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  1. It seems like these states are fighting hard against the foreign entertainment industry taking over their local markets... i guess globalization has no friends _________________________________________________ Cairo Court Rejects Foreign Belly Dancers' Appeal Wed Jan 21, 8:18 AM ET Add Oddly Enough - Reuters to My Yahoo! CAIRO (Reuters) - A Cairo court rejected Tuesday an appeal by Russian and Australian belly dancers against a ban on working in the country they consider the home of the dance. The administrative court at the Council of State ruled that the Ministry of Manpower had the authority to prevent non-Egyptians from working in certain professions, including what Egyptians call Oriental dancing. Lawyers for a Russian dancer who calls herself Nour and for Caroline Evanoff of Australia had asked the court to overturn the ban so their clients could resume their night club work. Evanoff told Reuters she would prefer to stay in Egypt but did not know what she would do now. Some dancers have sought work in Lebanon but the authorities there are not issuing work permits, while in the United Arab Emirates the supply of dancers outstrips demand, she said. "Everyone's going to the Emirates so it's virtually impossible to get a contract there," she said. Judicial sources said the dancers could now take their case to a higher court. Oriental dancing is big business at Cairo night spots, from four-star hotels for tourists to cheap smoke-filled bars in the seedier parts of the city.
  2. Yeah, I don't think they're equal, but they're balanced. I would think if people start to choose, there would be imbalance because some societies might favor one gender over the other
  3. I can't think of only one, but three I appreciate seriously are: "Righteousness is good morality, and wrongdoing is that which wavers in your soul and which you dislike people finding out about." "Be mindful of God wherever you are, and follow up a bad deed with a good one and it will wipe it out, and behave well towards people." "Leave that which makes you doubt for that which does not make you doubt."
  4. a gun is an accessory... like a paper clip or a car... The fact that every in Somali has a gun is not the problem, the fact that there is no law and order is
  5. hey, it's not a virus... and it does no damage to your system. It's just a fun little page that makes a claim about you and you have to prove it wrong. To make it stop just go to task manager (ctrl+alt+del or right-click on an empty part of the desktop toolbar) and just do an end task on internet explorer, if you get a massage “program not responding” click end now and that’s it.
  6. yeah this is really cool... i wouldn't do it... better to just let nature take it's course i think. it can raise some interesting question if people start doing it. isn't it interesting how naturally the number of females and males is kind of balanced naturally.
  7. sameeliyaan waabaaniis dhonot kil beebol, beebol dhu.
  8. very interesting... i'll have to look at it later.
  9. i don't know if this would count but I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a girl who knows a guy who knows a guy who's neighbor went to school with a lady who’s cat was once attacked by a dog that appeared in the background of a BBC news clip that featured Rageh Omar...
  10. It think it’s just anti-jew propaganda. You can’t generalize a whole nation like that. Besides, most jews are secular.
  11. I saw the "guess who's gonna pay for the 1 trillion deficit" one on CNN, it was playing like crazy... These people must have some real money.
  12. A poor guy is killed by a crazed female and of you are laughing and cheerful about it?
  13. Why is it that all chainletters try to scare the hekk out of you
  14. Hey come on... give the guy a break, what would you do if voices from God were telling you to jump into a lions den? Would you defy voices from God??? Think about it, what’s a lion eating you compared with the Wrath of God?
  15. their blood is not wanted because they all have HIV.
  16. underdog, there is no prove. it's all famanist propaganda. Haven't you heard of the famanist agenda. they're rewriting history, they inveltraite key institutions, the media, news papers to shape public opinion and get everyone to believe that their propaganda is actually fact.
  17. whatever organization it is... you better make sure it's not on the terrorist list if it's feeding muslims before you give it any money
  18. Jawahiir, that same thing has happened to me once. I wasn't as luck as you, there was no one around to let me to keep my money. Darman, I wouldn't have the audacity to talk to the guy like that, even if I know am being ripped... I mean, you gotta leave the guy with some honor, even if he don't have any. You just put him in his place.
  19. kazaa is schit and kazaa diat sux banooni's Let me let you all in on the best kept open secret of file sharing.... Direct Connect. The direct connect network has 3 times the amount of data on the kazaa network. If you can't find your file on direct connect, it's probebly not on the internet. Get it here: