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  1. ^ Oodweyne i always enjoy reading your post, so who do you think is ahead in this competition, the croissants, the pasta eaters, the english muffins or the Turkish delight feens?
  2. Oodweyne;952767 wrote: ^^^ the point you are overlooking is that Barre regime have disavowed all claim on Somali territory under the Ethiopia control, and in return the Ethiopia promise them not to support the then SNM insurgency. Hence why when the Mingestu regime have asked the then SNM to leave their country as the agreement they had with Barre regime have stipulated it, then the SNM in turn have decided to enter the country - northern Somalia - in 1988 with the intention of ending his misrule over their land. This is the crucial point you are desperately trying to minimise it in here. Which means to Barre regime of that time the idea of defeating the then SNM insurgency was far more important to him and to his government than the idea of legally holding on to the "ownership" of the Western territories of the Somali peninsula against the likes of the Ethiopians regime of that time. I don't think he's overlooking anything, it is a deliberate attempt by many especially those who hail from the 'defeated lot' to muddy the waters and re-write history. 'Ethiopia won the war for the SNM' is the falsehood they like to often propagate. If you repeat it often enough...
  3. Oodweyne;942521 wrote: ^^^ Xiinfaniin , Saaxiib, whatever else you do in here, please, for your own sake and for the sake of avoiding a further disappointment in here later on, do not for a moment believe that Somaliland has given up on her cause for a mere "financial aid" from the international community (IC). Ha isku Maweeliyan ee iska daa. They went from tought talk of violence and collecting monies on ballroom dance floors to calacaal in Somaliland political forums, I almost pity them at times.
  4. This is cute, the disgruntled folks are coming back into the fold of Somaliland politics. Is it 1958-1960 all over again? The USP was the second most popular party in Somaliland and enjoyed wide support in Far eastern and Western provinces. But make no mistake it was very much a Somaliland party. It did what was best for its people, that is ALL its people not just those who voted for them. It essentially went along with popular sentiment of the majority in Somaliland. When it was time to work with the SNL they did that, when most Somalilanders deicded they wanted to unite with Italian Somalia they supported that as well. They were real patriots who did what they felt was best for the people of their country and acted on what their people voted them in office to do. Now this splinter group who spreads discord at the heart of Somaliland and even among their own tribal circles wants to monopolize the name of USP for themselves. It is very ironic walahi, because many Somaliland politicians from these regions have called on them to do this and have even historically site the USP in their speeches. Let's see if these folks live up to the name they wish to appropriate for themselves, or if they continue on their path to create political instability in otherwise relatively stable areas.
  5. Somalia;902444 wrote: ^^ So basically they were the Greyjoys? ^ So if they are greyjoys did it makes Somalilanders Starks and the british Baratheons or Targaryen ?
  6. metta;915850 wrote: How come Somalia Foreign Minister Fawsia Yusuf Haji Aden wasn't arrested when she arrived in Berbera a few weeks ago? Hey Metta world peace, its called living in a civil society you should give it a shot. You don't go arresting people off the cuff without due cause. Any members of Somalia's parliment who are native Somalilanders are not welcome in Somaliland. This is not Al-Shabab country people are not harassed and beaten for no good reason. Diplomats enjoy immunity in all civil societies. Ahmedinejad makes trips to New York and so did Gadafi. If a diplomat comes to a country from where he or she is banned the worst case scenario is that diplomat is asked to leave. That's how civilized people live. She is treasonous but like Xaaji tried to explain to you, she isn't the first and she wasn't trying to remain in Somaliland. I find it amusing your trying to divide Somalilanders among tribal lines and likely advocating some warped vision of somali 'unity', just another pseudo-patriot with a demented understanding of unity aren't you?
  7. lol@Haatu Xaaji he has a point, although I haven't read the article what makes Somaliland anymore likely to find anything than Puntland, maybe they'll just waste their time and hit water.
  8. Che -Guevara;883347 wrote: Nobody does it like reer Jabuuti. Like he said particularly Northerners.
  9. Why are you always trying to paint Xamarawii as bad, are they not your countrymen with whom you share a central government??
  10. Xaaji Xunjuf;882101 wrote: ^^ The Camera is going every where Somalilanders are very technoliged and their dialect is not that of the Somalilanders. lmao uu sheeg Xaaji, Somalilanders got pretty good at using the lens man these guys are amateurs.
  11. FYI Edna worked with Dr Hawa Abdi in Somalia during the most recent famine, help open doors for her in terms of donations and access to international donors.
  12. Aaliyyah;875589 wrote: Her painting of all Somalis with one brush as terrorists and pirates while disassociating her clan from it clearly had a clannish brand to it. Her political aspiration and humanitarian achievement for her one-clan state Somaliland does not give her the allowance to ignorantly lump all Somalis of other clans as “alshabab or pirates”. With that being said, let me now turn to you. Lander, you are falling into the same pit hole of ignorant generalization as your Edna. You went from insulting Oba’s ancestors in your first comment to insulting all ancestors of any kind in your second post with your comment “most people’s ancestory cannot hope to have accomplished on the scale of what this woman”. Let me educate you again, Somalis have produced many outstanding figures throughout history and I am positive Oba’s ancestors contributed. There is also current still living Somalis who are doing an excellent humanitarian work and other kind of works as well. I highly recommend that you do a more thorough research since you seem oblivious and have a very constricted outlook on other Somalis achievements. “Formant disunity with your neighbors”….and “advocating for tribalism” pins you to the T. As for my stomach it is quite delighted with having Mugadishu as my nations’ capital city. So yes I can not stomach being lumped with secessionists. Reer Waqooyi Galbeed can not call for separatism, hating on unity between Somalis, all the while desiring to target certain clan neighbors into Somaliland’s diabolical nonsense. They can not have it both ways. Quite frankly, that would be a display of a staggering playground mentality. Lastly, I did not know there was a difference between Reer Konfur and Reer Waqooyi regarding respect of elders. Please enlighten me of any differences between us Somalis with regards to that. P.S I am happy with my cake and will happily eat it too with my fellow Somalis who support unity and Somaliweyn. Oba and his ancestors will gladly join me lol@happy with cake, what a somali you struggle with that one too eh. Until very recently Somalia was predominantly ruled by Al-Shabab and Pirates roamed the seas freely taking in absurd amounts of cash which made them king makers. Calling Al-shabab terrorists and barbarians is nothing short of speaking the truth. The real problem you simpletons have is that she's advocating for Somaliland and was painting a contrast between Somaliland and what was happening in Somalia at the time. You want to make up lies and call her a tribalist and disrespecting all somalis, you guys are shameless. When your refugees come north to us this woman helps feeds them, shelter them and care for the expecting mothers who can't afford proper care. In international forums she asks for help caring for the thousands of 'IDPs' located inside Somaliland. Your a bunch ingrats who base all your judgements on hear say and waxa la yidhi, grow up, open your eyes and learn about the greater world out there outside of your gossip channels and silly websites. P.S. This is not necessarily aimed at you Aaliyah but all those others who are loosely making judgement on Edna Aden, a woman who's words and actions they hardly know and understand.
  13. Taiwan happens to be one of my favorite countries too, Fiercely indepedent and yet no recognition from the world bodies as an indepedent state. They actually could careless for any recognition or need to be seen as seperate from China, by all facets attributable to independence they are indepedent. Forward looking people well deserved of their success great model to keep in mind for my Somalilanders !
  14. Aaliyyah;875392 wrote: You demand from people to respect Edna despite her degrading clannish remarks because you state the northern culture calls for respect toward elders. By the same token you decided to insult Oba’s whole line of ancestors with your statement “his entire ancestry cannot hope to have accomplished a quarter of what Edna has done”. So you have studied thoroughly all Oba’s ancestors and know for a fact that they combined through many generations have accomplished nothing close to your Edna? You want to take the liberty to insult others but you want to hold those from your clan on a pedestal. Being from the North myself I don’t know where in the north they practice that one-sided respect.So let me educate you the Somali culture calls for respect toward elders regardless of their clan affiliation. However, someone like Edna who put herself in a spotlight and decided to demean and degrade her fellow Somalis publicly then whatever people call her it is something she asked for. What degrading clan remarks please share with us? Did she insult your clan or other clans? As a humanitarian, care giver and diplomat most people's ancestory cannot hope to have accomplished on the scale of what this woman has done for all Somalis in the last four decades if it hurts you or Oba I could care less. Your the one delving into clan matters when this woman's accomplishments transcend all of that. She told you Mo Farah is a Somalilander and hails from XYZ clan so what? she spoke truth does that mean she is degrading other Somalis by default? The man carries a Somaliland flag and it causes a fit for a whole lotta blue flag carriers, they try to pin all of that on Edna, their insecurities and political hoopla has nothing to do with this accomplished woman or the runner for that matter. Now you want to angle in with your myopic tribal/political views about there is no difference between northern and southern somali cultures? If you choose to be blind to them Mashallah, all the power to you walahi one would hope it is in a positive manner your doing this so as to focus on what we have in common culturally versus how we're different. But that would be pure fantasy when it comes to your reasoning isn't it? On one hand you constantly advocate tribe, formant disunity with your next door neighbors and cannot even stomach sharing power with them in Somaliland and on the other you hold the hypocritical view that all somalis should unite. You can't have your cake and eat it too, if you need to sort out your own principals that's on you, but it has nothing to do with Edna Aden I assure you.
  15. Hayeey o reer Toronto party jeceelaa , Aalliyah isn't the real reason your celebrating this president you're still wondering if he's going to do anything for your khatumo cause? What happens if he tells you guys to go deal with Somaliland your gonna pop the balloons and bring out the knives or what?
  16. Xaaji Xunjuf;874862 wrote: I know but that's politics , she than speaking as a politician and it can sometimes come over as very coarse. Not as Edna the woman that takes care of the sick in her hospital or the edna who opens clinics and betters the health situation of Somali Woman. A humanitarian and real Somalilander is what Edna is Mashallah. She doesn't make excuses for being a Somalilander unlike you which is quite unfortunate XX. When some random like Oba (who problably reads at a 5th grade level) disrespects one of our most prominent elders you manage to make excuses for her being a Somalilander? How about explaining to this reer konfureed that in Northern culture we don't talk so loosely about our elders especially ones to whom the nation owes a debt of gratitude. Wax kala danbeyn la yidha aya wadan keena jira. A nobody who's entire ancestory cannot hope to have accomplished a quarter of what Edna has done doesn't open his mouth and talk wrecklesslly where I come from. For he will be chastised by others. At the time of her speech Al-Shabab ruled most of Somalia and the most profitable business men of Somalia happened to be the Pirates, I suppose truth does hurt but that is not Edna's problem!
  17. This is all very amusing, a mere few weeks after this man is chosen and the president is 'endangering' Somalia by talking about Somaliland. The president better choose my uncle for PM or else! hypocrits are always quick to show their colors. Your problem with this president is the same as your problem with the previous president, that is he doesn't hail from your tribe. Isn't that what all these silly posts are really about? Keep it real for once in your life.
  18. Apophis;873951 wrote: ^^^I must have misspoke, I meant justly; a correction has been made ^lol You think an error in vocab is gonna clarify things for him, dude is oblivious.
  19. *Ibtisam;873699 wrote: ^^^^^^ Artist might be stretching it a bit far there. I could probably get her to sing about my feet if I pay enough. Blessed lil Kim and Lady Gaga because waa classless- harsh I know, but my jiin really does not like her or her music. Fortunately I dont care for any masses- much less SOLs masses- I am more of an vanguard fan. In any case there is no indication that we are in fact better than the Jiin. Take it as a generic comparison of all the possibilities of her singing. I see where your going with this if your headed towards the all music is haram route, but wow you really dislike this woman lol.
  20. Aaliyyah;872997 wrote: As for your second post let me tell you that your clan rebel group didn't chase anyone and the rebellion in the waqooyi galbeed ended in 88. And siyad barre's rule ended 1991 in muqadishu good three years later. 5 months after siyad bare's departure your rebel group came back from exile to hargaisa. I suggest you learn history as it is. ^
  21. *Ibtisam;873535 wrote: What pays- pays. Somalis will sing for the jinns if paid. lool Nuur Dhalaacy and Faraxan Lamabad in the back lol Are you equating singing for our beloved country to singing for Jinns? or is that just a populist statement ment to strike a chord with the 'SOL' masses? sad..
  22. Mintid Farayar;872295 wrote: XX, The joke within AMISOM is that the Djiboutian troops have only increased the 'qat' consumption within the town, not the security situation... ^ jokes.
  23. We lost a legend Ilaahey ha u naxaristee, marxumka yan la dhagaysa ee ugu duceeya dambi dhaf. DEGDEG: Fannaankii Faysal Cumar Mushteek oo goor dhoweyd Geeriyooday
  24. The Sage;869858 wrote: Noted. However I was making the point was that judging by the few statements already made by the President, it indicates that he will be approaching the issue from a more nuanced and deliberative perspective than his predecessors. What that will ultimately spell for Somalia-Somaliland relations is unknown but it will surely be interesting to watch. agreed. Carafaat, I have no clue what to make of what you said for one there is no tangible difference, you say tone, approach,vision etc... that doesn't make for any tangible departure from the past. Since you're among the 'confused lot' perhaps what a major difference for you means is some southern politician who praises Somaliland. Remains I am the least bit excited about anything this man has to say concerning Somaliland, I'm probably not gonna watch anymore of his interviews. 18 000 thousand AU troops keep a fragile peace and a Somalia that needs its government infrastructure rebuilt from the ground up, he has his word cut out for him may Allah help him and guide him Inshallah. The only thing I think is worth noting during that interview, when he said he 'didn't know why Somaliland was being discussed before he was even elect or even so early when there is so much more to do'. It shows he understands there are clear priorities for his mandate and that he won't be just another loose talking somali politician.