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  1. where in Mudug are they from?
  2. Most likely if the Col. Pulls this of he will be ridiculed by the west because of his record and most likely he will be questioned for war crimes and murder. How do you think the Col. will respond to pressure to setup or a llow an independant enquiry?
  3. well smith if you know your history about the fall of the khilafah you would know that the brits don't really care about unity or the somalanders. The just want a division so that the country remains unstable. So ues they are supporting somaliland. I do agree with Somaliland for staying away as it is not in their benifit the same is the ****** for not seeking to join somalia especially after meles ammended the constitution allowing any state to leave the federation. The spotlight is on the Col. Totally, because if he can stablize italosomali and remain neutral to the neighbouring states, only when Somalia get a good economic status would the international community really accept it, and that goes into saying that i fair how these guys will sell of the resources to the quickest buyer.
  4. Smith according to the report puntland was the agressor so i don't think S'land has derailed the british support. in fact i think that P'land now lost a point in the eyes of the brits
  5. If one reads the hadith about the coming of Imam Mahdi however, one would realize that he will be appointed Khalif in Mecca after the death of the khilafah hence the khilafah sytem will be restored before the return of the the imam.
  6. LOL @ Wiilo, well thanx to the col. i believe Somalia will enter into another civil war, after all when was has it become possible for old dogs to learn new tricks?
  7. i have been searching to find the actual MAay Maay script but did not find anything. anyone knows where to find it?
  8. i totally agree that the osmaniyyah script should be used as it increases the somali civilization and quiet frankly under an islamic banner it would not be deemed a clan script. I have made it into a font on my PC thanx to a kufr friend and am trying to make a somali-english english-somali translator program using the script, what makes it hard is that i am still learning somali and only reache "iska warran"
  9. Well i don't know if i should start another tread but but the reason why i wanted to know is because i want to understand from the somali point of view- "How can an Old man as him self be feared or to some respected so much to make the majority of a country go his way and the thing about it is he the majority was not his family in other words " what makes a man in Somalia influential?
  10. I am confuse i am seeing reports that he is 67, 72 & 74 how old is he really?
  11. http://www.somaliuk.com/News/index.php?category=1&id=2390 If The Col. can deal with this issue correctly the man will earn my respect.
  12. The thing is that we all know you can't teach an old dog new tricks especially if he is from Somalia, and just it is the hope that his rule might come with his natural death we must remember that in death there is life hence new warlords can spring up after him. Perhaps it might be the business men who knows or organized gangs to loot the businesses sinking the country into another economic depression. Sorry for sounding negative but if all the negatives are dealt with only the positives remain.
  13. Does this mean that he is absolved from the crimes he committed? what if Somalia gets united and all and a human rights commission is set up to investigate atrocities what then? Sorry to say but give man hope and he will believe, more rational people will settle for a lost than rely on hope. I believe as someone said in another post "Somaliland has an even more reason to claim independance now" which i agree and the sad side is how the Col. will use his newly found powers to quell the conflict. After all time is the judge.
  14. Judging from this report who committed the most and gravest atrocities? i thinki Abdullahi Yusuf the to be president. ha i think he might get it out of fear. http://www.nationbynation.com/Somalia/Human.html
  15. sorry i think i can't read here. who is shia in this forum?
  16. Does anyone know of any relics of Somali History or any Historical sites in Somalia?
  17. I'm not suprised. this is just another link that goes silent when the question about khilafah is asked. Why r u Somalis if not so afraid of the Khilafah or even talkign about it?
  18. Salaam isn;'t it a shame that the kufa knows what islam needs to restore its dignity and muslims do not. how glorious it would be if Somalia becomes dowlatul islamiyyah.
  19. Ngonge that is why i asked if anyone in this forum would work earnestly for the khilafah state if we agree. This means the intereste dperson seeking the knowledge with the help of the Ulema. The reason why i ask if anyone would work for that is that one of the maladies the ummah has suffered since the fall of the state is a lack of effectiveness and self will. We have been striped of our honour and dignity that many few of us would actually get up and do something the change our situation. Rather we today prefer to sit back and comment. Personally i think that is very hypocritical and does nto befit a muslim. So hence i am asking again, " Are there anyone in this forum who would honestly swear to work earnestly for the establishment of the khilafah?"
  20. Salaam also J11 please edit that post. Lakum Deenakum.... is used towards unbelievers and i don't thik you were calling anyone in here so. Please one must realize that the speech in Islam is very sacred and one must not just say things because it rolls off the tongue nicely.
  21. Salaam i would like to paste from our constitution the articles concerning the judiciary. however they are not on this PC. Please note that the madhaahib are not a problem as each province follows the madhab which is dominant in the locality. Quite frankly that is an established principle which is hundreds of years old. i believe somalia is maliki isn't it? the the laws Hukm Sharia' will be derived from Maliki usuul. For each province there is a wal'i who is appointed by the Amir and in each province is made up of various imarats(districts) and each district has an elected leader. These leaders sits in the Majlis us Shura to voice any concerns whatever they might be. I think the most confusing aspect of the khilafah state to you all would be the financial and the property ownership policies as they are not practiced today. Please note that if a country is 100% muslim that is not suffice to call it an islamic state.
  22. I would like to ask the poser of this question and the members- If a system can be agreed on in this tread will you all support it and how would you be able to implement it?
  23. Yusufaddie


    does anyone know how the various countries like uzbekistan etc. get their independence after the fall of the ussr and not chechnya?- facts please not comments.
  24. Yusufaddie


    does anyone know how the various countries like uzbekistan etc. get their independence after the fall of the ussr and not chechnya?-
  25. Salaf_online i must say that i am not suprised about your responses as i have been dealing with salafs for the past 9 years infact my father in law is a salaf sheikh and one common trait of the salaf is that he creates division and decent. Eg. The claims about the practices of dealing with diseases of the heart. Salafs are quick to call Bid'a- however when you ask salafs about pride for example the only thing they can say is that not an atom's weight will be allowed in jannh, when you ask them how do you get rid of it the sometimes reply no- or fearing not to give a response they delay the response by saying they have to research that or ask their sheikh. Evidentally they do not return. Under sharia'ah when you say in islam (except if qiyas is different) to each his own etc. this denotes a conversatio between a kufr and a mumin secondly we are not debating here. Truth_seeker and i are simply asking WHAT IS THE METHODOLOGY OF THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE KHILAFAH. let me remind you that the methodology of having hope and continue to worship Allah that Nabi S respond to this and i will quote 2 hadith. 1: an ignorant person is one who does what he wants then HOPES on Allah, and an intelligent person is one who works for what is after death. 2: If we see wrong then muslims are obliged to a: Change it with your hands if not possible then b: then with your tongue if not c: then hate it in your heart and this is the least of all faith. WIth the issue of the khilafah many muslims do not know that it is wrong not to have it so they do not. People who does recoginze that it is fard actually research, orchestrate and writes books like the "funds of the khilafah state", Others speak about it like the conference "Muslim or British while others choose to adopt the least of faith and worship and hope in their hearts that change comes. WA Fil ukhra ma Tareeqatal Muqaddamul alkhaleefi wa dowlatul islamiyyah?