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  1. Yunis, I agree. The PM should have stepped up to the podium, grabbed the mic, said "here's your damn constitution", then dropped the mic hard and walked the hell away! Look, run ma la rabaa misa been? Every one KNEW that it's temporary and that it was gonna be worked on. It's just that people already had this preconceived notion, and let that run the rest. It's hardly a surprise to anyone that those who oppose the PM, his work, or Dowlad period, would be critical of the doc from the go. He could have said that each citizen would be getting a million bucks, and these people would still oppose this. On the flip side it's not a surprise either that those for the PM, it, or any form of governance, regardless of what's in the articles would be supportive, or defensive of this. it's just how this thing goes.
  2. History has a funny way of laughing at people. 10 years ago, Khaliif galeydh was PM, against federalism and sending money left to right, to "destroy" Puntland. Today he's pleading to have his state be included by the TFG, which is "quote and qoute" ruled by Puntland. Cant wait to see what the next decade brings.
  3. Somali politics is weird. As the stakes get higher, and the TFG era is coming to an end, the excuses will be plenty and most of those, quite desperate. I suspect there'll be plenty more of where this came from.
  4. GaroweGal;821632 wrote: Rudy is one weird man, I am more than sure at 60years of age he will still be chasing after a teeny-popper. My thoughts are with his future spouse. A spouse who would probably also be in her very early 20s by the time he's sixty.
  5. Does dividing mean that both states can then claim it fulfills the criteria of being a "state"?
  6. You couldn't have picked something easier....like fluffy?
  7. The universal truth is that "War dumarka ma ka dhamaado. " When their relationship is new he tolerates her. When its 7 years in, he's able to call others. Judging by galo standards he probably lives with her at this this point and doesn't need to call as often.
  8. Allahu nahariisto that poor baby. My heart bled when I read that bit in the article about his last words to that white lady being "No, he always promises that he won't hurt me, but he does." Clearly a child who'd been tormented one too many times. What of his own mom, for goodness sakes? I dont buy that she didn't know. Hope this murderer gets to meet his maker soon, and before that his match!
  9. No. Ali? (will leave thread now, to give others a chance at guessing or else it'd be like us two playing ping-pong. )
  10. Naxar Nugaaleed;821240 wrote: just download kindle, nook, ibooks or any such app to you computer or mobile device, there are tons of free books in the "public domain"... or go to http://www.gutenberg.org/ They say a book's copywrite expires 100 years, after it's authors death. (or something of the like). Gutenberg is a great website for many of those old classics. Speaking of Amazon & Kindle, someone showed me once a website that had a tally of what free books were available as a promotion that particular day. I've lost the URL and will look. If anyone knows, please share.
  11. ^ Ninyahoow anaa ka naxayo ee bahasha iska kala yaree. I don't know what world you live in, but Somalia has not had a central gov since the 80's. TFG stands for Transitional Federal Government. It's neither a central government nor one that is permanent. Once it's mandate expires in august we can hopefully move closer to where we need to be. Realistically. burahadeer;821241 wrote: there is no land dispute between somaliland & puntland, ....so your excuse of dispute has no merit. lol, well that settles it then. Great argument. You should run for something!
  12. Is there a difference between being rude and feeling extremely entitled? I don't think most Somalis are intentionally rude, but I do think virtually all of them have high expectations or feel a certain entitlement. This is most notable in societies were people are suppose to use the pleases, and thank you's, at every turn. It's all ignorance on their part, to be honest. Older Somalis are almost always the biggest culprits, because in our culture they have this paternalistic way of talking down to a younger people, thinking that the person will be no more offended than if their own parents told them to do something. Finally Somalis waxeey faceeystaan anyone who isn't white, lol and pretty much think they can be as informal with them to the point where they use racial slurs. Again not necessarily evil or racist, but because they think and sort of expect that these racial groups will see them on equal footings and not take offense. Like I said, loads of entitlement.