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  1. Careful Athena.....unless u would like me to kick ur teeth out. ENGLAND WON!!! I'm sure it felt really good to beat those Latino a$$e$! that my hope in Beckham and Co. has been restored, I'm rooting 4 them ALL THE WAY!
  2. LooooooooL @Athena!! Cheeky! Luv she based on ya?
  3. I consider my cousins my I couldn't marry one of them. Plus new blood/genes in the family is a good idea (rather than recycling the same old blood/genes/inherited diseases).
  4. PPL PLZ don't misunderstand me. I was only laughing exactly 4 the same reason STHLM_Lady the way Concerned Sista phrased the question. I hav a lot of respect for sistas who wear the hijab and I plan to follow in their footsteps soon (insha Allah) don't think I meant any disrespect OK?. :cool: As 4 the smelly issue, I think that's only a lazy or overwhelmed minority. IMHO the majority of the sistas I've met don't hav such problems.
  5. Shaqsii.........u said what I was thinking. Very sad.
  6. I'm against beating children too. I believe there are better ways of disciplining them. Of course a little smack on the bottom now and then won't do any harm.....laakiin Soomaalidu si cadow ah bay caruurtooda u dilaan.....and I'm totally against that.
  7. Good questions. Wait while I search my lecture notes and prepare some arguments.
  8. LOOOOOL @ Concerned Sista!! I kno I shouldn't laugh, but the way u put is too funny!! Beerkaa ixanuunaya.
  9. I think a wedding planner is a good idea....but that might still not be enough to sort out Somali weddings. There will be far too much interference from every direction. Still a good idea though.
  10. Lakkad...I agree wit ya...that was a dirty trick Rivaldo pulled....but I hear the incident is being investigated. Turkey seemed strong...they've really improved. As for the team likely to win the wit Athena.....Argentina and if not them then Brazil. But things might change, so I shall get back to u when the group phase has finished, insha Allah, wit any new predictions I might hav . The Saudi game made me sick with embarrasment!....If I was them I'd hav packed my bags and been on the next plane to Riyadh and if I was the coach, I'd hav hanged myself from the nearest ceiling!
  11. Surprised me too. Wasn't expecting THAT!
  12. I don't know coz I haven't really looked.