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  1. Conqueror, Do not take for face value what some of these hypocrits like General Duke are writing in here. The likes of him were the biggest cheerleaders to Ethiopia's 2006 invasion of Somalia in the name of tribal pride and actions even the biggest coward would be ashamed to gloat about. Now you see them posturing in here claiming they are ecstatic with the death of the Ethiopian leader. None of us may know who's destined for hell but we all know the standing of hypocrits within our deen.
  2. The Sage;857884 wrote: Peddling pictures of the deceased to advance your political ideologies is sad and pathetic. Not only is that disappointing but the tar and feathering of Xaglatoosiye by his former supporters for making peace/incorporating with Somaliland is as well. They claim they want 'peace' but hold it against Xaglatosiye for bringing them peace! go figure, they prefer to send dancehall money to random nomads and send them to their deaths than to come to peacefull terms with Somaliland and manage their own affairs. Seems to me the nabaadiid are getting desperate these days!
  3. ^ Faroole and the like may be crooks and pirates of the high seas, but you have to give them credit if they pull another Abdulahi Yusuf type political victory in the heart of south where they should be outnumbered.
  4. Aaliyyah;857351 wrote: Abwaan walaal reer khaatumo gurigoodi inti logu yimid ayaa dab lugu shidey. Wayeel dumar ciyaal iyo nimanba lugu laayey. Ilaahayna ha qaboojiyo but note labo umad oo is haysata mesha ma jirto ee wa umad xaqdaro luguso duulay. Ilaahayna waa caadil aqtisa dulmi kama waaro asaga baa umadisa u gargaaraya. P.S What took place in the khaatumo regions particularly buuhodle/cayn region is nothing short of genocide. And those who are implying otherwise shame on you. Ilaahay waa idin arka. If you are not going to accept the unjust war your clansmen initiated and the grusome way they murdered innocent people the least you can do is be silent. Waxa layidhi ama qofku wax macquul ah buu ku hadla ama wuu iska amusa ^ A prime example of my previous point
  5. ^ On who's account should we believe this disturbing tail? You and others were going around not long ago describing this low intensity short lived conflict in Buhoodlee and Sool as a 'genocide'. It is clear that some of the low budget clansmen website of yours are also willing to say anything in the realm of propaganda to rile up a tribal conflict in those parts. Given such precedent (among others), this story is more likely than not a fabrication or the least a gross exageration.
  6. RaMpAgE;857110 wrote: If it hurts you so much why are you on this forum? ^ Not sure where you get hurt, but it seems to me your the one bothered by truth.
  7. You guys do yourselves and future generations a great disservice by spreading and continuing to spread falsehoods about Somalis and their supposed history. When was the word 'Somali' or 'Soo-mal' mentioned in any ancient egyptian writing reffering to the land of Punt? that is news to me it would be great to know the source. Far as I know the first refference to an ethnic people known as somalis is found in Ethiopian writing dating back hundreds of years not 'thousands'. We need more real historians, less people who spread non-sense.
  8. Alpha Blondy;856878 wrote: lol@LANDER, how does it feel being a 'Somali-lander' from a distance cocked up in your suburban cul-de-sac. you can say whatever you like about me but at least i'm here. sometimes one must be able to question his surroundings and be able to take heed from the experiences and that’s all i'm doing. all this tirade of hate was triggered by the electricity being off for like 30mins the other day. i pay up to 39$ a month in electricity! why is there is no complaints procedure with these electricity providers. it wasn’t nice sitting there in dark walahi and my guests who were of the highest calibre were not amused. i felt embarrassed. you can imagine the conversations taking place now among the elite 'that alpha has bad electricity in his house, i wonder what else doesn’t work there, perhaps he's impotent too? . ^ You've got me there Alphy, I am not on the ground. though I'm more of the humble inner city type than a suburbanite who may brag about big homes, SUVs and the high cost of electricity. You talk so big one might think you're feeding an entire country dude! shared experience or hubris (you could say) I find among alot of returnees who live a lifestyle they could only dream of in the western world. Usually an inflated purchasing power is to blame. So I asked my homeboy once after a trip back from Hargeisa, what did you like so much there that you didn't want to return? He replied beautiful women who wouldn't look at me twice here were begging for my attention over there, I lived in a huge villa, I had servants and I had a wicked truck to get me anywhere I wanted to go, I could hire anybody for anything I didn't feel like doing etc... I think you get where I'm going with this, You ought to be quiet and say Alhamdulillah! I was afforded the chance to live back home, Ilaahey ba mahadlee. Say that every now and than I assure you it will help alleviate this crisis your having with slightly less than perfect electrical supply. I'm curious though, do you share your Godless ways with these supposed 'elite' guest?
  9. Perhaps he realized Somaliland society is not so fond of Heathens and the like
  10. This guy is just adding to his already impressive Resume. All do respect to Abdi Bile he was never an olympic champion or medalist for that matter, get it right! To my knowledge two Somalis have ever won olympic medals Ahmed Saleh Bronze (marathon) and two gold for Mohamed Farah(5000 and 10000). Also two somalis have won world championship medals a gold and silver for Mo Farah (5000 and 10000) and a gold for Abdi Bile (1500). Lazy you need to come out of hiding and tell us how you feel after all the gebre gebre's have been left in the dust and the Bakaylee's are no where to be found. What do you have to say to that? After this olympics Mo did mention he wanted to start running the marathon, Inshallah who knows maybe he can return at age 33 in Olympic marathon for a medal!
  11. The Sage;854846 wrote: The fact that people like Mooge and Taleexi choose to organize themselves based on tribal sub-state identifications and not through the modern nation state paradigm show that their allegiances cannot evolve into the contemporary political discourse of today. Hopefully one day they will realize that state level political identifications have been eclipsing the tribal forms of organization and will continue to do so. ^One can only hope
  12. burahadeer;854819 wrote: my little boy been running around all nite.He keep passing this fixed pole he calls ethiopian:D ^
  13. Abtigiis, nacnac ciiyalka naga kala yaree, you live eat and breathe politics and you have no problem involving peoples family lives and marriages in the realm of politics but you would have me believe you're too honorable to mix sports with politics? Lazy G, We may not agree on much but I applaud you for coming out and being yourself, stay real! lol@doping though. I expect better from the Ethio's in 5k should be a good one. 100 Metres don't expect Bolt to take it, he doesn't look right. Should a great few days in track.
  14. Abtigiis;854410 wrote: look at the way Caalin is sitting. Another disgrace. Abdiweli is pretending to be some robust scholar with that poise. He is better than the sharif's, if that can comfort him, but is useless as an intellectual. Have some respect for the man who brought back Somalia from the abyss.
  15. Abtigiis, Nothing is too early he was already the greatest Somali and British runner of all time and now he's added an Olympic title to that Resume, it puts him in a class apart both amongst Somalis and British runners alike. We all the know the history of Ethiopian runners and how they excel and at times dominate this sport, but I find it amusing that an ONLF cyber-warrior is cheerleading for the Ethiopians while under estimating what this means for somali athletes. If Mo finishes DEAD LAST in the 5000 M it will not take away from what he has accomplished. Put simply you're a hater bro orod garab jogso Lazy G , you just wanna come back here and say 'I told you so' if he comes up short in 5000 m which I'm confident he will at least earn a medal. NGONGE, Find a solution to your Somaliland issues don't know what to tell you, it isn't 'my gabiley' I have never seen the place but it is clearly his ! Blessed, Not sure what your on about sister I wasn't even aiming at you lol. The young canadian-somali is on the come up, a few years from now we might all be cheering for him, we're proud of the youngster for qualifying for the final!
  16. burahadeer;854548 wrote: ^^exagerating your territory & population doesn't necessarily make yours and we make where eva somaliland starts. ^ It's a fool's errand to figure where one tribe begins and another ends but apparently its become the Khatumo supporters favorite pass time!
  17. Farah and Rupp a friendship Ethiopians are hating right now lol. Friendship leads to 1-2 finish in Olympic 10,000 meters
  18. Faarax-Brawn;854590 wrote: I am telling you, if you watched mo farah thru his runs,you wouldve seen that he was gonna be great. I have never ever felt so much pride in my entire life. You Brits, shut up.....Mo Farah made EVERY SOMALI(minus the doubter in cchief, at&T.) Proud!!!! Very Well Said! Not to mention the dedication and sacrifices he made being isolated in training camps in Kenya and the U.S often away from his family and pregnant wife. He stuck to his word after feeling dissapointed in the last olympics and gutted this one out. The man seems perfectly comfortable with who he is and what he represents. Being a Somali and a Somalilander and running for Great Britain in front of his hometown fans. He clearly doesn't have an identity crisis like those who would talk about 'celestial Somaliland' or would pass it off as a striclty 'british' achievement. The man knows who he is, you lot need to sort yourselves out. I'm sure he doesn't forget the people that have always supported him. Lastly, the sheer historic achievement is being overlooked here, if I'm not mistaken he is the first SOMALI OLYMPIC CHAMPION, Ahmed Salah of Djibouti won bronze in the marathon of Seoul 88 is the only other one I know of with a medal. That should fill every fair minded Somali with some measure of pride! P.S After the trashing of the two Bakaylee brothers I think Lazy G is waiting and hoping they will redeem themselves in the 5000 M before she resurfaces lol. A picture of Mo being greeted by his kin in true qodal fashion lol. Gabiley Stand up!
  19. Sheikh Sharif is a man Somaliland can work with, I think he made that clear enough when he started. If he's able to lead the first viable government since civil war in Somalia this will be a great step forward to a permanent settlement between Somaliland and Somalia. A settled aggreement has always been the best solution but I wonder how authentic this article is.
  20. Raamsade;853315 wrote: Lool... haye, maxaa Puntland ku jeclaatey? Don't tell me horumar. Because if Puntland made progress they'd become Somaliland and if they regressed they'd become Reer Koonfur. Marka meeshiina iska fadhiya. ^ Ka daa warya, I hope you know what your getting yourself into. Now your likely to be bombarded with pictures at 17 different angles of every single living organism on the pirate coast.
  21. LayZie G.;853345 wrote: Che, no one, not even David Stern watches an entire season.... Speaking of basketball, I didn't know Team GB's Men's Basketball knew what B-ball was, much less know how to dribble. No names ee meesha keyneen, and ofcourse the one Sudanese they could bribe, Loul Deng. My predictions.....because Team GB finds itself in a predicament, and they happen to be on the toughest of the two groups(call Group B "group of death) they will go 0-5 in the preliminary rounds. Or 1-4, incase China finds itself rusty. Afterwards, if they are lucky, they may get a pat on the back from the Queen but thats about it. No news, nothing to see. Olympic basketball is like the USA WOMEN's Basketball...the outcome is very predictable for the one andtwo spot. On other news, USA Men's Basketball is not looking good for the GOLD....too many Oklahoma thunders for my liking....Worse case scenario, they cruise through the silver... Your into your sports eh, Team GB was also suppose to have Ben Gordon but he couldn't make it because of the impending trade to the bobcats apparently. I spent a month in East london, they know basketball, they even have courts in east london and North london where dudes play regularly, I balled with some of those guys back in '05. Competition level wasn't great but better than I expected, respectable so don't sleep on the euros.
  22. What Xiinfanin ment to say was Matt Bryden is in favor of recognizing Somaliland and therefore any other fair assessments concerning Somalia in his capacity with the United Nations SEMG should be considered as 'bias' by all Somaliland detractors.
  23. Not a good time for oil exploration, I feel we still have to strenghten our instititutions before we can have any hope managing any potential oil revenues responsibly.
  24. lol..You've got alot of pent up hate Layzie Girl, get a grip. The thing about all-time records is they tend to have happened in the past, While Mo Farah went into the world championships with unbeaten in 10 races record. The Ethiopians will always have great athletes at longer distances, but that was never the subject of the thread, it was about somali athletes and I'm wondering why u HATE on the best hope for a Somali winning an olympic medal this Summer, please clarify that for us??
  25. Why are Somalis so full of hate walahi some of this is laughable lol. Listen Somalia is just starting to get on its feet I don't know what you were expecting from athletes being sent to the olympics the fact they're their and participating is probably a positive. Not sure how much training they got but I'm sure things will improve in the coming decade Inshallah. As for those of you trying to completely ignore or hate on the only somali WORLD CHAMPION we have in Mohamed Hassan Farah shame on you! He may be running for team GB and reps for Somaliland but he is the only Somali champion you have, you should be proud of him regardless! Lazy G I don't know where you get your facts the man won gold in 5000 M and Silver in 10 000 M, its a competitive field but he can come through with a podium finish! He has also achieved as much as any somali runner ever with that gold in the world championships. Haters gonna hate. Mo Farah in front of his home crowd Inshallah Khair!