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    ^^^ lol the fancy cabinet with the dishes is a staple of Somali diaspora decoration manual. I see you didn't read the manual I like Ikea, except there's no creativity behind their products. They try to sell you this so-called modern designs that frankly just all look a like. But its cheap and can last provided there no abuse to it like KK said.
  2. ^^^ LOOOL I think people should really look into family planning. I mean children are a blessing but if you can't take care of them, why be selfish?
  3. ^^ So following this logic a simple change of attire can keep natural catastrophes away? mmm how delusional Peasant: Us women fight? Never. We discuss walaal Serenity: I totally agree
  4. I thought the same thing Naxar
  5. Ha Ha Ha C&H!! I had this avatar way before, try 3 years before you But I can share:)
  6. Nonsense! Makes you wonder if these cleric don't have any mental issues that have yet to be treated.
  7. The Imam must follow the rules of the Deen. We can all disagree with what happened but the rules are there. In this case however, the way he went about it is deplorable to say the least. To add on to the family's pain is unnecessary. However, Allah knows best.
  8. I think speaking of the legacy is fine but you can't erase or deny the atrocities that they committed as well. By doing that, you actually give credit to the initial goal they had which was honourable. However pretending that their legacy was for the benefit of all Somalis is not only false but an insult to the innocents that died at their hands.
  9. Crying?? Is that what you hear when people try to give you a simple reality check? aww how sad. And as far as giving the country to the "civilian rule" I assume civilian in this context here is quite exclusive. Walal, let's just be honest about the good, the bad and the ugly of the snm agenda. That's all.
  10. What a joke! snm only tried to "rescue" its own and did NOT "Liberate all Somalis"! If you're going to feed us a fairy tale atleast try harder. The beginning was indeed an honourable attempt to give a bigger piece of the pie to its own, however the end resulted in shattering a country rather then anything else.
  11. Today I feel motivated to change my eating habits back to the way it use to be. I also want to enjoy life a bit more and try new things. Yes indeed, today was a good day!
  12. Somalicentric, I for one, really liked your pictures walal. Some actually made me stop and stare for a while at times. Keep up the great work. Perhaps you can even share some tricks with a beginner like moi
  13. This is simply beautiful! the imagery is amazing! no words left to say.
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    Learn 2 Knit

    Wow Curly! You're really good! I tried once before to follow my mother's instructions but kept messing up. Now I want to get back to it, but my plate is quite full for the time being. Insha Allah, I'll try it again, Keep up the good work!