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  1. I am just wondering are you all guys single? seems nobody is bothering to say 5. aah okey i take that as Yes. i would really love to read all of these topics but since we have to pick three. I would say 2, 4, and Five( can't wait what it will be about)lol. Nur may allah bestow you with lots of ajar and may you also get the energy and time to write all these topics that we have chosen.
  2. Salaama Alaykum Does anybody know the significancy of shaving a newborn's it sunna or is it a culture thing. I would really appreciate it guys if you can tell me. my baby is due next month insha allah and i am all worried about shaving little one's the way what if she is a girl do you have to? please do all pray for me that everything goes out well for me...I am excited as well nervous. and by the way is there any duaa that someone reads in cases like this or quranic verses to read?
  3. Xoogsade it seems the politics section have turned you into another fadhi kudriri are you doing by the way?
  4. Cakaare= city Cakaare= a tree Cakaare= a tissue in the human ear hellooo which one is true then? you all guys are so confusing no body knows the right answer really?
  5. You all remind me of something that had happened to a very close relative of mind. it is a strange story but believe me somali men do such hideous stuffs at times. anyway this relative of mind went for a vacation for weeks in a nother city. her husband who had remained behind had an ongoing affair( i mean shukaansi) with another woman long before she even went on vacation. however miskiinad didn't know what was an folding around her.I also heard that they were very close friend..cajiib close friendkaaga ninkaaga ha kaa xado dhibaato waaye... anyhow while miskiinad was on vacationing her husband married the other lady and everyone in town heard about become the story of the suuq.. little miskiinad heard the story on phone and couldn't believe it. she took a flight back to her town and boy did the world came crubling on her..i wish she had poured him with a boiling water...naah i don't think is worth risking it and ending up in jail who knows...she would have been more luckier if she was in somalia she opted for many things but divorcing him( aah if only women could divorce too jk) never came into the option because she had kids..and raising kids alone become for her scarier than accepting a second wife in her husband's life..i bet she put the phrase " for the sake of my children" into action( may be they were other options but uuuuhm..oooh i feel sorry for her now. END OF STORY AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.. :cool: you know what is even more scary to can you live with a man that you don't trust?.."for the sake of your children" a life of a rolling coaster
  6. Qoute 3. One day he came home and said " Honey, I want you to know that I love you, and that I am also taking another wifey, in Somalia, she is 18 year old girl, one of eight sisters, and a qaraabo of mine, she is of great character and faith, I need your blessing " LOOOOOL nur you have put it so sweet I think I would have fainted..qalaf ( I couldn't resist i had to answer even thought i know you have asked female fatale) 18 aaa? at least it would have been less traumatizing if she wasn't older than me. you know what I always used to think that i am stronger and can deal with situations like these more calmly but the more you bring them back the more it sounds scarry and unthinkable. don't push me further i think i have one door open in the coming future...and who knows my response would have been something like this...OOH HONEY EVEN THOUGH IT HURTS HEARING THIS FROM YOU AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, NEVERTHELESS MY BLESSINGS(HABAAR) ARE WITH YOU. by the way nur I always used to think that men who go to somalia and marry there and leave a young girl a lone for a year or so are very unfair to the wife they leave behind. where is the fairness in it? let us say he stays with his first wife four years and pays a visit once in a year or two to the other. that is not cadaalad to me and it sickens me to hear that a member of our family has a wife here and also in africa but hasn't been there for four years. she even have two little girls and they don't know their dad while the ones here see him every passing hour. I would have adviced men not to marry back home unless they are willing to bring her with him.
  7. Jazakallahu Khairan bro, it is still enlightening as before. so will you ship me this calculator? P.S I like your signature is sooo true
  8. Raxmah that was scary..those two ladies vomiting the flesh of those whom they have talked behind their backs. but what if someone says something that is true about a person..isn't that also xan? what about you see someone who is very fat in a mall and you say something similiar to this.."oh god he/she is way too fat"
  9. Nur jazakallahu Khiaran walaal. Oh God I have been eating these few months lots of chocaltes and candies with gelatin ingredient in it. I am paitently waiting for the continuation of the discussion.
  10. Simply the best why in the world would you want to become a police abaayadiis? I don't think it is allowed but since you have asked Nur, he might go further than Yes or NO.
  11. Oh thank you so much i really needed this. I was tired of relatives and friends finger pointing at every food that contains gelatin as a haraam. I have even seeen a friend who doesn't give yogurt to her kids because of the gelatin ingredient that it contains. every damn food contains gelatin in this country so what are you gonna do? by the way what do you the rest nomads think..or any dawa's you heard about this ingredients. I am not still confirmed why? i don't know. may be brother Nur can add his two cents too.
  12. I am just curious..ninka maxaa lagu arkay taloow.taasaanba sugi la'ahay
  13. What ye say about kismaayo or the sorrounding cities...I hope and pray that i will end up there in the future if it is peace of course. I think those places are pretty cool to live in. forget about mudugh the place is so qarax..I have to get my ayeeyo and awoowe out of there. they need to experience the other parts of the country. by the way I have never been to mudugh expect galkacayo..and that place sums them all or does it? may be i gotta pay a visit and see with my own naked eyes
  14. I would appreciate very much if you guys can help me find for me unique baby names....perticular a bring it on what you know or heard guys...I am eagerly waiting as I am expecting a baby girl i thought why not consider suggestions of SOL nomads. I don't like the common baby names that somalis are very favour i need something intriguing and never heard of( okey i don't mean some alien name..u know the islamic names)...
  15. Nur I have a problem of seems whenever my mind is occupied with somthing else i forget if i made two sujuud or one. and i know that as everyone said you have to clear your mind of everything but it happens to me. so what do you think i should do when i am not certain how many rakas I am prayed or if i forget to make the middle ittixiyaat. I sometimes wonder weather allah accepted my prayer or not because of too much waswaas. Oh god ilaahow noo dambi dhaaf.