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  1. Beer-Gaal I would agree. my brother knows this dude and he said that he is useless. He said "Ciyaal Butaano waxid too".
  2. We are Somalis and even if the role is BIYATOORI and was select based on Qabil not merit then we will complain. I would be happy if the Ministers were 10 Max plus 2-4 Deputy Ministers but was selected based on their quality.
  3. Mooge: you admit they are fundamentalist when it comes to Puntland and they are Lafdhabarta Puntalnd as you put it yet you think they deserve to have one minister and vice minister. I cant recall one director let alone directors but you could enlighten me. If I have to be honest Abdiweli insult this clan and they are far from been happy. if you read the article in Raadreeb even Juurile took part the meeting over the fone while he was in Mogdishu for Abdirizaq Haji funeral Ilahay ha u naxariiste. I can Also see in the video Former Governor of Waaciye District Isxaaq Fiqi, Gen Cisman Fatiig and Dr Omar Afcase (Nakhuude) Somalis former Ambassador of Iraq and Pakistan in Barre's regime. I also watch meetings that took place in Bosaso and friend told me they organising huge meeting in Biyakulule in coming days. interesting to see the outcome. Prof Juurile and his family are close friend of mine and sure we had tea together if you are close family of him. I watched this programme because of Abwaan Sahal Curi. he is fun yet so brutal.
  4. Hadaanan Reer Puntalnd/Bari ahayn waa kaa dhegeysan laha. Tankale Maney ahayn Familka ay ka soo jeedan, Prof Caalim ( Aabihi Xisaabta somalia), Dr Minimini ( one of the greatest somali Dr), Ugaas Yasin ( Founding Father of Puntland) Prof Juurile, General Cisman Fatig, General Ali Ismail iyo Rag badan oo Somaliweyn taqaan. Ganacsiga: Gacayti, Warsame Shaaquuf, Geedi Aadan, Curcuro, Axmed Xassan Fiqi, Saciid Adan, Abdladif yusuf bare (Owner of Jubba hotels), Saciid Mareero, Colow, Come on if you pass 5 buildigs in Bosaso they at least own 3 of them specially the important part of the city. Hotelada: Jubba, Emirate,Alnasar, Gacayte, Darasalam iwm ayaga iska leh. Bosaso ila Qardho 5 Magalo ma ahe inta kale ayaga dega. Dekada xata guryaha ay isticmaashow ayaga iska leh. Airportka Dhulkiisa iyo Madaxtooyada Bosaso ayaga ku deeqay. Max jarka ayaga Bosaso keenay google omar waberi. Abti wax la qarin karo iyo wax kala jira. Markaan bosaso tago sxb weynu ka masayrna marka awoododa lama qarin karo ee inaga daa bahasha.
  5. Daawo War-Saxaafadeedkii Jaaliyada Beesha ee U.K(Video).
  6. Abwaan;896842 wrote: double decker, Jen. Cali Ismaaciil soo ma ahan ninka loo maleeyo inuu beddelo Jen. Diini (Taliyaha CXDS)? Abwaan just for you, I have asked his young brother and he confirmed that the Gen Ali turn down that offer but MIGHT work with government as a adviser and this isnt something he will do this year as he wanted to finish off some projects he is doing in Puntland specially Bosaso...
  7. Beer-Gaal;896117 wrote: Five out of the 8 speakers in the picture are from the same clan. Juurile's clan! Adeer couldnt you say. they are Dr Minimini's, Prof Caalin( The great somali mathematician ), Genaral Ali Ismail, Gen Fatiig, Ahmed shire, Macawisle or Ugaas Yasin's clan. I know this clan and they have so many good people in them and I dont see any well known names here and I do believe this is another Faroole's desperation to show us his inability to govern.
  8. ha ha. What is next? its not Prof Jurile that is in Mogadishu but its Faroole. Somali iyo afnool. I have met Prof Jurile 8 month ago and He wanted to be the candidate of the Presidency but the great Prof seem to change his mind and that can only be one thing. We know that he was the real chose of Shiekh Sharif last three times as PM but the fake shiekh changed his mind each time after The two M- Blocks within the D-Block pressurised him. Let the best man wins Cabadka joojiya.. Somaliya Ha noolato
  9. Asalatu Khayru mina noom... No matter how much money we receive unless we help our country to recover from this. We will be in a same position in 20 years time.. I hope not but thats how it works in somalia.
  10. Is the sister trying to send massage here. any decent single bro here there is her email ID so ummmmmmmmmmm. lol. masha allah sister. well done.
  11. First of all the reason I posted this topic here is because we somalis talk about nothing but politics at least the majority of us. secondly let us not please divert the issue and as Aaliyah said UNICEF or any international organisation will put the majority of the money in their pocket. Can we not find someone within SOL community who is in somalia that we can send money to? of course trust worthy person and sure he/she cant do worst then UNICEF. Let us remember that could have been us. its nothing to allah to do what ever he wants. sorry its getting late and I am in rush.
  12. Is not it about the time we put all our difference a side and support our brothers and sisters suffering back home? If everyone here pays £50 it will do unimaginable thing so are we ready to do something positive or are we here to kill sometime when we bore at home? If anyone is planning to do anything either its a football tournament or just collecting money count me in.
  13. Is this for real? did any of you know this? He should teach one or two thing Mr Sakiin. check below link if you didn't know him and he is not the only one.
  14. Come on guys what apology, the MP is very lucky to get away with those questions knowing what faroole can do to him so, let us leave it there but I hope those MPs select the right person for the position next time. If there will be next time. Faroole is faroole. what can we say.
  15. I could be wrong but if all our scholars become politicians who will teach, research or invent new whatever? I mean if you look at other countries their leaders don't have as much qualifications as our does and yet they seem to do well. Usually this qualifications suit think tank and researchers but then we somalis have eyes for one thing. SADEXDA KURSI EE SARE I support Abdiweli as much as I did support Farmaajo and his team and I hope the new PM select the same team again. Ilahayow dawlad khayrqabta and good luck to you PM.