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  1. alhamdulillah things were pretty much good. sorry i flunked the somali class but i hope to pick it up again when i can find help. Did it not rain heavy recently in the punt? What about my city Hobyo any news out there?
  2. Salaam guys and gals, back after a long period of retrospec. what is the latest going on? lets say i dropped off the planet so i have no clue at all IUC strong again? Punt claim more autonomy?
  3. Originally posted by General Duke: Yusuf Addia, Some good points indeed. What is our take on the whole Islamic Courts and the latest clashes in Mogadishu? My words are not in themself words to be followed on the basis that they are my words, especially if they fall on rocks. I have mentioned in other previous posts about authourity in Islam. If any of you know Tareekhatul islamiyyah one would know that the downfall of Islam started when the authourity or ruling structure of Islam was changed in the times of ALi and Muawiyah ®. Up to this day Muslims all of the world still cannot get their ruling system n place even though Nabi (S) made it clear on how it should be. Personally i believe that in the absence of such a structure the people in general all commit a sin and according to some ulema this sin generates on a daily basis starting on the fourth day after the islamic system was abondoned. A good example of a muslim country that cannt get its act together is Iraq. Secondly: it is gurgitating to hear Somalis talk as if they are an entirely different specie of human beings in terms of their loyalty to clanz, warfare etc. I think the moderators should also blacklist such talk as it only builds up a baseless pride in somalis heart, which in turns makes it harder for them to come to the table. thirdly & Lastly:the recent incidents in Xamar well... it would make no sense for me to comment on them as my opinion cannot change the situation especially as the fact is one cannot truly substantiate true or false in Somalia now. But on principles of siyaasa no islamic court has the legality under the banner of islam if the ruling system is not in place, that is why in saudi their courts seems to be so barbaric. Again not because it is labelled grade A means it is. OK i lied this is the last one for sure. I noticed someone was saying that they don't mind foreign troops coming into Somalia, however if we are muslims then we should act like muslims and do as we art to do. if we want to change up the words of Allah then we should denounce islam and invent a better religion, rememebr allah does not need any of us for anything. I say that because under Islamic Law no other armed forces are to be present in a muslim country other than muslims. If that is the case then the country ceases to be a country under Islamic terms such is the case of Iraq and Somalia if that happens. Somalia is the only muslim country where muslims kill each other without shame on a daily basis, so much so it is a norm. Thus soomaliyyah is the KEY for muslims in this world to regain their dignity as allah says, whenever you raise arms against yourselves i will raise my rahmat.
  4. It is good to see muslims debating on subject like. Thanks mainly to Saudi Arabia the process of ijtihaad is almost alien to muslims. I must say that even if the Quran or hadith says to do something in a certain manner there are always criterion that are mandatory for that action to be implemented. In this case the sheikhs who declared this punish were completely wrong and against the Usuuls of Islam. BTW, do any of you know if these sheikh studied in Arabia or under Wahhabiyyah Fiqh? I'm sure they did based on their actions. Secondly and lastly, this goes to all somalis as well. Indeed the statement "i am a muslim is not enough to be, if it was then the jews would be God's chosen people" for those of you who don't understand in layman terms, someone can say they are something but their speech does not have the authourity to declare such and if someone tells you that you are not and you kill him for example that person dies but the fact of what they said still remains, so one's actions in that case would clearly be the results of ignorance, and glory to the man who has died for his killer has given him a key to Jannah!
  5. Salaam, they look like ethiopians to me and the fact that some peeps were saying they look senegali reinforces my point as senegalese are originally from ethiopia, however since during that time was the stand off over Somaliland i don't understand if they were fleeing the fighting why go to the US and not England, i.e. if they were from Somaliland or even the ******. and in closing who cares where they are from do we know where we are going?
  6. I think that the state of Somalia as we know it today would not be, rather a resemblance of the past were new states would be formed based on clan, which by the way is not un-islamic. either way what would be of most importance is the fact that the [political system of these entities would be Islamic. So in this state howfar would you go to support the state?
  7. Jumatutu the prophet said that the ummah will have the khilafah then kingship then oppressive kingship and then the return of the khilafah would come then the mehdi then the dajjal then the christ then gog and magog then yaumul qiyyamah. The beauty about being muslim is we know what our position will be in each of those times.
  8. In a world were the muslim lands are united under one amir and honour and prosperity returns to muslims, were do you think Somalia would be? fighting amongst themselves, refusing to join? what?
  9. Being Pragmatic about the situation of tribal ties what would be the steps towards suing them though? How would one form a case against them and file the claim?
  10. I was wondering what would happen with the issue of the tsunami? do u all see room for a suing of the EU or private Euro companies?
  11. The problem Sheikh Muhammad is not that we don't have a government but because we czannot rally behind one man. Now if some one jumps up with a plan for Somalia and calls himself Amir, Would you all accept him? if not what would be the criteria for his legitamacy?
  12. I believe that the Ummah will become united under one Amir and i also believe that Somalia will be one of the first to join this Islamic Union. I believe that Somalia would be more of a catalyst to form this union, because if Somalis become united for the sake of Islam, how difficult would it be for the rest of the Ummah?
  13. well if the guy wants ethiopia in and his others don't u think they gonna like him?
  14. actually Muallim we see that somalis are coming together in agreement to oppose the foreign troops. now if the col. has to be sacrificed for somalia i don't think ther is a somali who would mind. so the situation is more conducive for peace than ever
  15. http://pentagonstrike.co.uk
  16. was the pic taken in Black & white or is it a recent pic? and i noticed a door, what is it used for now miskeen?
  17. Salaam does anyone have info about Hobyo, wisil Xaradheere or any other part in south Mudug?
  18. Why socotra island? was it once part of Somalia? you know the yemenis where the last country still declaring its allegiance to the khilafah, that is a special attribute to the people.
  19. history is owned by muslims and our heritage. if you go to pull a tooth the science is attributed to muslims. This age of enlightment for us happened under the khilafah system and only under such a system an muslims have dignity and honour. As lord curzon said in the house of commons, Turkey is no more because we have destroyed her strength, the khilafah, Islam is on a decline even though it may not be apparent. for example, we as muslims are completely void of our economic prinicples, for example everyday we get exposed to riba so much so that our islamic banks even deal with it, further more how much of us pay zakaah and how much of us knows how to calculate it? we are loosing our essence of islam and with the return of the khilaafah system islam can be restored. For that i see the Hobyo and southern Mudug presents that chance for islam to be restored. In the whole of somalia there are qualities about south Mudug that does not exist anywhere else and this has nothing to do with the tribe that lives in that area. in fact i cannot waste time talking to ignorant people who speaks to defend a particular tribe. so are u clear why i am obsessed about the area now?
  20. As the topic says where is he? what is he doing now as well as Atto and Aideed Jr.?
  21. If my knowledge serves me right there is an area in Galgaduud named bacadweyn as well however i'm interested in the one in Southern Mugud. Jaajus how long ago was that? also do you know anything about Doborow near Af Bawaarqo as you seem to knwo about Af- Bawaaqo, any pics or any media of the sort?
  22. Salaam i know that there is a town West of Wisil in Koorfuutu Mudug named Bacadweyn. However googling i found that Puntland claims this village. Is this the same bacadweyn or is it another one in Puntland?
  23. Well i have actually made the script as a font for Windows XP only problem is that i do not know somali. I think if i marry a Somali it would be easier, any sisters interested?
  24. i agree with you ameenah, in fact before i read the replies i googled King Abdullah's children names to see if any are named Mohammad thus allowing the prophocey to be complete when nabi said "his name will be Mohammad ibn Abdullah" . however none of his sons have that name. then i read the replies you guys gave and u said something that stopped me (there are a few scholars from his tribe) it dawned on me that perhaps with in his tribe there is a muhammad ibn Abdullah out there and the time for the return of the khilafah system can be nearer than i thought. I mean look how it is told about the jews hiding behind trees to hide from the muslim on slaught and then google "plant a tree in Israel" then you will see the phopecy f Muhammad SAW coming through. In my days of Jahilliyah i was a very religious christian and i rememebr a saying in the old testement in where Allah is supposed to have say " when a prophet speaks and it does not come to pass then he is a false prophet" well even for the christians they now realize that mohammad SAW is a prophet and his words are true just as his saying, "after me there shall be Khilafah, then after that shall be Kingship, then after that shall oppressive Kingship, then after that shall be the return of the Khilafah, are we ready to live in a new world with our dignity and Honour, Can we imagine it? can we dream it? Can we see it?