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  1. ^ You were probably among the 40 that voted maxa naga khuseeya
  2. The-freeman;852160 wrote: I'm forced to pay lip service to it when around the family e.g: I tend not to eat and drink around them but nothing more than that. To those who are non-religious, what is your take on this?? So you come to a forum that is predominantly muslim to pose a question to the 'non-religious', but you go further and assert the question is being posed to 'Rational' observers of Ramadan? Implying that anyone practicing Islam and observing the month of Ramadan is somehow irrational and devoid of reason. None of us are born yesterday, you came and posed this question in hopes of creating a discussion around your lack of belief, as you predicted this would be the reaction from the crowd. Like Che, I have met other atheist and though I may not share their views on religion, those I've come across are intelligent and reflective people who carry themselves with dignity and do not insult or under estimate the intelligence of religious people. They're very comfortable with their beliefs and do not seek validation or approval from others. Islam has its philosophers and philosophies that are rationally explained, if your allergic to religious teachings being brought up in the realm of reason, it only reinforces what I assumed to be your intentions in the first place. The only rational explanation I have seen from someone who is not practicing so far is the response from Miyir.
  3. Somalia;852388 wrote: I don't know what you are mean against me, what did I do to deserve that? :eek: Salam. lol^ war wa kaftan and your handeling it like a good sport.
  4. Abwaan;851329 wrote: in adiga dal aad leedahay lagaa xoogey baa laguu sheegay? Civil war hallaga baxo ayaa la leeyahay. Waryaa carruuraynta iska daa nin weyn baad tahay ee cajaladda iska saar! horta adu cajalaadii kacaanka iska sar, markasad dadka kalee wax u sheegii karta.
  5. Somalia;852146 wrote: .. Nigerian. Some random fool changed edited Wikipedia so they wouldn't support the citations, who ever posted it on SOL is behind this vandalism. Niggas taking Wikipedia seriously, smh ^ Good work on digging that up. But I'm pretty sure i wrote the following in the original post "Wikipedia what can I say everybody gets to write on it. "Somaliland modern day Somalia" we know Somalilanders ain't writing that More like from Somaliland full stop.Haters! " while you replied with "there were many Somaliland, you picked a colonial name, live with it. We don't know who he was, we know he's Somali and that's that. " So who was taking Wiki seriously? If Tomorrow If wrote that Abdulahi Yusuf was the greatest Somali to have ever lived and I attributed the walking on the moon and the discovery of insulin to him, you would gobble it up ain't that so?
  6. Qudhac;851871 wrote: Allaah yaa rahma raximiin and history shall judge those who perpetuated this henious crimes harshly. this was and will always be a black day for us and it will always be a reminder for you shall learn from history if it is not to be repeated again. hence the slogan "never again" that you will hear from somalilanders young and old..... never again shall we put our destiny in the hands of those whom history has judged as failure in all aspects. indeed never again. Well said.
  7. xiinfaniin;851668 wrote: ^^ :D Evidently few backs someone thought Siilaanyo's photo op with Xaglo was a gamechanger ^ You're clearly not reffering to me, I would never get excited about any political chameleon the likes of this man. He raised funds for random nomads to fight against Somaliland, that would be reason enough not be seen with this man in photo-ops if your the president of Somaliland in my opinion. He should be treated as an enemy of the state until such time as he decided to reform and make his intentions clear. His group was suspected of having a hand in bombing polling stations too, I'm not sure why he's not treating like the a terrorist. Sends the wrong signals, if you send money from abroad and create problems in isolated regions, the Somaliland admin will bring you into the fold? not a good look. A Khadar I may not agree with any of your political views, but one thing I do agree with you on is that political prostitutes like this man should never be trusted. Your talking about 'khatumoo' gave him some type of mandate, well looks like he doesn't care much for that. I would have had more regard for this man if he stuck with one view or another, even if it was Khatumoo and didn't do the rounds like some other unscrupulous men before him (i.e.Galaydh).
  8. ^ The man is a good politician if anything, you gotta give him at least that much.
  9. Looks like an indian Rickshaw, I bet there gonna start causing traffic headaches in burco and add to it in Hargeisa.
  10. Mooge;851514 wrote: lander, you sound funy. british somaliland, italian somaliland, french somaliland , the whole trible country was known as somaliland something. what i heard, this pilot was from cabdulahi yusuf's clan. he is distant relative of the guy who gave the xiinfaniin horse to the Sayid Maxamed. it is very funy. lol. I also heard that the self-proclaimed Sayid had mystical powers, he could float on water and teleport. I also heard this pilot was actually not Somali but Japanese-Somali from the great Samurai clans of Nagasaki. I also heard Abdulahi Yusuf and his clan like to claim everybody and everything. Hear-say It is indeed very funny.
  11. Wikipedia what can I say everybody gets to write on it. "Somaliland modern day Somalia" we know Somalilanders ain't writing that More like from Somaliland full stop.Haters! On another note back home we did know of a couple of families that actually traced back there ancestry to Basra Iraq, could be a coincidence this man decided to relocate their too or not.
  12. Wiil Cusub;851276 wrote: He is not only treason, he is also damage rights and reputations of other persons including president and his families. He abuse freedom of expression. Freedom of expression is important for Somaliland. if we want to develop as democratic society we have to define our moral borders. As Muslim we have to protect the rights of other individuals, for their reputation, privacy, self esteem and we have to prohibit hate speech which can create Fitna in our society . In my opinion this court make clear that border. I understand what you mean, freedom of expression should not be abused and one has to be responsible when your talking hate and defamation like this self proclaimed 'king'. Unlike Gulwaade Ngonge, I don't acknowledge any self-proclaimed 'kings' as such and I am not tryna plays devils advocate. What is best for our country is that we have a stronger justice system. Even if it is for smaller crimes like hate speech, defamation or libel and more important crimes like treason, we can pass the appropriate laws and enforce them in a relatively consistent and objective manner. If in the next few months for example we pass the appropriate laws to prosecute such crimes, it will put all the big mouths like this burmadow on notice after he is freed. People with a false sense of importance like this guy don't usually keep their mouth shut for very long, he will want to be in written about again and in the spotlight. Likely would end up right back where he is now except there would be the proper judicial process to address him and set a precedent for any other divas like him.
  13. Saalax;851202 wrote: Good question. I think they love being part of Somaliland. ^Peace and democracy is infectious .
  14. Wiil Cusub;851256 wrote: KKK Sins when old Afwayne students are talking about human rights in SL That irony is lost on Carafaat. The only problem I have with this burmadow biz is that they need to charge this man with some form of treason, if they don't have the laws for it let him go and pass the laws and let this guy go, take it as a lesson learned.
  15. Oodweyne;848382 wrote: ^^ Granted, this is normal stuff, but, this is not a normal times.. Hence, lets have a sense of viewing the larger canvass that is important to us instead of naval-gazing petty issues that can be dealt with when the waters are calm. But, I suppose, to be fair to those who organised this thing, this may be a precise tranquil time to do this thing; even, if it is a gently boiling scene to someone like me. Consequently, lets hope I am bit too worrying about this thing, particularly the potential it has to be a sort of "opening-of-a-pandora-box" for others to also indulge in soon enough... :D Oodweyne, I think your absolutely correct in your thinking with regards to this grande tribal meeting. Khatumoo aside, no other clans are having tribal meetings on this scale especially not for the sake of having tribal meetings and formulating 'political strategy'. I think its sending us backwards in time when tribal posturing was the norm, I also think if others follow suit it could seriously undermine the political progress we have achieved in the past twenty years. Especially concerning the make up of political parties and tribal mixing in those political parties that has taken root in the last 20 years. Just when wer'e becoming a much more integrated society both in governance and in the make up of our cities and towns, we really don't need these types meetings to send us back to a tribally polarized society. Speaking to my own circle of friends I dare say Somalilanders in their 20s and late 30s to 40s, in large part agree that this is counterproductive, which is always a good sign when the younger generations and those in their prime seem to understand what we have and how we got here and where we need to be headed. Tribal meetings are needed for such matters as nomads disputing over wells etc...all other matters of national relevance should be best kept in the political system. We're in the 21st century some people are resistant to progress but this is the only way forward, tribalism has to be kept to a minimum, again another matter where somalis think they are unique with their tribal make up, we are not! Even western societies have had a point in time in their histories when they lived in tribal societies, but have long moved on and for good reason.
  16. A_Khadar;847684 wrote: Waxaan maqli jiray, qofka arootii soo walan rabaa habeenkii buu dharka dhigtaa... Tarikh beened ayad so aburateen o wa la idiin cadeeyey and all you got to say is waxa la maqli jiray
  17. Oodweyne;848095 wrote: This business about “Libaaxyo and whatnot” is really getting into my nerves in here... O Libaaxnimoda mad u diidaysa reerka?
  18. xiinfaniin;846060 wrote: Siilaanyo is leading a punch of tea parties in the north...just like Oodweyne and Aadan Jugle reason has left them , so I am in agreement Siilaanyo will ear his place in history if he succeeds peacefully to free up the minds our northern brothers who believe theirs is a sovereign state. ^ Have you ever asked yourself perhaps it is you who can't see the forrest for the trees? Hanging around so many likeminded folks here in SOL leads to group think , reinforcing the fallacies of a unitary Somali State.
  19. xiinfaniin;846084 wrote: Lander , interesting that you are student of Aadan's history lessons I see is a young man who's reduced older men into infantile rhetoric and gay jokes.
  20. ^He's awfully nice guy to go through the trouble of finding quotes and posting what he did. I couldn't do him justice! don't think it was a new thread little late coming out fo the wood works aren't we?
  21. non-sense how? Tell us what was innacurate about what he quoted and said about the historical revisionism undertaken in the Siad Barre era. Enlighten us please! Forget this 'seperatist' talk for a moment.
  22. LoL@this site...where is the topic on Darawiish history? Lots of information was posted in that thread plenty of books and quotes for the folks of SOL to learn from why was it deleted ma "boko haram" baa meesha ka socota? wa idin sidee lol..
  23. Che -Guevara;845780 wrote: ^Weren't you once vocal disgruntled bunch? Nope, we were stripped of our fundamental freedoms.
  24. The Sage;845735 wrote: I cannot even comprehend how a phantom movement like "Awdal State" has any legitimacy when none of its so called leaders have not stepped one foot into Awdal region of Somaliland. They administer no physical territory, and only exist in rented party halls of the diaspora and servers of the web. Whereas Somaliland actually governs and administers the region, provides essential services to its people indiscriminately, and fully allows them participation in the democratic process and are represented in all levels of government....and yet people are insane enough to say the government of Somaliland is somehow oppressing them? Give me a break. They don't actually believe in any 'legitimacy' to be associated with 'Awdal State', rather they (detractors and opponents of Somaliland) think anyone who is interested in causing mischief or otherwise attempting to divide the populace (of Somaliland) should be welcomed, praised and worked with in order to attain a common goal; that is the falling apart of Somaliland governance to be replaced by tribal fiefdoms with undefined borders which will somehow be incorporated into a 'greater Somalia'. I know.... its illogical, border line silly but that is the line of thinking and strategy adopted by the small but vocal disgruntled groups that are running or otherwise well represented on this site.
  25. Let it be known to the democratic and civilized societies of the world that we are a backward people stuck in the tribal mentalities of centuries past, we refuse to evolve or change our ways and come to grips with the only democratic and progressive state in the horn of Africa. Yours Truly, Khatumo