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  1. Casey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what the hell. Is that an ADSL connection? I heard they have that in Japan and parts of Europe... man the USA sux.
  2. hey that's interesting... i guess that the best option would be to study something that you enjoy and that will pay the bills... Check this graph out that shows the way the value American college students put on making money has change over the years.
  3. Seven of Nine, I think you hit the rat right on the head and now it’s brains are all over the floor. it would help if the focus was on the fundamental things (not to say all things aren’t important), there is no point pressuring someone to dress right if they're not praying the 5 salat or are praying just to make your parents happy. If this story is true, then first of all, if the kid is only seven or eleven you can’t really expect them to reason through anything. But that’s beside the point. Religion is useless if it’s not from the heart and the intellect is not satisfied with it. If I were a parent I would let my kid “run free” sort to speak. I mean, I would let them know of my expectations and expose them to what is useful, but I wouldn’t want them to do or not do anything religious because of me. That way one develops character and does religious actions with conviction, not just to conform.
  4. I wanna see mean girls... i hear it's really funny that girl sure has...grown up :eek:
  5. Vanquish_V12, thanks man... that's good to know.
  6. what town are we talking about, London?
  7. Atkins and Somali can't be the same... someone who's skinny because of being on Atkins is that way because they chouse different foods.... Most Somalis are that way because we have no food ....remember "the skinnies are coming" from the black hawk down?
  8. So how did you do it? I mean.... are you do some kind of cross reference search?
  9.'s strange... it seems a little ****** for them to block it like that... now the movie has more publicity then it would have had if they just secretly released it. for example i didn't know about it 'tell i hear it was blocked. now i do, and as a result i will most likely see it, no matter who it's released by. Which is great for Mr. Moore. What if it's a trick by Disney to create hype and controversy around the movie to boost sells? has a cool name Fahrenheit 911
  10. Vanquished, here is the issue... the people that call for free trade (like american capitalists) don’t mean by free trade free for everyone, they mean free trade as in free for them to sell to other, but not for others to sell to them. But that’s not really free trade. So why do they call it free trade? The same reason the USA was “the land of the free and the home of the brave” even when blacks were slaves. So all the people that are labeled “anti free trade” maybe not really be “anti free trade”, they are just anti what is called “free trade”, which isn’t really free trade. The people we see on TV protesting against the IMF, world band, wto, or nafta, who are often labeled “anti free trade” should actually be called “anti Washington Consensus” or “anti neoliberalism” or “anti globalization”. To understand what the media means by “free trade” do a google search for neoliberalism. Here is an example of “free trade” as it is applied today: Take a country like Mexico. It signs into NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement). As a result Mexican small business go out of business because they can’t compete with multination corporations, the profits that these multinational companies make in Mexico are shipped out of the country and do not benefit Mexico. Because the Mexicans can’t open their own business to compete with the multinationals they end up working for them. They get exploited in sweatshops making shoes they are too poor to own and in corporate farms growing fruits to sell to Canada when they can’t even feed themselves. To sum it up, so called free trade is just a system to make sure the law of “the rich keep on getting richer and the poor stay poor” stays strong.
  11. Devil's Advocate makes a great point. A reasonable way to counter this situation would be to organize and engage the system. I mean, whether we like it or not, we are part of the system, so there is no reason to be victimized by it. And there are countless examples of communities that have engaged the system and succeeded. The example of the Muslims voting Republican to avoid Senator Joe Lieberman was a great demonstration of how little the Muslim in the USA understand the American political system. Another thing, to keep issues in context and try to see the picture, what happened in the Iraqi prisons was not unique in scope or severity; and sadly, worse things have happened and probably are happening. It’s only unique in that the wider media, for some strange reason, is reporting it.
  12. ...i've been avoiding the pictures all this time, then today I finally decided I was going to see what all the fuss was about and now I know. There is really no way for me to express it in words. I wonder how Bush will get out of this one... sadly, I am nearly certain he will. (This link has interesting analysis on the issue and a link to a page about the pictures.)Discretion is advised.
  13. hey, it didn't work for me! it gave me this and that's not me, i swear it's not me, it's some dog.
  14. oh, and i just invented a new word; "willn't"
  15. lol@somealien.... your mom must be the archetype hooyo... my mom willn’t even let me kiss her, forget excepting a gift
  16. LOL... tell me you got that from milkandcookies! Man... the chicken is probebly the greatest site on the net!
  17. i noticed alyal04 listed shegoband at the top... i would like to take this moment to brag that i once personally (when i was 12) new shegoband and they use to come to my apartment to practice bass with my brother.... i don't if thats really bragging material but I just wanted to put it out there for whatever bragging benefit it might have
  18. Am trying to get an idea of how many people here have highspeed internet.... please vote if you do
  19. I think it’s flattering to have a stalker... I’ve never been on the stalked end of the stalking system (as far as I know) but I have a number of victims. People who I always have to “checkup” on... see if they’ve added anything new to their website, read the latest entry to their blog, their most recent posts... Some I’ve even bookmark for quick access... So what makes these people so cyberattractive?
  20. a co-worker comes up to me on friday and she's like "where's your mother".... africa... "sunday is mothers day, do something nice for her, mothers like it when kids do things like that"... i think about it and say "no".... so she looks at me like am crazy and i explain to her that first of all my mom is probably never heard of mothers day... and well... that's it! how are you going to do something for someone on some holiday when that person doesn't even know about it?
  21. they xu... i just finished reading your site and .... well.... "please don't be pissed off when I write erotic fiction starring me having sex with myself, thank you" I looked all around and couldn't find any of it.... a little help please? (i.e. a link)