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  1. A glass of milk has been my suxuur the last few days, but I woke up too late this morning having only gone to sleep at 1am. There's no habeen!
  2. I think it's a positive step. I certainty would love to hear the Edaan on mainstream TV.
  3. Morning all and Ramadan Mubarak - hope your first day is going well. A'H, I have the next few days off, which is just as well because I only got a couple of hours sleep xalay.
  4. Amiin and Ramadan Mubaarak to you all. Kulu caam wa antum bikhayr.
  5. And a happy Ramadan to you and your loved ones, Faarax! Morning maryooley.
  6. Wa salaam and a happy Ramadan to you all. Howdy Juxa, hope all is well.
  7. Ameen dear Aaliyah. It's that time of the year again - Ramadaan Mubaarak folks! I'll try to resist dwelling on food this Ramadaan, I'A.
  8. Misleading title. The article states the plane landed safely, so it can't be a 'plane crash'. Glad there were no injuries.
  9. It's my way of celebrating both the 26th and 1st together, AB.
  10. LoL @ Nuune. You have a pretty fantastic view of the world from your perch, don't you? Space travel appeals to me too. How insignificant we are in the universe!
  11. Nuune - It's very apt and I support its inclusion in the Qaamuus.
  12. Morning all. Xiddig-maaxiye - I like the sound of that.
  13. ^ By self employment? NG - yes you're first in given that I'm dialing in from planet Venus. nuune;944928 wrote: ^^ And it is first of May according to the human calendar. Yup, indeed it is, Nuune. What does this May hold instore for you, IA?
  14. ^ Boo! I have recorded the first 5 episodes and plan to binge-watch them this long weekend, IA. No spoilers, please!
  15. It's only Wednesday, can you believe it? (oh and top of the morning to you all).
  16. The more libraries the better, I think. Alpha, this is one of your better ideas and worthy of support.
  17. Apophis, is that a nice way of saying you were let go? Lol, sorry. Couldn't help it. Howdy Trolls. Decided to have a proper hot sit-down lunch today.
  18. Morning all and happy Friday. Delayed trains and no coffee as yet. *sigh*
  19. Hi Juxa! Adiga iyo Apophis are suffering from Long-weekenditis. Don't worry I will be joining you guys tomorrow haduu Alle idmo, as I'm flying back to London this afternoon.
  20. Howdy, Malika. Hope wax walba waa dhag dhag in your world. Captivate is the right word..if happiness could be planted and all that. I wonder what kind of flower species are popular in Somalia? I don't have the first idea.
  21. Happy mid-week trolls. I've become a bit obsessed with Hydrangeas. Something about them makes my heart flutter.