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If I was an animal

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Originally posted by Karl_Polanyi:

Free food

Good council housing

Nice Neighbours

Pretend to be nice and everyone treats you like an angel.

Bloody scrounger! :D



Hmm...if I could be an animal, I would probably want to be a Polar Bear.




"Polar bears are the largest living land carnivores and have a reputation as the only animal that actively hunts humans, assuming anything they encounter to be potential prey." BBC

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I would be a squirrel.




Dabangaalle duur galey ma aragteen?

Nin yaroo nin weyn diley ma aragteen?

Xasanoo Xuseen dilay ma aragteen...

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horta back in da days maxaan bugs and mulacyo(bulacyo) intaan qabano dili jirney, bal xasuuso

nuune libooya kenya maa soo xasuusatay? ar yaa bulac dilay!



If I was an animal...I would've been reer hebel.

loooooooooooooooool@Ayuub saqajaan waaxid! classic!!!



Wareer Badanaa!!!

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