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  1. Eid Mubarak everyone, May Allah accept all our good deeds. Amin
  2. Laakiin too much pressure, pressuring one's children to excel in their academies ma fiicno, too. Just look at Jabaan, that country and its suicide rates as a result of too much parental pressures of their children's success at schools. Good point MMA, one should not pressure their children too much rather allow their kids to be happy. Alhamdulilah I grew up in a happy house where my parents never forced me to choose career that I did not like. My parents' priority was that we feared Allah and learned the deen and after that everything else was good. I just want my children to grow up in happy life and their ultimate goal to be Jannah inshaAllah. Ismalura, giftedness is something that Allah blesses with some one and the parents dont have to be educated. I remember when I was in high school we visited this Somali who was illetrate (both english & Somali) but her son who was four was able to read my physics text without anyone ever teaching him how to read, masha'Allah. So it is not always about the environment but rather blessing from Allah.
  3. A JAMAICAN is embrassed to be with Somali girl? really? :eek: Shouldnt it be the other way around. Anyways, I am so discussed with Somali girls with low selfsteem who would go outside of their race and change their culture and everything and at the end of the day be treated like qashin :rolleyes: . MMA dont be surprised, I have witnessed stories like that, you never know anything is possible now adays.
  4. Che- you have crazy imaginations of death, bisinka. This is a fortune tell and is not permisible in Islam, even if you are doing it for fun, so be careful.
  5. I agree with polayni on this, I notice the older educated faaxs think they get the whole world in their hands and can get anything because of their education, so annoying. But the younger ones are more humble and dont make it big deal out of it.
  6. ^^ loool Abaay, ma maqlin miyaa markuu Cumar dhuulay dhahay, Gacmahaada xaada leh Markaan soo axuustaan xadantoodaa lool Bajaq duf gacmaha kuleh aa wagaas laga danbeeye lool hada laakiin alaaba kale ayaa laga danbeeyaa... Tuujiyo, there are girls till this day that swear by their xaad and will trade nothing in th e world to wax it, because they think it is part of their beauty, lol. So wat might be ugly to u, might beauty to someone else, lol.
  7. Afar waa inay u caddahay: Labada indhood iyo afka labadiisa lakab. How is that even beatiful, qof af cad is soo ugly and top of that qof lakab leh, omg Seriously though I am sick and tired of Somali men judging the beauty of Somali women when they themselves are not even good looking.
  8. She was an addict, druggie Thats not true, and who are you to judge her, atleast if you gonna say sumething say the truth or keep silent. Very unfortunate incident. Shows the level of sorry state of the Somalis in the west Dont feel sorry for anyone, worry about yourself :rolleyes: . Most of the young generation growing up in the west are out of touch with the Somali culture I am guessing your well in touch with Somali culture, tell us all about it so we can learn some lessons from you of how to be touch with the Somali culture.
  9. Val Somali skirts are awesome, you can find nice plain skirts from their and the prices are fair ranging $15-20 dollars. Some of my white friends now started wearing the Somali skirts over the summer and they love it. Remember it all depends on your creativity when it comes to style, you can wear anything and make it look nice on you.
  10. ^^Why are you poking the poor guy, your making his pain worst, u know
  11. Originally posted by Timur: Tuujiye must be from Gedo or Galguduud or one of those regions neglected by its community. Do not criticize us because we still love our country and we are still trying to help our people further. We have not given up, unlike you, and we are not going to sit by, we will build the motherland. First of all, I dont see anything oo Gedo and Galguduud ay igo fiican yihiin, the picture of the two trees and the little house you just posted. You know everyone can take pic of two trees and ciid and say this place waa qurux, while we know the situation the people in the city are living in. And to your last senctence I will just say Cajaa'ib no comment.
  12. It could be an anxiety attack the way your describing, but they should have done an ECG to rule out any Angina which is lack of oxygen to the heart muscle, but I would recomend you to go to the ER to be safe. Hope you feel better though.
  13. Eid Mubarak, dont forget to pray tahajud tonight, who knows it could be laylatul qadr insha'allah.