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  1. I understand that China is first in line for the russian SU-27's. there is yet to be a FP to match it, well ate least we know china has air superiority.
  2. Verily they will not stop until you become like them? Can you imagine gay activist in Arabia lobbying for equal rights?
  3. Hey Dad have you ever thought why Taiwan doesn't completely come out and declare themselves independent, does the taiwanese Gov. know china's military is not capable, or perhaps they know something you don't.
  4. i think if two brothers can agree to disagree and let peace reign that they have attained brotherhood. big every time!!!!
  5. I was thinking if you gauys an teah me somali it would be great. first we an start off with grammatial stuctures then vocabulary.
  6. What are the traditional instrument of Soamlia and what types of music?
  7. Well dragon what is he a TRUE SOMALI or a TRUE MUSLIM? He can't be both. so which one you are encouragin g him to be?
  8. And the winner of the SOL most argumentative award goes to!!!...... Admin you all need to give these guys some trophies. Don't you all realize how ****** and ignorant Qabiil talk is? remember when the arabs ame to rasullah about qabil talk and he said verily i am the best from amongst you and he gave his reason, then he showed even though he had these qualities he was a man just like everyone else and nothing more. remember when he said he was the son of woman who ate dates, or something to that nature? also remember when abu darda R alled bilal by a qabil nikname then Rasullah S said oh abu darda you behave as if you are in the days of ignorance. so guys put a sok in it and i think you all should eah apologize to each other and May Allah Reward him extra who makes his intention to apologize the quickest. and think about it, the only thing you all are defending is your own pride, so just drop the topic and i believe i speak for all on the forum- APOLOGIZE TO EACH OTHER GUYS
  9. Verily we all are students on this earth and that student whose up is filled shall never be given the honour of being filled... Accepting our mistake and making amends makes us better humans however this ummah has resorted to self rather than ummah. the reason why i responded to bothg of you all is that it would really be nie to understand how your arguments can help the ummah, if he accuses you of something, Maa Sha Allah!!! why do you have to fight it? he is your muslim brother and to fight it would ause you to raise your nafs!!! notied how much times you said "I" or the 1st person singular! I trully hate clan politics and by sending that post I wanted to clarify that I was not from Abdiqasim's clan and that, that had nothing to do with I being pro-Abdiqasim.[/QB] The horror of this is that like many muslims in the world today I is more important than we, even though "This ummah constitutes one body. if the arm hurts the leg can feel it as well" Verily the prophet S said that Verily Shaytan has given up all hopes of turning you all away from Allah, however he will cath you in the smaller shirk" and individualism is one of those small shirk. wa fil akhir- One who justifies his mistakes makes another mistake, rather if he repents and accepts wrong he would have opened a new door.
  10. Salaam Sis Ameenah i asked the HT's that same question, everyone know what we have to do but how do we do it? of ourse there was no pratical answer. well Alhamdulillah a group of us have that practical answer however strangely though we do not find many people even wanting to here about the plans. Conerning the economics in Islam it is so profound. one has to understand that all the system these mighty western states uses today came from islam, Example the Constitution of the US, Rasullah S was the first to ever have a Constitution, in Germany their laws of meerath are islamic. so if anyone is interested in helping us to form this islamic state please email darussalaam@hotmail.com and ask for an Admin info, fill it out and send it bak and info will be sent to you.
  11. Zak and hornafrique this is ridiculous, don't you all think there are more important things to argue about than this? We have ummah without an amir even though the prophet forbade it. did he not say a people without an amir is led by shaytan? i can certainly see this is the way you all are behaving. You guys and eeryone here please bury the hatchet and lets start to uplift islaam.
  12. on a serious note folks what is oxfarm getting out of this? i'm not hating puntland but i find it hard to believe that a capitalist company would do something for free. serious bari i'm not hating puntland and if my remarks sound sarcastic it is because of the tone of others on the forum i truly would like some contacts in Puntland if you guys got any.
  13. giving the benefit of the doubt no one can prove that saudi actually gave the money in the first place.
  14. Did i miss something or why is it no one talks about him? has Col. Yusuf proved that parliment extend his tenure? Why doesn't Ali Jama say anything?
  15. Where did all this money go? was it ever given? does TNG issue reports on their finanial activities? http://www.arabicnews.com/ansub/Daily/Day/001221/2000122113.html
  16. Even so they are muslim and you are obliged to uphold their honour even in there absence. now if Islam is a dumb religion or Allah does not exist, continue making other muslims feel sad, however if you believe in allah and the last day then uphold their honour.
  17. Uh did i miss something? i don't think anyone is hating anyone. Wallahi i don't know where it is and would like to know beause i know garacad is bordering southern Mudug hence it is important to my knowledge. hek it took me 4 months to realise that Obbia is actually Hobyo. so again where is Gara'd?
  18. is it gara'd or garacad>? if garacad what is the post saying? there is an airport there?
  19. and that's the point i'm missing, why do somalis in muqdisho resent egypt? what has egypt done or is doing/?
  20. I read recenlty in, probably in horn afrique posts i think, that Sudan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and i believe Libya each has their say in the eldoret soap opera, however what are these ountries interest in somalia and the fations the back?(Oh please, no time for silly replies serious replies please...)
  21. add me and put my in the second half at right defence. with a size 13 nothing really gets past me. at least we might not score none but we ain't gonna get scored on either (insha-Allah)
  22. well what i have seen so far is that there are national parks at Lac Badana and Bush-Bush, but i don't know exatly where they are or used to be located. i highly doubt they are operational.
  23. does anyone know where the park is in somalia?
  24. salaam mujahid, do you know of any engineering firms like berger whih is muslim owned?