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  1. Nuune is that Hassan Sheikh Maxamud guy aka the new president of Somalia. Congrtulations on his success.
  2. Peace to the cushitic peaceful nation of pacifist pastro-agruulturalists; my brother, we don't mind if the white man takes over Somalia as long as he gives us one of his countries in exchange. I wouldn't mind Italy or Spain.
  3. ^^ In most countries the title " professor" is reserved for people with phd honours. I know another dude who has a masters degree and is involved in somali politics ; he is also being called a professor by clan media. Maybe this guy became professor after years of teaching at MOQ university? In any case, i believe some SOmalis are taking the dignity from this title. If everyone with a masters becomes professor we will have the most professors in the world.
  4. nin yabaan is a closet white supremacist. He wants to blame all crimes on Somalis. I don't believe he is Somali- otherwise let him state his surname and clan...........................
  5. No detAILS of of where the "professor" got his PHD?
  6. so how much was the meher? Did the Mahinga clan give the girl's clan 2000 dollars, three ministerial posts and10 boys promised to be educated in Turkey? And who was the wadaad who did the meher?. Matter of fact, give us a picture of the meher. ( this is fake guys, mooge is leading you on, looks like a random pic).
  7. They need to man up. I am sure brother Johnny b will lead the defence.
  8. Ayoub, based on the info you gave above and taking into consideration Jesus Moses Clan factors i believe you support Sheffield Wednesday or Leeds.
  9. i laughed marku kii rodgers ku yiri agger and skrtel pass the ball. They got mad wareer. Liverpool are a long ball team. ha ha. ps. league positions won't too different from last season. between united and city. Chelsea could finish third if they can gel all the new players or have a slim chance of pushing for the chance.usuals to fight for CL positions.
  10. Jacaylbaro;859729 wrote: Same are following me on Twitter .... so no surprise here ARE YOU "EROTIC books"?
  11. What's with the naval forces. I guess they are monitoring the pirates who post here.
  12. i wouldn't like to get into a fight with that brother. ha ha.
  13. There will be too many murders in the Somali community when people stop caring, turn a blind eye and every Somali who dies in London stops getting a thread dedicated to them on Somaliaonline.com. Things aren't that bad.
  14. These people are making a big deal out of one Somali fmaily striking it luckily when the fact is that most Somalis have been housed in the council estates around the uk. Anyone who lived in greater our outer london estates in the early to late 90s as a child knows what we have been through- from having urine threw our doors, to our edoos being attacked, to being spat on, etc. The SUN is taking it too far, walahi.
  15. The Americans are qabilists. Some clans do not have single man on the list.
  16. That's not proper dhaqancelis. I know some guys who were left in the miyi. ha ha.
  17. Yeah, he is a distant relative of Somaliland clan jesus Moses. So is Djibril Ciise.
  18. MMA likes beauty websites. Btw, the only problem with this is if you have multiple users on a laptop.
  19. This is contingency planning for the eventual run to YEMEN.
  20. Polanyi

    Mogadishu jobs

    MY cousin has a gcse in design tech. Amo call him now.
  21. Seems like the criminal thug is trying to destabilise peaceful regions.