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  1. A lot of the criticism so far has been 'moral' criticism. Can someone present some economic criticism that would show how capitalism is a flawed system or an unworkable system Economically?
  2. This is really a great topic; A big thank you to all those who have contributed to it. I have a couple of questions on the subject; I would appreciate it if some of you could answer them. What is a welfare state? Is there such a thing as an “Islamic” economic system? If so, are there any examples of it (ancient or modern)? What does social democratic mean? Is anything wrong with private ownership of the means of production? If so what? Thanks again.
  3. Psycho-Sue, am flattered (and a bit frightened) Pyromaniac_Pixie was one of the best users here... A major 'victom' of mine, but now she's gone ... i miss her
  4. What are the numbers on AIDS in Somali and amoung Somali people as a whole?
  5. how the address really said:
  6. what makes someone a Somalilander.... Is it like Jewishness where your mom has to be Jewish?
  7. That's really something... and it says something about who might be reading this forum too.
  8. I don't think that's going to change anything.... Somali will find a way around any law... They are the ultimate anarchists
  9. Bambina… uuuuuff... mayonnaise... you’re like my uncle, he use to but it on everything.... pasta, rice, jam sandwich, its self. Aeryn Sun, Sue said she’s been addicted to the net for 7 years and you say “it’s a phase”???? Long phase don’t you think?
  10. NGONGE, you're right it's a great way to not work while at work... but doesn't it ever follow you home?
  11. I think alot of people here change names every so often... Sometimes it's hard to make the connection between the old name and the new name. Would those of you that have had name changes mind informing us what you where previously known as?
  12. So now I know what I was doing on August 24, 2002 at 02:24.
  13. The only African King I know about is the king of SWAZILAND, Mswati Da 3rd. Every year all the young ladies of the land dance for him and he picks one of them to be his newest wife.
  14. 3zma1L, very cool. Man where do you guys get all this! I feel truly deprived. But there’s always hope. :cool: 3zma1L, you just alluded to another question I’ve had in the back of my mind... If Somali use are using open source software. I'll open a new thread on that.
  15. tea is the best drink every invented.... as a matter of fact I'll make it my new occupation
  16. A long time ago I heard this clip on the net where this somali guy gets asked by a poller "do you have more energy now or five years ago"... and it was extremely funny... have any of you heard it and do any of you know where I can find it?
  17. " but I’ve already broken that promise. God help me!" -Sue, Psycho Sorry, I had to laugh.... because I've had the same type of dream before and as a result walked the straight and narrow for 2 weeks then back to my good old self. it's so sad... God help Taiwan.... God help us all.
  18. The problem is not that they are killing these guys... the problem is the way they mutilated them and now the fact they are beheading a guy on TV. There is no way you can justify that. I ask you this, are they doing this because they want to win this war or are they doing it to satisfy their sick sadistic rage filled emotions?
  19. Not long ago I was chilling with my friend at his job. He works the front desk at a residential apartment building. It was a Saturday night so the parking lot was busy. And once or twice every hour the tow truck guy would come up to him with a polaroid picture of a car without a parking ticket and he would sign off that it can be towed. After 2 or 3 hours of shooting the breeze I take a look at the stack of pictures and guess who’s car is on top? The retard signed-off on his own car! We run outside just in time to stop the tow truck. After coming back in we look though the rest of the pictures and find that he signed off on my car too! I would have gotten mad but what could I have said, the guy basically towed away his own car. Now that’s a crackhead!
  20. There are a lot of great online databases and journals. Many Colleges and Universities have access to “Academic” versions of these online databases for their student. That means a lot of us here have access to these since a lot of us are students. So I wanted to know if any of you use them? And if so, for what? (besides research for term papers )
  21. Wait the minute Cabdulmalik, Kazaa has more files? That is total BS. The DC network has over 1 petabyte.... (that's what their ad says)
  22. These people are ignorant lunatics. They have no values, just rage. You can't justify wrongdoing by claiming wrongs done to you!