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  1. Aaliyyah;724064 wrote: Dear Bilan, doesn't the frog turn into a prince?? lol or wait does that only happen in fairy tales! Axmed families can be a bit persuasive especially those back home. They are like a very close relatives I am sure someone can be pressured!!..halkan somalida kama dhacdo..laakin pakistanta kuwa badan oo ku jira..they think forced marriage is the way to go, they dnt even question their parents. They just go with whoever their parents choose (luckily their parents only choose someone who is close to their age range and has a high educational background!) so isn't like they are marrying them off to old men .. salaam What a hypocrite you are somewhere in your comfy western capital watching Oprah. I just got back from Nairobi and you wouldnt be as opinionated on this subject if you spent a day at the Dadaab refugee camp. I suppose Iman being married to a 70 year old David Bowie is more acceptable for you.
  2. These days look very unstable for Puntland. It is really hilarious to suggest that an MP that communicates with his constituency is Committing Treason. I wonder how many MP's Farole bribed this time.
  3. Libax, good to see you again. Its been a while. Atom is making quite a name for himself. Poor leadership in puntland has enhanced his overwhelming local support. Lets hope Faroole does not continue to empower Sheikh Atom with his poor decision making.
  4. All this yapping will end when the puntland troops get to the outskirts of burao, and we have the entire city relocate to hargaisa or awdal or whatever you call it. Again not a smart move by the cousins up north, i hope civilians in burao are packing the bustos for the long trip to hargaisa.
  5. How u doing Big libax. Im headed to a hotel as we speak. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. Good to see an independant thinking person.
  7. Naxar Nugaaleed You use every occassion possible to talk about Somaliland. I topic here is a hospital in Buhodle, Cayn, which is not part of Puntland. Go to Buhodle and talk about them being part of Puntland and i hope you can leave without gaining weight due to the amount of lead that will be implanted where the moon dont shine. Again youre a naive kid. Look out for Darwishland.
  8. I completly mistook you for Naxar Nugaaleed. Nice points you make. I was confused for a second and thought Naxar Nugaaleed had takin his or her head out of the sand while puntland was laying the pipe you know where. Good point on Makir. Darwishland is an idea in the making. Along with Makir and other areas of puntland we could have some sort of loose autonomy sharing in territorial defense and trade, but each having complete autonomy on local affairs and contracts.
  9. Well weve come to a bit closer to the same idea. Im a federalist and pro somali but in no way a supporter of puntland. Somalia is the bigger picture.
  10. I love your optimism. I believe the corruption has rotted even the purist leaders. I dont quiet remember the percentage of mps being sufficient to reverse anything in puntland. Ill have to look at the figures again. Not much of a difference between 6% and 25%. Theyre both insignificant figures. Im not complaining about a single person. The issue is with an entire system that is detramental to SSC. Maybe a new system that guarantees equal protection. You damn well know if Garowe was attacked it woudnt take two months for a response. An Associated State system within puntland may be a way out within A federal relationship where each party SSC and other current parts of puntland are linked to a larger state. Each party, SSC being one will have substantial authority over its own affairs. Usually either party may dissolve the relationship at any time.
  11. I have no need of proving my patriotism to somalia or SSC to you or any one else. Youre so obsessed with Hargaisa that youre willing to be abused and humiliated by others. What is the difference in Garaads and Caqiils taking kick backs from Bossasso and screaming from Bocaame and other brothers taking kick backs from Riyaale. In my opinion absolutely nothing. Come up with a new solution and we may come to some sort of middle ground. One thing many people in SSC will not allow is a bunch of old guys running between garowe and bosasso with no results or substance. Im sure youre aware of the disgraceful disparity in distribution of puntland revenues. Its simplistic in saying that either a person supports puntland or is automatically a somaliland supporter. I guess the fellows in bossasso have been able to influence you into keep the status quo, which is the exact same tactic Egal tried towards SSC. The end goal is the same, theyll weeken SSC to the point where were all doormats like you.
  12. Listen brother, im from sool not puntland. If you chose to be a doormat for bossasso, that is your personal decision. Dont force your views on sool residents and darwish, we wont continue standing on the side lines and take hand outs from people who are signing off contracts in sool's name.
  13. Relying excessively on the internet and telephone conversations with members in the diaspora have a way of misleading young folk when it comes to understanding the reality on the ground. You mentioned villages like bocame and tukarah inhabited by a few dozen people. Get real no help is comming from any of these people. The men already in las anod are sufficient in maintaining control. The rest is a big dream.
  14. Naxar Nugaaleed Im surprised to see that you have not mentioned the absolute abandonment from the so called Puntland darwish command as its the recapture of Las Anod. Instead you chose to belittle the only commander that chose to return home. You can call him a former driver, but unlike some of the rest of the cowards speaking from a far, he actually went to las anod.
  15. The people of sool have truly spoken. Check out some local heros comming back home. Pictures of Heros welcomed back home.