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  1. so bro obliv what your are saying is because Allah said he created us weak is an excuse to be? and are you saying that if someone tells me that my intention is something else that this is not shirkh? subhaanallah. didn't Sis Fatimah quote Allah assaying he is the all knower of what is in our hearts but yet she is telling me what is in mine? enlighten me on how this is not shirkh. all i am saying is we commit shirk many times a day that is why we make istighfar, but if someone cannot come to realize they have done wrong how can they correct themselves? on suspicion i think we should all reflect on the story of Al-Khidr in the Quran. The moral of the story is, no matter how strangea person acts you never know what is in his heart. Unix the reviving of Somalia does not start with dishing out of funds.it starts with getting the people inclined to Allah and his Deen. When people realise that Through islam they can be sustained then policies etc. are set up. and finally if this hapens a warlord is just another man only if he is recognized as a warlord, and besides according to a poet in my region, "IF Allah is standing by my side, then how can i be afraid of the pestilence that walketh by night?
  2. Besides those or pictures of Shi'a and that is what they are Shi'a they are not muslims so get your facts right before you post them. because of your ignorance you have made Allah your enemy so ask of his forgivenes
  3. A little advice MR. Expose. if you really want to destroy Islam, the only way you can get that done is to destroy God. Good luck and lt me know how you are doing.
  4. Can someone give me information on present day obbia town, the people, religion, terrain, size etc.
  5. Sis Fatima i really would like you to expound on that statement because it is really ironic!!!!!! "the statement thirdly, your not Doing this for the Sake of ISLAM nor SOMALIS..you have your Own lil agenda going on, I suggest that you take this "Idea" else where...... You're just using Allah/Islam as an excuse. It says in the Quran ......And ALLAH knows best what they keep hidden in their hearts. 84:24" Do you see it?
  6. Also sister Fatimah, i am very hurt on what you stated on your third point. please do me a favour, refer this to learned shiekh and ask how him how did you commit shirki asghar with this statement. If you are not clear with what i am saying please ask, in the mean time seek Allah's forgiveness for innahu Al Ghaffur.
  7. Wallahi i know this project will not work! Firstly let me say this. i studied the Aaliyah program in trinidad http://www.islam.org.tt/darululoom/ u all can contact them if you wish for a reference on me. i will not even try to prove i am muslims to you all because it has no reward in doing that, it is between Allah and myself. But what i want to say is that even if a person comes to you and say they are muslims you have rights to give to him, no matter what his intentions are, Contrary to this is Shirk because only Allah is the knower of the hearts. to look at some one and form such opinions it is a disease in your all hearts that you all are aware of. For those of you whom this disease has spread through your whole body, you are thinkin now "Can you believe this guy!" yeah well just as i am saying the problem with the ummah today is the way muslims like yourselves think. you all do not help each other,instead you all form opinions as if Allah has made you all judges! Please do not get me wrong, i am not trying to argue with anyone just to express these points to those who really want change and look in themselves to realize to problem starts with in. Secondly i have realized that many people on the forum has a lot of islamic knowledge, but that's it. where is the '3ql ? you see '3lm is one thing but '3ql is a next. Oblivion, let me break it down then. the speech was sacastic and rhetorical in a sense. it was not a statement that the prophet is a liar. READ CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU SPEAK!!! All i would like from you all is information on Somalia, and by Allah you all are not the only source for this, as a matter of fact, when somalia revives do you all think you would be accepted back? think about it. the people who suffered, do you think they would look at you all as Somalians? wake up all, tribalism is nothing it is a tool of shaitan and a tool of the kaafir, divide and conquer. just out of curiousity sis. Fatima what other agenda could i have? If I am to sign an agreement with a village, that after 5 years if they are not happy with what i do or did that all my assets and investments be kept and i be disposed. Even if what i did was good and the greediness of the people still diposes me, then kaana lillahi! I know you might be thinking that i might qwant to rape the riches of Somalia, but 2 things on that. Rasullah said never form suspicion on your brother and secondly i had my share of corruption done to me and i long to live in a utopia, i figured Somalians longed for that as well, but how you all are saying that i am dreaming, it seems your mouths do more work then your arms to get Somalia revived.
  8. The reason why Somalia is because firstly the fact is that the government is not recognized. What this means is that we would not have to deal with our own brethren who runs the country according to a kaafir system. the only way for muslims to be defeated is when they fight among themselves. the second reason is because of the poverty level which branches in two parts a: that we would get barakah for helping them and B) the people would be more loyal to us and actually and honestly help us to build the country. The Third reason is that the people already consider themselves muslims so one does not have to worry about converting. the fourth is that they accept tasawwuf as an integral part in islam and fifth the land is huge and insha-Allah once our neighbours realize that the country can run well under islamic shariah, i anticipate that we would have a lot of refugees from neighbouring islands which those countries would have to free up some land under our control. the final product out of this is that the Khali8fah system be revived bringing back honour to muslims again. Unix Studies are not to be conducted initially,. the first project for developement is to build 4 OTEC's which would supply Desalinated water ( about 16,000 Gallons a day), Electricity, Air Conditioning and most importantly Plakton rich water for aquaculture. he aquaculture products such as shrimp, fish, sea moss etc. will be made for sales and export. I understand that there is uranium in Somalia and i believe that is why America will bomb Somalia in a while in the name of Terrorism just like they bombed Afghanistan, Did you all know that the baltic Sea has a huge deposit of Oil? America only needs a government in power who will allow them to run the pipe line through the country. oh sorry i forgot they have their own karzai government in already. i see the same thing happening to Somalia, and i hope that we can return to islam b4 it is lost. Also remmeber the hadith where rasullah made du;a to never let his ummah die from Starvation! and Allah replied that if they obey they will never be afflicted with famine or drought. is rasullah a liar? then why are these conditions there in Somalia?
  9. Could you elaborate on Kismayo? is it a coastal town? what is the population. Is there a warlord there now? how does the fractions look at kismayo?
  10. a famous Sufi ( Rabia) once was asked concerning how she view satan. Her reply was that, My love for Allah is so much that i have no time to think about him. Can we try to reach this level?
  11. lemme clarify that, Freedom to the American means to do what ever your nafs tells you to do. We all know that because of the presence of these nafs Shaitan is able to communicate with us and persuade us to do haraam. Many Muslims fall victim to this verily Rasulullah called this shirki asghar, and he said concerning this that beware of it for shaitan will attack you with it and it can creep up on you just like an ant on your clothes( you won't even realise you have these nafs). And if it is not like this manner then Rasulullah is a liar ! ( And we know he is not) So as muslims what do we do? we need to go deeper n islam and rediscover it. Most of us remain on the external tenants of islam. why do we look at the cover of a book and not read it? eg. why do we pray how we do? why do we make sehri for fasting when the jews don't? why did Allah ordain these things? there is a story to learn behind all of these. Also a note worthy of mentioning, how can someone be something he does not know about?
  12. in other words sister rahima, Freedom is following what ever you your heart tells you. WHICH IS AGAINST ISLAM!!!!!. MAy Allah deal with those who obeys other than him, SWIFTLY. AMeen
  13. After one studies present day "islamic states" based on the shariah, there are no islmaic countries in the world existing today. and that is a fact!. the closest state representing islam is Sudan, however it is far off from the ideal islamic state. Let me give you some daleel on this. when ever something operates according to islam there is always prosperity. tell me one muslim country where the muslims are happy in islam! every country has there reservations. An islamic state has many diffrent laws which aims to provide for its inhabitants. Today the islamic states follows democracy which caters for individual prosperity. let me show you how unfair this system is. America just spent billions of dollars with this 9/11 issue however it still has hungry people living in Arkansas and the southern states not to mention those homeless ones. This democratic system that the so called islamic states follows is against the teachings of islam. and lastly just because the boy calls wolf, that does not mean that there really is on ( I hope you understand what i mean by that)
  14. Salaam, It is possible to have a new Somalia based entirely on Islam. All the other "Muslim Countries in the world use the shariah however they add constitutional law as well. There is no addition or extraction from shariah. UI have devised a plan to liberate part of Somalia from the chaos that it is in soley for the sake of Allah. I would promote local Enterprise as well as international. The whole project requires $21,865,690.00 USD. This is not for the whole of Somalia however, as Allah says in the quran let there be a party among you who uphold truth and justice. I am asking you all 3 questions: 1: Suggest an area in Somalia which the people will allow this prject for 5 years,thereafter srutinized to decide if it should continue or not. 2: Are there any Tasawwuf Maashaikh in Somalia?, if so what Tariqat do they follow. 3: If a foreign person comes to execute this project and it is proven that he is honest and just and works soley for the pleasure of Allah and his deen, wol the people of Somalia accept him? Shukran
  15. i would love to contribute to this topic but i would be bias as i can't understand somali. how can i learn somali?
  16. also sister check that same website in your post http://twf.org/library/slavery.html on the third paragraph.
  17. Becareful Sister Fatima, Addition or deletion of qaidas-Shariah is bid'ah. Slavery is NOT HARAAM in Islam it is Makhrooh. that is why Allah gives huge rewards for freeing a slave or even if you missed a fast day you can free a slave. Besides Slavery in islam is not like the slavery of the Capitalist world today. Slave were exalted people, such as Bilal ®. When thinking about slavery in islam, think of it as a person working for you, where the owner has to provide for all his basic needs according to the level of living of the master. Hence if the master eats steaks on Tuesdays, so does the Slave. The only condition that makes it slavery is that the slave cannot leave from his master. the only thing i'm not clear on is how is this enforced. or what measures are in place to ensure this. But again this form of slavery does not exist anymore rather we have slavery based on our tribal laws.
  18. If you studied the byzantine history you would no that n one was interested in Arabia at all. they dared not enter into arabia just because the arabs were looked at as a desolate peopl. Arabia served no interest in the so called civilised world at that time. Islam spread through out the world becauseof the values that it teaches and its simplicity to adopt. islam teaches honesty in a way one has never known. I don't expect you to understand what i mean because today we have thought our minds to not believe that a utopia can exist so to many islam is a fanatical way of life, "it is a dream and not reality" i must say this, a person who thinks this then verily they have walked away from the river. Think of islam steve as the movie,"MATRIX" we believe we are living a good life but if we wake up , in islam, we soon realise what really is going on.