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  1. Xaaji - Malaa marqaankii Ciidda baan weli kaa bixin. I never said Mogadishu or Garowe will safe Khatumo acknowledging that they are part of the main - Si haasaawuhu inoogu hagaago erayo aanan qorin afka ha ii gelin.... Khatumo community's state of affairs remains to be their fault and unless they change their ways of doing business nothing will change I'm a firm believer of that that doesn't mean your aggression towards them shouldn't be dealt with. War wax fahan waa halkii inaadeerkaa Ngonge'e.


    Garoodi - Dhagax taabasho ama tuujis waa isugu mid thus, we shall leave it there. Without Duriyadda I wouldn't be here typing this - We have a mesh relationship however, don't expect me to accept your prostitution of politics and my integrity and consistence mean a lot to me and even bigger than Khatumo therefore, if your so called resolutions of Borame Conference are divine revelations to you and put you asleep in peace by all means be my guest.


    Alpha - I'm extremely happy with my own character, content and political conviction - With regards to my age, I'm not there yet but not far from it either. I'm not a secretive figure and don't owe you to prove anything. And I also forgot UUFO was the only group jailed - thanks for the history lesson.


    In addition, your question is laughable at its best but since you insisted it warrants a response me considering our cyber space friendship here comes my answer - "The grievance" is a term that you placed three sigma away from the mean. Your lot want to shape, form and dictate others' destiny and I object that in the strongest terms possible nevertheless it is up to the Khatumo folks wether they accept your whim or free themselves from the shackles of oppression- The folks from Khatumo have the right to realize and achieve their God given right by any means necessary and in any way that suits them. And I call the neighbors to sort out their differences in the best way possible that minimizes the loss of human life and material wealth. Hope that addresses your question if not whole at least partially.

  2. Wadani;973085 wrote:
    Very good point. He should either say there are 3 clans in the Somaliland, being the D.ir, SNM clan and H@rti, or should note the subclans of the snm clan seperately if he's willing to count the rest on a subclan basis. This method would make the northern sub-clans 12 in total, with 8 being SNM sub-clans. The Hobbesian is forgetting that the SNM clan wuxu la siman yahay D-block and HAG.

    Singapore waxay la siman tahay USA.

  3. Xaaji Xunjuf;973081 wrote:
    Why are you dividing the Maakhir and the Garaad clan are they not one clan. And lumping the SNM clans as one u do know the SNM clans consist of 8 clans. This myth that Somaliland consist of 5 clans is new to me. Somaliland controls 95% of the former British Somaliland protectorate in my eyes they are all on board from east to west.

    If you want to - you can make it 20 of SNM sub clans - A fact remains with the absence of Ha-rtis in the East Somaliland should redraw its map for the sake of the common good otherwise wixiinnu waa shimbirayahow heesa.

  4. Carafaat;973069 wrote:
    Waryaara ciyaalka,


    Taleexi faraha ka qaada. Taleexi walee wa nin geesiya. Taleexi stood by Puntland till the end, while the rest of region all joined Somaliland. And he is the last men standing.


    Even his uncles website
    , is writing Taleex will join Somaliland after Khatumo 3. And that Khatumo 3 has been set-up by tolka whoes regions are part of Somaliland to enforce it upon Taleexi.


    Taleexiyoow, abti nooloow oo waligaa bilaash ha isku dhiibin!

    Politically speaking I 'm against the claim of PL but I'm not at war with them. They are not after my people and land their practical actions attest that. And it seems they are content with what they have unlike your lot.

  5. GAROODI;973055 wrote:
    Taleexi may God help you and your people. You have no idea what your talking about. No one is claiming your land. We all know we're your people live. Our people live together in sool, buhoodle and Sanag. Your clan is not the only clan in sool. Like I said we all mutually agreed on SOMALILAND through consensus. We all swore before God to work together and form our state. Your people claimed other people's land. Your people used the weapons of siad barre and committed war crimes. Your people were the ones who niavely thought they could replace a permanent population. SOMALILAND its people, its army or the the state has done nothing to your people accept fulfill what we all mutually agreed on in 1991. So don't tell me we are claiming other people's land. When your people were shaking their @sses for siad barre what were you doing? We both know SOMALILAND showed mercy and Maturity in forgiving your people yet still till this day nothing but kibir and because of that you remain in limbo and mark my words will remain in limbo while the rest of the country moves forward and develops. "Somalian Rabna" waa bullsh:t you still after what broke your back in the first place. Understand SOMALILAND will not give a single inch and God knows your clan chieftiens gave her the right to do so.

    Had you only knew that I was in prison at the age of 14/15 for what I perceived then was unjust when the military government was in power and your people were under siege. My Izak friends are in SL government I tell them the same thing if consistence means anything to you. Additionally, may Allah safe you from your sickness and monolithic view of the chronicle of recent Somalia. Dislodging and depriving their inalienable rights the indigenous people of Cayn, Sool and Sanaag mean nothing in your books and you want me to accept selective justice - I guess you are lecturing the wrong guy.


    The shallowness of your argument is unparalleled, the fallacy of it an elementary child can decipher but you still refuse to accept its weaknesses; I didn't know that arrogance and ignorance can live in one's heart at the same time, but you prove me wrong. These so called Garaads' you talk about formed unanimously what is known Khatumo State. And whatever of iota of legitimacy that this in-proportionately advertised Borama Conference may contain the ladder conference of Khatumo prevails and overrides. Hence if Somalia is divisible your so called "SL" is also divisible - After all we are a nation of clans.

  6. Alpha, I'm just an individual exercising the same right of which you abused its universality and assume is a byproduct of yours alone. I quote you "I suppose you're off the view that tribal identity is more important than national identity, maha?" - Far from it, this is a classical scenario where The pot is calling the kettle black . Either we accept each other or remain in this endless cycle of violence. The choice is ours.

  7. Xaaji, Saaxiib sheeko xariir yar baan kula wadaagayaa - Bal halkaasna maanta ha inoo joogto post-eid dagaal baynuba ku bilownaye - Beri baa waxaa jirey boqor gabadh qurux badan dhalay, gurigana nin adoon ah baa uga shaqayn jirey maalintii danbe gabadhii baa Aabbaheed u tagtay oo ku tidhi, Aabbe kan addoonka ah naga iibi, isla habeenkii mar adoonku u adeegayey boqorka ayaa adoonkii ku yidhi "Boqorow muraad baan kaa lahaa caawa" dabadeed boqorkii oo ka fekersanaa hadalkii gabadhiisu ku tidhi baa adoonkii u ogolaaday inuu muraadkiisa sheegto, adoonkii baa ku yiri " Gabadhaada hebla waa jeclahay ee ii guuri", markaas buu intuu madaxa ruxay ugu jawaabay "Gabadha iyo adoonku isma fahamsana" - Hadda Xaaji iyo Taleexi isma fahamsana ee halkaa inagu kala nabad geli.

  8. I wished rationality was part of your dictionary. I believe Khatumo one way or another has to deal with and come terms with PL and SL but who are you when you are giving choices what Khatumo should do - If I use the same logic - how many individuals from the subsequent transitional governments of Mogadishu came to Hargeisa, and no one minds their business so, after all, few zealots are milking the secession experimentation while the masses are misguided. Remember, everyone is a part of the main or we are individuals.

  9. Horta cayda dhaaf - There is an autonomous State called PL as there is a SL State. Khatumo should mind its business first I say NO to that and SL have to redraw its map and convince her constituents waalidii hore loo faafiyey inaanayn soconayn.

  10. Xaaji Xunjuf;972957 wrote:
    I am not sure if the whole coming together is happening any time soon, the garowe clan enclave and Mogadishu are so far apart politically economically. I some times believe the Khatumites are a bit gullible, no offense there since they are my people. Are they hoping for a messiah or something who would miraculously unite the Somali peninsula. I honestly believe there are major obstacles facing the khatumites whether the communities who want to see an autonomous khatumo or the diaspora who also want to see an independent khatumo. But either the leadership are not serious, right now khatumo is in a situation worse than they were before the ssc formation. Ofcourse they can change their situation if they come together and are honest with each other. What is holding them back from creating a state is it Puntland is it Somaliland is it Mogadishu is it themselves. All in all i wish them the best thing and i hope they make the right decision.

    1st, the usage of the "Gullible" term may sound somewhat unfair, unjustified and misplaced, ahh, at least someone is waiting Messiah is going to come with the recognition. Secondly, "SL" is the one misguiding its populace, imbuing the upcoming generations an elusive border-sealed syndrome and claiming other clans' territories. I for one, a "Khatumite", support the idea of either we are one nation or clan territories. Thirdly, I'm with the lot that doesn't blame either SL or PL for my own failures. The solutions of most of Khatumo shortcomings are to be found within - This is what I genuinely believe so, take a chill bill !

  11. Ahahaha, Xaaji some of your assertions don't warranty any responses!, waad iska waashaa mar mar - share with me whatever you are on - It is obvious that Khatumo is not without political hurdles but having a viable state is what populace of this region is yearning for - At the end all clan states will come together but for now it is a matter of survivability.