somali men hold a council and come up with a guy that's a little bit of everything?...except mr.player cause i not only HATE wimps I don't share either.
  3. hey...what's with the stars?..all i said was S-U-C-K... reer somaliaonline waad waalateene?
  4. oh plssssssssss...this place is too damn cold, it's streets **** , if i c another pale skinned red haired scandinavian..well...., oh yeah did you know the police here take target practice lessons at anything black that moves...BUT...downtown is breathtaking at night, you can visit MALL OF AMERICA for years and never go from one end to another...AND the lakes are EXQUISITE.
  5. ahhhhhhhhhhh..enough with this topic. How come only the girl is a hoe?...she ain't doing it by herself. Besides kissing someone is WRONG...xARAAAAAAAAAAAAM.....but it does not make someone a hoe.
  6. lol slippin...well here is the thing, she might have wanted you and then she got a reality check and realized you only wanted some booty. I can understand where she is coming from. Our somali boys have lost touch with our culture, "wanting" a guy no longer means just plain old harmless real sweet "wanting" is understood by our boys as "horny for you". Oh...the good old days of my mother's girlhood...whats a girl to doooooooooooooooooo
  7. I believe waraaboow and isfiilito are interchangable..waraaboow I think is just a slang term for it.
  8. waraaboow= syphallis. Which can ultimately cause insanity..thus the term " adi waraaboow ha isku ridin" = calm your a** down. Syphallis is a venral disease but doesn't have to be sexually can pick it up from moist surfaces like toilet seats etc. Akhas..I know...i have a hard time using public bathrooms now.
  9. Muslimah- for heaven's sake check your private messages.Excuse my attitude..don't mean no harm by it k?. I'm just hungry and my lunch break ain't here yet. Whoever started this depressing.
  10. wasn't my sister she was threatning to spank, it was some other kid..but my sister caught her eye at the wrong time. Funny you ask where we were cause we were here in the U.S...and it was like ' you could imagine how everyone was shocked that she would threaten to spank someone. Needless to say..she was given her walking papers at the school.
  11. Abubakr sadiiq (rc) Omar ibn Khattab (rc) Uthman (rc) Cali (rc) After memory gets hazy..and i think it gets confusing too. WHAT WAS THE NAME OF THE FEMALE THAT WAS MARRIED TO THE PROPHET (SCW) AND WHO WAS ALSO OMAR IBN KHATTAB'S DAUGHTER?
  12. salaamu Caleykum! K..muslimah..i am about to become a fan of i suggest you put up security fences around your house..oh guard dogs wouldn't hurt (cause like every somali..i'm scared senseless of dogs). That was a good poem by the way!
  13. Hey muslimah, great topic!. While I have never been out right insulted (but then again i don't wear the niqaab), back in middle school my sister had a subsitute teacher one day (i think from the back woods of hicktown) and the teacher after threatning to SPANK some bad kid, looked at my sister and hollered "YOUNG LADY IT'S NOT COLD IN HERE TAKE THAT SCARF OFF". lol....she was serious too! By the way..props to you actually wear the niqaab?...I fantasize about that, but I don't think I'll ever have the guts to.
  14. hello..she said "buff" somali guys. No need for everyone to take a dip from the compliment well.
  15. hello..she said "buff" somali guys. No need for everyone to take a dip from the compliment well.