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  1. chubacka;900215 wrote: Derrr getting millkh fuuur their T. hahaha. Alpha if you think you're Somali is better you will have to prove it in your own vlog (minus the shades pls) I agree with you though, it does seem like he has been put on a distant planet and been asked to explore! LOL he is so cute. I love the scouse accent but I swear it sounds wrong on Somali guys, they come across as little slow and feminine. No offence scouse brothers
  2. Blackflesh-We have a word for it 'institutionalized racism'. Hence large number of ethic minorities are unemployed. Its even legal in countries like France. (Hijab wearing women can be refused worked on that basis alone)
  3. ^^ Some insane figures you've got there. Apophis: Seeker is a a he, he mentioned skirt. Plus all the macho talk about shooting, clearly an American skinny that lives in the redneck southern cities lol
  4. Barbaric? Why the white supremacy language? Sad.
  5. Seeker I do apologize for my emotional tirade as you put it. I can't be cold and objective when things like this incident are happening. And your wrong as proven by the case of Europe, East Asia and Australia. A gun ban would be the easiest way to tackle this problem. Yes there are many factors to be considered in-regards to mass-murders, lakin the easy access to guns, (automatic war guns) is the biggest factor. This has been proven again and again over the past year. How many times does it need to happen for you to realize that? Its definitely a long and difficult road to reach a complete ban, but what the worrying thing is the people, the likes of you, that wholeheartedly believe that this is a just right and in challenging it the person is questioning American(ism).
  6. Fish and stake house has some of the best Pizza I have tasted outside Italy. Can you say hello to the dark brown cat call Xalimo that hides behind the tree near the back wall before she jumps up on your table to take what she can? Btw Happy birthday.
  7. SeeKer;899299 wrote: Hello Naxar. Now you know thats not what i said so why don't we keep it in the context it was said. This is not going to be an all or none fight and the sooner people realize it the better. When i want to go shooting i want to be able to do that, just like i can depend on the right for due process and right to petition and right of religion. What makes this a debatable right and what separates the other freedoms you enjoy as being safe once you start fiddling with this one? Like i said this is not going to go into all or nothing so for the sake of the safety of schools,malls and movie theatres lets remove emotional baggage from bills of rights arena. Talk about measures at state levels or federal (if you must ) on isolating the cracks in the system but don't blankly decide to dismember the bill of rights! The right for due process The right to petition The right to religion and The right to have a gun so I can go shooting oh don't forget my sick friend can use it too if he wants to go kill all his classmates. These are guns btw, designed to kill, what a great right that is, I am American, its my right to kill.
  8. I don't get Christmas bonus but I don't think it'd lessen my deep hate for the holiday. All the christmas spirit and cards and the damn songs drive me crazy. 1 more week left.
  9. Blessed walal, ignorance breeds hate really quickly where I live. I've had issues in the past where I was accused of being anti-social because I wouldn't go out on 'work nights out' and never did the office chatter and gossiping, and I was actually complained about to my manager. After that I've learnt from earlier on to be open and initiate conversations on me if they don't feel comfortable just to get it out there 'I am Muslim and I act a certain way because of my faith' Allahmduillah it just worked out.
  10. Go dig yourself a hole and bury yourself. Love Christmas kulah ...
  11. Reeyo

    The Hobbit!

    Nar- A whol Somali family going the cinema together? That sounds like it'll be fun lol Oba-Or stay and appreciate the richness of how a true movie should look like, unlike the bull-pee of twilight and whatnot. Is that your cup of tea Twilight?
  12. Aniga Christmas is officially fking my head in. I hate this ****** holiday and the pathetic enthusiasm of the gaalo. So understood
  13. Reeyo

    The Hobbit!

    No! You leave this thread right now :@
  14. Don't mind me mate, just being silly
  15. Reeyo

    The Hobbit!

    Yup! booked mine ages ago! dragging couple of friends who don't understand why we must see it this weekend.
  16. You mean he was born in an caadan country like Sweden and he still got it?? damn that sucks, all the caadaness couldn't fight off the genetics lol jk
  17. Reeyo

    The Hobbit!

    Come on there must be Lord of the Rings generation here. Cinema is once again going to be motion pictures! Am excited lol
  18. Oba, no worries mate. To be honest I know how stressful it can be. My cousin was pmsing like ***** for weeks when his bidar started LOL. Of course I used all my power to make it worst and tease him.
  19. oba hiloowlow;897060 wrote: yo wyre im not 30 yet for your information im 28. What is salaaxyo? sidenot: Do we get bidaar easily because we skinnies have big foreheads? LOL! Haha, Oh man I've never laughed so hard. Yes dear, its the stretching of the skin on head to accommodate the forehead that eventually results in your hair frolics falling out.
  20. Lol Apophis thanks for the information. I'll ring saliga Hargisa and get a warning out on him.
  21. I am glade its being talked about as well. I've always wore my hijab but I have had comments. I've always given my colleagues the opportunity to ask me questions about my hijab and my prayer. Once I explained it it became normal for them. I have a really good Nigerian friend who changed his name to get employed because he honestly felt because of his ethic name he wasn't getting interviews. In the end he started his own business.
  22. Reeyo

    Knock Knock

    Thanks Blue, Apophis, I am not a fan, I was into Sliders rather and Star Trek. Aaah TV has never been the same. lol
  23. SubhanAllah. Horta is security so poor in America that people must own guns? I honestly don't understand this aspect of the American culture, why is self-defense so important that a teenager can grab a automatic weapon anywhere and go on shooting spree?
  24. Well uninformed or not there you have it mate. Be careful your showing the signs of a potential '........' Did you know these maids are mostly reer baadiyo girls?