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  1. Dont worry you will be parroting soon from Mahadaay kooxda banaatul sanduuqyaal
  2. So my views are biased and tainted because of my clan affiliation rite because i know that where you hinting at..... You only proving that you prescribe to NGONGE's view of clan is everything. Your still a child ee waxaa maskaxda iskaga bixi. Go play fotball and eat ice cream like those of your age.
  3. This happens when ciyaal kusoo biiraan Sol and try to talk to you about their records. Where did you get from that I supported the indescriminate shellings of civilian area during Abdullahi's time? Your childish reasoning summons up to that if Abdullahi shelled areas then we can too? War ciyaal baad tahay ee odayaashu ka dhex bax
  4. Soomaalidu waxey odhan jireen waxna tus walle waxbaa noo laaban. Shariif sold the sea to kenyans and now he's naturalising ugandan soldiers in order for them to fight for him and settling them in Yaaqshid while the M Society is displaced under the trees in Afgooye.
  5. Rants is what people call when you name Ugandan shellings a self-defence exercise and calling over 300 dead people an unfortunate determnination to fight international Jihadists
  6. Do you know what shelling means ya saqiir. At least they know what their doing then making hit and runs in a street here and there,,, Adeer koristaada soo dhameyso intaad halkaan ka bood boodi lahayd.... Mise Kashafa ayaa kuu diidey kubadii aad ciyaari jirtey
  7. Walad probably though Sharif had the capability of being a president but islaanti uu muqdishu uu diray waxey la noqotay Ya bintal sanduuqa khabaarak fi suuq Thats happens when you waste time
  8. You call over 300 dead people higly organised and concerted efforts when they cant even keep and hold the control of few roads and xaafado... I hope Ilaahey inuu reer Muqdishu ka badbaadiyo adiga iyo qolooyinka kula fikir ah.
  9. So what you classified the ugandans as a member of the somali clans now as id the ugandan fighters arent doing the shelling for your poor Sheikh Sakiin Bal waayahay ee, yeey ku abtirsadaan ugandeska ee somalida noqday
  10. You still havent dealt with what i asked you to evaluate. Is hit and runs the tactic in which Sheikh HOtel Sakiin is going to win the fight with Shabaab and you define that as progress? Lets see if you can refrain from reverting the issue to adressing me personally
  11. LMAO NGONGE.. and Sherban's staple food the fierce ugandan FU-FU whose humble beginnings originate from Siyaad Barre is also in the league I reckon.. So i guess the neewbie' are here to stay
  12. War ileen ciyaal baa meeshaan lagu soo daadiyey. Sad for all those of us who been here for years because our little secret platform has been discovered by ciyaal whose political knowledge have been acquired through listening to some old mindless folks in fadhi-ku-dirir
  13. Originally posted by RR Bro,the only flip flopper here is the person who was supporting the government under Abdullahi Yusuf but opposes it today. Thats summons up your ability to discuss anything. A tendency of personal attacks instead of dealing with the issues put to you not only shows the flaws of those you support but most importantly your age.
  14. Moonlight waa ciyaal iska daa... He's dreaming of Puntland and Somaliland administer their regions with 2 million dollars a year
  15. NGONGE where's the fireworks going to come from the feared peace caravan or the neewbie RR or maybe the worst Meiji and his M Society
  16. RR how do you define progress? Flip flopping and makin hit and runs... Walle sheikh hotel reer muqdishu wuxuu ugu maawelinayaa laamiga baan qabsaney iyo Yaaqshid baan gaadhney. I suggest sheikh hotel inuu xukuumada uu raro Mahadaay
  17. Calling the president unfit for his position isnt desperate and unravelling his change of positions isnt wrong either... If you know anything about politics, then you would know that all politicians have conviction and you stick to them. If you would want to change then you step down and let the folks make up their minds sxb. You cant have people running for a position and later on gives up on all their convictions cuz thats what made people give you legitimacy.
  18. Mashallaah I hope those kids take advantage of the oppurtunities they have as many somali kids unfortunetly dont have.
  19. Sharif as always didnt order this huh loool and thats what folks would want to call an independent goverment when he cant even control his beloved ugandan troops and tell them not to fire. Where's the supposed self-nominated clan elders of the M Society or are they quiet because its one of theirs who's doing the shellings Walle waa wacdara cajiib leh
  20. Ciyaal saqiir ku ah Sol oo maanta dadka odhanayaan track record this and that.. As cajiib as shabaab youngsters telling their grand mothers how to dress and rape minors
  21. Is hiding in villa Somalia and travelling in Ugandan tank an independent government working... I wonder how you define progress?
  22. Unnecessary repeat of a topic already posted ya RR here so if you want to add please do contribute there.
  23. Seriously this Sheikh hotel need some public speach lessons.. Madaxweyne aan murti iyo sugaan( excluding shirib) ku darin hadaladdisa maanan arag oon aheyn Sheikh hotel. I really can see him being laughed at by odayaal guurti ah sabaabto ah of the simplicity of his somali. All of knows that a persons leadership skills are evaluated by the standard and use of poems and sayings. Bal ila daawada the kind of somali he talk in this report from a dutch tv programme.. Quote from the programme....''Main goal of AMISOM is protecting the president,He's hiding in his villa in central Mogadishu