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Originally posted by Mutakallim:

If you feel so inclined, I shall pose save one objection to the theory, if you are able to dissolve it, then
kolkaas ayaan madaafiicda goobta lasoo baxayaa.
Maandhoow, runta lama inkiro beense waa la asaraaraaye.

Hit it.

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:D Nicely Put: "gardening, dishwashing, feminism"


Await the avalanche !


48 Laws of Power - Robert Greene. Must-read.

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Northerner ,


Thought I’ll answer in verse. :D


In my time of reading, I learned about Japan

Of Geisha's and of Samurais

Great people to a man


Now China too I read about

the land of Chairman Mao

Its history was great before

it’s more amazing now


The Brits invaded half the world

for gold and other things

I read about it in a book

I know how Big Ben rings


I’m not American as you know

but know their civil war

Gone With The Wind was a great book

and helped open that door

I read of masters and of slaves

of southerners and yanks

yet I have never ever set

one foot in that land!


The French Monarchy, I’m sure you heard

was a great institution

But Louis and family were scared

When faced with the revolution

They were executed by the mob

or should we call them public?

And there and then it was born

the great French Republic



The Spartan war was not real

it was as fake as Achilles’ heel

Gods came and fought alongside men

and poor old Priam lost his son

Odysseys he was a man of thought

he was brainy and he was clever

he made the horse that changed the course

of this long and hard fought war

between men, gods and even rivers


The easterners too wrote great books

on all types of subjects

they even translated porn and names of sexy objects

The days they loved and the afternoons

but they most enjoyed the nights

they wrote of 1001 of those and all their great delights

Aladdin was to be found there

Ali Baba and Sinbad

and the adventures of the three in great old Baghdad



You really don’t have to read a book written by man

but I fail to see how you’ll explain not reading your Koran

in there too you will find stories of many men

some of them prophets, some good and great and many men of sin

Each story there has a lesson, a sort of a moral tale

of life and people and history and even heaven and hell


Of four four two I hear you speak

Of football and of races

of sport and winning all the cups

and trainers with no laces

In reading that you might pick a hint (some might say that’s just vague)

on who is good and who is bad and who might win the league

It might be silly and might sound daft

still, it’s information

and that’s what reading’s all about

enlightened communication....




Don’t pay too much attention to the technical bits of that (poetry was never my thing). Heh.

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Ngonge, mashallah just loved that peice.



Has anyone read crisis in the muslim mind? Its available online . Qn is would you recommend it? So far what I have deduced its talking about how political thinking and the intellectual thinkers have taken differnt paths.

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^^ Thanks :D


But where is North? After going through all this trouble, I was at least expecting a comment from him! :(



Had to edit. It missed up the thread. :D

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Originally posted by Lidia:

Thanks, but is it available online only?

That's where I buy all of my books. You can try your local libraries but I doubt they'll carry it. Here's a link to a store that carries it in Minneapolis, MN. That may not help if you're not in Minneapolis.

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Iam reading Muhammed Ali Clay's biography "The Soul of a Butterfly : Reflections on Life's Journey written by him & his daughter Hana Yasmeen Ali.


mmm Interesting so far, but lemme reach the end.


Anybody read "My Name Is Red" for Orhan Pamuk (A turkish author) very mysertious but you'll luv it.

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