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    i'll see it tomorrow with imax 3D....should be good.
  2. Nomadism is not the future, with the climate change for starters. For ppl to develop they need settle and get predictable time table so that they can focus on enriching their lives through innovation, nomadism does not support such life style since ppl have to keep moving. We need to change or the farming Ethiopia will take our land.
  3. education rocks...I'm a junior i got 2 job offers this summer, if u r in IT you should be fine. the girl with programming should start looking for a job in the right places. I think one must study what is in demand...or some one is extremely passionate about. GOOD GRADES are important, they play the place of experience.
  4. islii has as much future as the rest of east Africa...declining by 2% a year. Somalis are wasting their time and money. rather they should invest in their homeland, where they own the land thus making any additional investment a growth. when u r paying thousands in rent in such disease ridden environment, u r filling water with bottomless bowl.
  5. The Warlords must be stopped. America is giving money to ppl who will not deliver results. The truth is Somalis are betrayed by these warlords and USA stood by watching our suffering and doing nothing. Today our clergy and religious teachers stood up and brought change. Also Somalia and Somalis have nothing to do with terror, our plate is full. So America should open diplomacy and relations with the Islamic courts if they want Somalia not to be hotbed for extremists. But if they only want to make sure no terrorists goes to Somalia but Somalia to be ravaged by the warlords, then we rally behind our MADRASSA teachers and the Imams of the local mosque. For us Somalis, we need to decide and for one moment, stop supporting our warlords who bankrupted our tribes and the country in general (all of us pay tribal dues from our small hard earned paychecks) and support and give a chance to the WADAADADA, we know they're honest and THEY know that TERRORIST'S war is not our war, neither is Bush's war on terror is our war. We tired and we have to decide what is good for us. From record we know Arabs are not our friends, they even didnt let us flee to their countries, and we know the warlords sold fishing rights for few bucks, so lets decide who is good for us (the little guys) and i think it is the Islamic courts. Lets not loose this chance, when Mogadishu is under control of one honest ppl, those are the Islamic courts. And remember if Somalia was in peace right now, you would have SAVED that $100 you taking to Dabshiil, coz ppl will be earning a living. So lets not loose this chance of bringing peace, lets tell Bush to support the ISLAMIC courts if he is honest about Somalia not being terrorist haven.
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    The Truth

    Truth is the Qur'an(in faith). About other things, truth is varifiable arguments agaisnt what they say. Aristotle is nothing, read ibn Xajar,Al-nawawi, ibn taymiyah, dahabi,ibn qayim, inb siriin,Mohamed AbdilWahab, and others who demonstrated good faith and knowledge of the TRUE religion. I think, then is when you find the truth.
  7. Mr. Wacdaro the theme of Caaqil's comments was how Somalia and its current leader (not his fault) were in such a shamefull position. The facts may be worded as wished by the writer, but they remain facts. Somalia is a poor state and its leaders live like kings. They do not share the hardship of their fellow citizens. It is not very hard to proof that, the parliament is yet to do something that can benefit the average Somali. President Cabdullahi Yusuf is trying to over come un-cooperative associates, terrorists disturb the fragile security, Pimp-like warlords switch sides as how much dollar amount they can gain and Somalis remain dying meanwhile. So instead of starting to fire about how caaqil got his facts and seeing him as under talking the president, see the substance in his view. by the way i admire how you switch between english and the other language...what was it?
  8. A very enriching read indeed. But to say few words, I think, though Muslims are in charge and responsible for learning and practicing the Deen in accordance to Allah’s Qur’an, Allah remains the ultimate decision maker. What I want to mention is that when the time is ripe for this chaos Muslim world to be run by the laws of Islam Allah will initiate the steps to get there. When the prophet was to be risen Allah sent the angel Gabriel and when the Muslims were ready to move and establish their own city Allah ordered them to go to the Medina, when the time comes Muslims will go back to the practice and the basics.
  9. Though fiction, this really captured the truth about the "educated" Somalis. The docotor being very good and selfless proposed solution to pressing issue, the engineer said his paper should be read, the other said education is imporant, how can you educate pple who are already dead of TB. It shows Somlis's tendacy on focusing on futuristic and not-so-pressing issues while over looking deadly present issues. It is effecting every one, but we're too ****** to see it. Like now, some members of the parliament are about to initiate confidence motion against the TFG, they just solved some differences, why will they care few details about the gov, when we need anything to establish order in Somalia. Also Somalis in the diaspora should be more active than they're, forming youth groups, political groups, and parties to pave the way for some kind of gov. We're total failure. SYL represents some history of Somali ability, other nationalistic movements should inspire us, we went too deep asleep while ignorants ravaged our country, warlords that enrich foreigner merchants who make money out of Somali suffering selling weapons to us and exploiting our oceans.Bustards like mele Zanawi who have no interest in Somli success influence our decisions.Our woman and children suffer across the globe, the country become a trash can for global waste, and few thieves who have no idea of what they're doing exploited us all, and we continue accept it. It is irony that educated Somalis are not even represting their own tribes, and are led by cheap warlords. WHAT THE **** HAPPEN TO US.
  10. Islam needs nothing reform or re-introduction, Islam is all time perfect time, it is only now that muslims are preaching the faith better than ever, it is now that muslims can be clear in their ideas much better than ever, we dont need to change anything. We just need to maintain the path, and stay strong. Bush's speach recently outlined 9and tried to re-define what some muslims belive. The only thing pple need to know is that there no rewards or punishmnets, except reactions and consequences. simple and easy. Weak so called Muslims like Rshdie are the confused ones. The terrorist had made a decision to serve his philosophies and he is acting upon it, he is 100% muslim. others made a decision to to live peacefully with other faiths they're 100% muslims. only the confused is busy trying which side to join. Lets now worry what is not up to us, this is God's will and it will take place how he wants, no wonder it is the way history is shaped. Lets enjoy our faith and its resources that many so called faiths only dream of and lets be proud, becouse we're the only pple who are one and yet many.
  11. Gooonle Speak like a man of thought.....atleast with little twist of morality. live to what you supposedly believe. Your own quote. "Revolutions are brought about by men, by men who think as men of action and act as men of thought." Kwame Nkurumah
  12. The pictures of suspected terrorists posted on the BBC's home page look like somalis guys expecially for one guy. Hopefully Somalis in UK are not ****** enough to get involved in this world issue.
  13. Wow.....Beautiful. Can I vist Hargaysa without suffering any racism. Just wondering
  14. we're neither...i mean we are not Arabs ofcourse, and we're not Africans by blood, nor Arabs by any means...we're probably uniqiue people. But we're in Africa by map. Thank You The Expert.
  15. lets share it, not split it.....what is wrong with these ppl.