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  1. Originally posted by The Rendezvous...: While everyone is pretending to keep quite.. know that there is a very BIG war against ISLAM going on and you should clearly know this:You are either with THEM or with us as Bush used to say..So the war is on..and STOP PRETENDING... Maybe its not about pretence, rather it is the level of concern, some ppl are concerned enough to actually speak out while others are too busy with their daily routines to actually notice what is going on. There is nothing wrong with keepin quiet, i dont think there is much else we can do to change the situation. However something we can change is ourself, our faith and iman. Attacks like this should strenghten and make us more determined to worship Allah and live according to the deen. So Allah hurdada ha naga wada kiciyo!! Amin.
  2. His shaqaalo have visited this site a while ago.
  3. Alxamdulillah................. I have noticed every one is so friendly at last. I see no virtual violence or vile language..........maybe thats an indication that we all have the same final GOAL..."To rebuild our country". Alxamdulillah...hope this continues. While reading the posts I am surprised that i now agree with what some ppl who were my opponents are saying like Ibtisam, xinfaniin etc.. I wonder where waterfall has gone.oh well KEEP IT UP PPL!! and bye for now. PS:i would like to apologise to Bile from cambridge, he worked hard to be where he is. And no i dont think he sold his soul to DEvil.
  4. ^^ Dear sister you can't jus steal different ideas, you have MUST use One Syllabus if you want to pass the exam dee. You know....what i mean??
  5. Hi everyone!! This is my last message,,,,,,,its been good time sharing stories. I WOULD like to say that you all have maximum two repent. When the new day 12 o'clock there will be no more recruitment. Whoever does not belive after that is a true loser and kaffir. Subxanallah---Alxamdulillah--and -Astagfirullah. May Allah the great ONE forgive us ALL. Happy EID tomorrow to all the muslims. I may have applyed make up like a geisha......that does not mean i am a prostitute. It was meant to show that i am related to chinese people. MACSALAAMA TO THE MUSLIMS OUT THERE.
  7. ALLAHU_AKBAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  8. This is no conspiracy,,,,,i swear by Allah.!! This is no CONSPIRACY...........Wallahi billahi tallahi.
  9. ^^Assalamu calaykum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  10. Sallalahu calayihi wa sallam thats what you should say when you metnion the prophets name.
  11. All that these stories do is make us more paranoid about muslims and in particular muslim brothers. OH really??
  12. Hey where is jonny b gone? Havn't seen him for a while :rolleyes:
  13. I have learned that when you are happy at heart, there is nothing you can't do. Rashiid sorry for callin you gay, I sincerely ask ALLah to forgive all the cida gale tribe.