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Somal Sex Trafficking in 3 States!!

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Subhanallah, Somalis wey waasheyin!!! :eek: Out of control :eek: :eek:


That is what happens when a huge population ends up in the same country without a coherent connection and leadership. :eek: :eek:


The authorities need to take ownership of the community and the community need really find their feet and not protect criminals that are targeting the young. These girls are 13, where were wiixii delay when all these horrors where happening to them.


If we want to live in these countries we have to have a normal number of kids that we can look after and support, not have 9-12 and assume they will be save in society without us taking an interest in how they are progressing. I bet the parents of these kids did not know that their kids were used abused to make money for gangs. :( :eek: Sometimes less is better.


The gang members are adults, most of them late 20s and some even nearly 40yrs old- these are grown a*ss members of the community, what is the driving force behind their criminal ways which they refuse to grow out of.


Really deebato weyn aya toltala the Somali Canadian community,


Mind you reer UK are not far behind, only reason it has not happened yet is because of the dominance of Islam and protectiveness of the social services for the under 16yrs. The schools really do work tireless to ensure they monitor the behavior, attendance and progress of kids and if anything changes, they call the parents in or send letter home.

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Those charged in the indictment are identified as:


* Abdifitah Jama Adan, aka “Shorty” aka “Faleebo” aka “Kuzzo,” 28;

* Abdullahi **** Afyare aka “Forehead,”19;

* Ahmad Abnulnasir Ahmad aka “Fabulous,”23;

* Yahya Jamal Ahmed, 23;

* Abdikarim Osman Ali, aka “Homer” aka “Big Abdi,” 22;

* Musse Ahmed Ali aka “Fat Boy,” 23;

* Hassan Ahmed Dahir aka “Mohamed Ali Hussein,” 21;

* Fadumo Mohamed Farah aka “Naana Naana” aka “Gangster Boo” aka “Barnie,” 25;

* Idris Ibrahim Fahra aka “Chi Town,” 22;

* Yasin Ahmed Farah, 19;

* Abdullahi Hashi aka “Kamal,” 24;

* Fatah Haji Hashi aka “Jerry” aka “Jr,” 23;

* Abdirahman Abdirazak Hersi aka “Biggie,” 20;

* Muhiyadin Hassan Hussein aka “CD,” 22;

* Dahir Nor Ibrahim aka “Dahir Lucky,” 38;

* Abdifatah Bashir Jama aka “Cash Money” aka “Ohio,” 23;

* Andrew Kayachith aka “AK,” 20;

* Abdigadir Ahmed Khalif aka “Awali,” 24;

* Bashir Yasin Mohamud aka “Br,” 26;

* Mustafa Ahmed Mohamed, 22;

* Fuad Faisal Nur aka “Hanjule,” 24;

* Abdifatah Sharif Omar aka “British” aka “Pinky,” 25;

* Liban Sharif Omar aka “Sunderra,” 21;

* Mohamed Sharif Omar aka “Moe D” aka “Mojo,” 26;

* Hamdi Ali Osman aka “Big Hamdi” aka “Boss Lady,” 22;

* Haji Osman Salad aka “Hollywood,” 20;

* Bibi Ahmed Said, 19;

* Ahmed Aweys Sheik aka “Rear Hammer” aka “Abdul,” 24; and

* Yassin Abdirahman Yusuf aka “Junior” aka “Black Cat Junior,” 21.

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A 19 year old is old enough to serve time for his action. Damn them all. Where are their parents?


The indictment details the trafficking and sexual assault of four girls – two under the age of 18 and two aged 13 and under at the time of their recruitment. The girls were allegedly taken between Minneapolis and Nashville, where they were sold for sex and forced to have sex with gang members. One of the victims was also taken to an apartment in Seattle and to Columbus with other girls.


One of the victims detailed in the indictment was picked up from her high school several times and raped in a bathroom at Northtown Mall in Blaine, Minn. and inside an abandoned garage.




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The women played a big role.


The indictment provides little detail regarding how they were recruited or coerced, other than to say that one was "enticed" into having sex with gang members before she was turned over to paying customers.


Another, who had an argument with her mother and left home, approached one of the women who was indicted -- Hamdi Ali Osman, or "Big Hamdi" or "Boss Lady" -- for help. Osman allegedly told the girl that she would support her with housing and food in exchange for her having sex with customers.


The brother-in-law of another defendant said he was shocked to hear of the charges against his relative. "What I believe is he didn't do nothing," the brother-in-law said. "I don't know where this came from."


Outside the courtroom where his pregnant sister, Bibi Ahmed Said, had just made her first appearance, Abdi Said denied his sister's involvement in a sex trafficking ring. Bibi Said is charged with attempting to influence the testimony of somebody who was going to testify to the grand jury.


Abdi Said said his sister is in trouble because of her husband's gang affiliation, and "some things he did in Tennessee."


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What is happening in the states is scary subhanalah .I shivered just reading it...


Somalis are doing this to their own somali girls. Don't this people have sisters/daughter/mothers. Heart breaking...


what can i say people raise your kids well and teach them not to trust anyone just because they are somalis. We live in a crazy world....



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Walee waan dalacnay and not in a 29-Somali-Youth-Got-Accepted-To-Harvard kinda way!


Some of them waa kuwa iyagoo sodon jiro ah lagu keenay iney 1980s dhasheen...

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