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  1. Let it be known to the democratic and civilized societies of the world that we are a backward people stuck in the tribal mentalities of centuries past, we refuse to evolve or change our ways and come to grips with the only democratic and progressive state in the horn of Africa. Yours Truly, Khatumo
  2. Oodweyne;845227 wrote: XX , I see your point. But, my take of this is that now is not the right time to get involve a clannish navel-gazing when you are fighting the very concept in which you have fought for so long in so many ways. Hence, lets do this sort of thing, when we are out in the plain sailing of a smooth sea. Instead of getting involve all sort of clannish discussion when we are trying to present a "united national front" to the international community (IC) and we are saying we are a state that has resolved it's internal division. Because I assure you our enemies will be all over this. Particularly if some sort of a communique that could be read as a critical to the current government may result from it. And, our enemies will say to the IC: See the place is one powder-keg waiting for a match to lighted it. Hence, it's best not to feed your enemies with your own short-comings. Lets hope there will be no cigarette paper of a difference between what the clan will agreed to it and what Somaliland in it's larger sense wants from the end of this conference. For, that way, our enemies will choke on their dissapointment. I couldn't agree more with Oodweyne very short sighted on the part of those who decided to bring this 'grand conference' together. Even if you are to have a tribal elder meeting there is no need for this sort of public call to 'tolka'. Our society has moved beyond this and these types of events are only bringing us backwards. We have our republic, we have our parties and we have our judicial system. Innocent meeting or not it plays into the hands of those who want to see every tribe in the north 'rule themselves' and sends the wrong message to other tribal elders and leaders.
  3. Naxar Nugaaleed;842960 wrote: So much crime is gonna take place in that booth, they should've put in a store or something I'm pretty sure they said this machine was in Hargeisa and not Puntland
  4. Carafaat;840635 wrote: Lander, ani Xamar kasoo jeeda, xafada howlwadaag, iskoyska number 4 agtiis. ciyaalka khatumo wexe ku kacsadaan ciyaalka Somaliland. I suggested they seek a room together. war ma xafad xafad ba lo baxaya...bas hadaa H-tooown Gacan Libaax Sheikh Madar stand up! DJ Q3 u already know! Tdot wa Flemo and scarlem. Wa ku ka inta bal maxad ka taqaana yarka xamarawiigow
  5. Carafaat;840620 wrote: Lander I agree. ha la wada heeso oo cid kasta ha lo heeso. warya only artist are allowed to be political hippies, adigu dhinacaad ka so jeedo sheeg! and what's up with these khatumoo youths hijacking every topic with countless youtube videos
  6. Somalia;840583 wrote: Yes, but why do they keep saying SSC, Maakhir region rejected their application. lol^ First it was Somaliland than Puntland than SSC now Khatumo, has anybody seen a map for Khatumoo? its a funny map. why is XX posting Khatumoseeg and Puntland beef over some village? Xaaji isn't this Somaliland territory where is SL in this discussion?
  7. Nur is good people, this is what somali artists should be like. He should be free to sing for Xamar just as he sings for Somaliland. People like him Juba, Awaleh and Nimco Dareen are reminder of artists used to be like before Somalis became so hateful polarized.
  8. Aadan you've reduce these grown men to replying like giddy school girls, Not a single note worthy rebbutal to be found on the original topic. Ka daa niyo you're messing with their mental health. I am curious though about these other forts, do you have any similar info on them, why they were built how long ago etc...
  9. *Blessed;838569 wrote: History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again. Maya Angelou ^^ I don't think it could be put any better. XX, You've moved away from your own topic.
  10. Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar;838385 wrote: Recognized countries' names are in bold and capitalized letters, too. ^ war wax fahma Somaliland has to be in BOLD letters and CAPITALIZED before pretend pan-somalists will rub the sand out of their eyes and come to grips with the reality on the ground. If somehow their should be a growing awareness across the globe about Somaliland and its 20 plus years of indepedence, than it shall be blamed on the overactive 'imagination of some conservatives'. Let me tell you, when I see Somaliand haters today and by that I mean those ranging from self-described somali 'intellectuals' running around with PhDs from some back road University to the unsolicited comments from your avg coffee shop dwellers, I can't help but smile at them it is becoming comical. They have such myopic views in regards to Somaliland that I hope they continue to repeat the same old tired cliches. This simply means we will continue not to face any serious political threats from the outside, and in the forseable future, our limits will only be self-imposed.
  11. What other options do you perceive would be available in 1981? and what current problems in Somaliland are you reffering too? you may need to be more specific although I have an inclination where you may be headed with this.
  12. Not according to alot of Ethiopians, they still see Eritrea as a territory that should be an integral part of Ethiopia. They do have more in common than differences. This story should sound very familiar to Somalis. Now the real question is does any of that matter all? as is the case with Somaliland absolutely not.
  13. GoldCoast;838427 wrote: What is a "Djiboutian of Somaliland origin"? You'd be surprised how many of those actually exist. The city of Djibouti is technically a mere 200km from Hargeisa, on a north american highway that would be a 2 hour drive. Many have lived in both places at the same time for generations now. Djibouti is extremely hot and those who's ancestral homeland is Somaliland (their grand parents moved to Djibouti at some point in time) would always go back to their hometowns in Somaliland during the summer months to escape from the extreme heat. Nothing has changed on that front from the times of French Somaliland and British Somaliland to Somalia to modern day Somaliland. Others in Djibouti had roots in Ethiopia (Dire Dawa and surrounding areas) and they too would do the same.
  14. The Sage;837628 wrote: Still not citing your sources? His habar yar told him so
  15. How pathetic its a well known fact we don't have any pirates in Somaliland west of eastern Sanaag aka Makhiir. Instead of dealing with their own shame and living off thievery they wanna sling mud at others who choose not to partake in their criminal activities.
  16. Walahi this is hilarious War Adanow ku so dhawow meesha, this man Adan Jugle is taking no prisoners Kacaan leftovers beware! Did I just hear the Khadar character accusing someone of being tribaly sick, war you spill your guts out every day on SOL praying for Somaliland's demise and boosting some party room political group. Tribal lamentations are your specialty. Hadrawii is a legend the last remaining of his kind universally well liked by all somalis everywhere of all political stripes. The sad part is in Somaliland circles he actually goes out of his way to defend you folks and your tribal nacnac and also speaks often on what Somalis have in common and unifies them more than anything else. It saids alot about someone who goes out of there way to try to tarnish someone who's not known for propagating hate. Suusle? No clue who he is walahi never heard of the man, laakiin I got a cousin who's a dentist odayga yar hadu u baxanyahay filling I can defenitely hook him up tell him to holla at me but first apologize to Hadrawii, a nobody should not be addressing a legend they are not in the same league.
  17. o nimankan jarka ee ad is gursatan maxay iidin yeelen? talow waxad u jeeda dadka bariiga Somaliland ee ad wada dagtiin, reer galbeed u ma jeediin.
  18. Aaliyyah;836286 wrote: mooge, Grow up. Khaatumo State of Somalia guul iyo horumar ayaan u rajaynayaa. Mashallah, o talow Somaliland-na maxad u rajaynaysa?
  19. war I was trying to contain my laughter adna xiiq bad sheegaysa, I got no clue what Atto Maliz is but what I do know is that you would make a heck of a politician always answering a question with a question lol. War Ethiopians are there May 18th and every day in between cause that's what they do, they look after their interest the shrewd politicians they are. Your doing dhantoo for Ethiopians and you wanna throw rocks at your Somaliland country men sheekada ha badaliin. sheeg sobobta ariintu heerka u gadhay.
  20. A_Khadar;835732 wrote: Awoowe I'm calm.. Nice try though with djab and nonesense stuff.. That aint change the facts of your people and perticularly elites of loving Atto Meliz.. Do tell us your stand on that pic? I am seeing more excited odaayal than just being invited local politicians.. Adeer its ok Ethiopians are just another race of human beings not the boogie man for me, so I don't demonize them at all they have problems like much of Africa as far as representative government. But when our beautiful national flag with the shahada is raised in nearby towns to this very place (Buhoodlee) you seem perturbed by it, tribal chest thomping begins, diaspora people start saving nickles and dimes to engage in war against their next of kin, your singers work themselves into a delirium cursing and saying words unbefitting an elder and yet when Ethiopian parades are held in that town you seem less perturbed by it and all the other tribal war mongers seem not to care. What gives??
  21. A_Khadar;835705 wrote: ^ Politicians? That says all. I commented about the video and said it's disgusting, but stop being hypcrate once and say what you think about your elites being more enthusiastic on the pics than the kids in the videos when infact they know Atto will never recognize them.. I can say there what they lined up for is more than licking Atto's rear.. Your men went way too low as history repeats itself.. Who's really being hypocritical? The Ethiopians have a good relationship for the most par with Somaliland and have a diplomatic office in Hargeisa nobody ever denied that, what halls they rent and who they invite to join them for their celebrations is their porogative it is a big city. However judging by your defensive stance you clearly see the stench of hypocracy coming from your side. 'Sons of Darawiish, fighters of all intruders british and ethiopian alike, protectors of Somali Unity and patriotism etc... etc..' Are these not your self-described labels, you've got a 'Darwiish TV' emblem with what looks like a statue of your revered mullah and what looks like a large gathering of the town out in full force with Ethiopian flags playing amharic songs on full blast, with little hijabis singing in Somali but no Ethiopian in sight! Tell me something doesn't seem out of wack in that picture? Having a relationship with Ethiopia is it not one of the criticism you detractors hold against Somaliland? Get real, it looks like Khatumoo is trying so hard to counter Somaliland they're having an identity crisis. Tryna outdo Somaliland but maybe they went to far don't you think?? lol