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  1. Brad is a nancy boy! He might as well change his trousers for a pretty floral dress because between him and jolie we know who is wearing the pants! (this is gonna get me slaughtered)
  2. Thought this thread could do with some colour
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    ^^ well maybe he is a member and this way she's dropping a big hint for him....congrats in advance tija
  4. On a miserable day like this? A huge chunk of chocolate fudge cake with extra whipped cream and a hot cup of milk.
  5. Having attended secondary school in Syria briefly, I'm not surprised at this article at all. Forget bike sheds, there were out door toilets and some of the girls would be gone hours on end. I think they might have been paying the teachers to turn a blind eye. The rich ones at least. The not so rich ones would have to do with groping and fondling in the back of the class. And all that stuff about being deprived of male attention is just a poor way of saying they are raging dykes. Arab countries are not immune to same sex relationships.
  6. New York needs to do something about its rat epidemic first. In a couple of years they'll have taken over the city and there will be no one left to call a 'nigga'... It's started already...Behold: The Rat Revolution
  7. Like Val said, practice makes perfect. I don't use make-up (i.e. foundation, blushers etc) during the day, as it just takes time to apply all that, and I'm one of those people who rub their eyes and touch their faces unconciously so all that would've been for nothing. For an event I'd probably slap it on, but not too much. Max Factor does a good series, it's one of those liquid powders that adjust to your colour, control shine and actually doesn't rub off on your clothes. As for mascara's, I still swear by Maybelline's Great Lash (cause I'm worth it!). Good stuff. I don't think anyone is really an expert, and everyone finds their medium by experimenting so go ahead and hit Debenhams.
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    Somali TV Amsterdam

    Het ziet er naar uit dat mensen weg gescharreld zijn van deze thread... Me, ik heb zelf niet in Etten-leur gewoond, alhoewel ik heb een vriendin die van daar is verhuist. Het ligt in Noord-Brabant, vlakbij Breda denk ik. Je hoort er zo vaak over want Vincent Van Gogh komt uitspronkelijk van daar. Herrinner je de geschiedenis lessen weer? Zij en ik zijn van plan om voor paar dagen naar NL te gaan binnekort om onze oude wijken enzo op te zoeken...go back down memory lane. Daarom vroeg ik of er nog boerderijen waren in Etten-Leur. Ik ben een Hagenaar en niet bepaald natuur vriendelijk! BTW...interesting program...though wouldn't it be better if all of it was in Dutch to target a larger audience, i.e. the Dutch ppl? XU, heb je gemerkt *** associaal we zijn geworden nadat we naar Engeland hebben verhuisd. I get offended when someone tries to make eye-contact with me. I have a friend who once thought of getting an ASBO on this poor corner shop keeper because he kept asking her how she was whenever she did her shopping!
  9. ^^ She does, she's just taking all this out on you poor souls who are sweet enough to indulge her! Seriously, whenever Val is having a rampage, it always falls on a Monday. Someone clearly has trouble letting go of the weekend! (With that said, I'm off to take cover!)
  10. A few nights ago, out of sheer boredom (and because I hate sleeping as much as I do waking up), I decided to watch a documentary on men who keep life-sized female dolls. It was weird viewing and at times disturbing because these dolls looked strikingly like the 'real deal', with lumps and humps complete. Often these dolls substituted women, and offered the men a less problematic relationship, in which they could live out their needs without fear of consquence or the fear of rejection. It was a relationship where they were in total control. Like one of them put it "You can wake up at night with a raging hard-on and relieve it without any protests". Yes, they did have sex with these dolls, it was quite possible and actually designed in that way. Anywho, to cut a long thing short, viewing this as a woman, initially you might get disgusted or even offended that such a thing is possible. I certainly was. However it got me thinking that a lot of women have their own 'dolls' or more to the point, 'toys'. What is the difference? They are just as bad as those men right? Well, let me tell you that I didn't open up this topic to know what is in your bedside drawer. That's your business! (no really, it is). And I think it's a safe bet to say that this might seem like a taboo subject to discuss, but then everything related to sex is so no surprise there! Rather than discussing the benefits of having these toys etc, I'd really like to know your thoughts on what you think motivates an individual to go to such lenghts as to where they would need a 'doll' or a 'toy' do the 'job'. What sort of person in your eyes would do such a thing and for what purposes (and i'm not just talking about sexual gratification here). Is it a sign of the times? The end of the nuclear family? The end for the need of the opposite sex? Seriously, What do you think?
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    Somali TV Amsterdam

    Erm, what about ettenleur? Zijn er nog boerderijen daar? Btw...there are lots of people who have gone back to NL, because they couldn't hack it in England. I'm guessing the dutch authorities caught wind of people trying to 'earn' a living in both countries if you get my drift? 'waves at Xu'
  12. Devilangel, is this what you had in mind perhaps? Worn with fishnet tights they would look sizzling; they're very 'devil wears prada' like, though I would imagine them to be a pain to walk on.
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    Awww, bless. Congrats Bishitta. Hope it's a union that stays together FOREVER. xoxoxo
  14. The whole family is hauling its *** over there. I hope the nasheed bands don't dissapoint since we have a three young 'uns to contend. I suspect an onset of some groupie love already. Go on then, let's see what it'll be like.
  15. The Ugly: You use it anyway and in a evil twist of fate you find out days later that the seat was infested with crabs.
  16. ^ If you're going to New York, make sure you walk on the Brooklyn Bridge (all the way!). It's long but really worth it. The view of Manhattan in the background is spectucular. ALso make sure you visit Little Italy for a unique dining experience. If you have the time and patience go up to Empire State Building for a 360 deg. view of New York. At night. It's AMAZING! And all the other obvious places such as Times Square, Madison Avenue for your fashion fixes, Canal Street (Chinatown) for bargain "designer" stuff, Ground Zero and if you really wanna go all the way hop on a ferry and visit Liberty Island, the Statue of Liberty. If you can't be ar*ed (by then your feet will be covered in blisters I guess), you can take a picture with the various wannabe Lady Liberty's standing about the dock. It's not the real thing, but it worked for me and didn't blow a hole in my pocket Have fun. You will lurv New York!
  17. Ibtisam, I would advice you to visit your nearest Top Shop and book an appoinment with their Style Advisor. A friend had a session with them recently after looking and finding nothing for an upcoming wedding. It's free (the appointment, not the clothes!) and you can choose from a selection of outfits/shoes/assecories she fishes out for you according to your style/height/hair colour etc etc. Give them a looksie if you're running out of options or don't have the time to browse shops endlessly. G'Luck P.S. if you still have your student/nus card you can get a discount of 10 or 15 % too.
  18. ^ I totally get what you mean. My imagination runs riot after I watch a scary movie too. After watching The Grudge, I couldn't pick up the phone without breaking out in cold sweat first. I'm exagerating here a tad but you get the point. Ofcourse, my friends prank calling me and making that croaking sound didn't help either. After that movie, my love for indha yar people left me (sorry Xu, it's not you, it's me). SAW, sounds terrible, which means am gonna have to avoid all my blood thirsty friends till the hype calms down. Ew
  19. Femme, that's because you're a lazy sod who didn't do much to begin with! Ciid Wanaagsan everybodhy. Ramadan is coming to an end, yay!
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    I'd say go with the new job. I don't know how long you've been with your current company, but what's to say they won't fire you after a year. No job is ever air-tight and secure. If you take this job, you will have something to add to your CV and when the contract runs out, more opportunities out there as you'll have a lot more experience to offer. If you have the vision and determination, you won't have trouble finding another job after the two year period. So make the best of this opportunity, and who knows, they might be so impressed they'll offer you more funding .
  21. First of, Happy B-day Teenah. Got up to anything special? Goals...hmm, where to start... After (a lot of) failed attempts at making goals and writing up tons of aspirations, year after year and doing a fraction of said goals, I decided to toss in the towel and just come out and admit things for what they are. Goal-keeping is hard work! A lot harder even if you suck terribly at keeping them. Having said that, I thought it wouldn't hurt to make one more goal this year and one that would be fairly simple to reach. I've decided to make it my goal to take each day as it comes, not worry about things that have been or plan eons ahead. Life is complicated enough, we should at least get some sort of joy out of it. Right now, my focus is to get through my exams, round off this academic year and whoosh off to the other side of the Atlantic. That's not to say I'm aimless or have no perspective, but it's encredibly tiring setting oneself a whole list of aims/goals/resolutions; the dissapointment just weights you down! Before you know it, you've induced learned helpnessless (failure after failure) and you'll get diagnosed for chronic depression. Happy B-day V! Oh crikey I said that already, ahg, well cnt be bothered to delete this so this should keep you for the next two years!
  22. Nederland over hun allemaal!!! Holland all the way!! Simply because of 1974, when they lost to Germany 1-2. Probably the most magnificent Holland squad the WC tournament had witnessed, with dutch legends like Cruyff, Rensebrink, Neeskens etc.. It'd be great if these two played each other in the finals again, this time Holland beating them - in Germany! Other hopefuls; 1- Iv. Coast - Let's hope drogba remembers how to score. 2- Mexico, though am not sure about them..get hyped up before tournaments but don't always live up to that. It'll be a surprise in itself if they get past the quarterfinals, which they never seem to do! 3- Iran (IF they defeat Portugal - the Portuguese don't always perform well in competitions). @ your orange horn, shirt, scarf ready? Don't forget to put on your war paint as well, Red, White & Blue, with hints of Orange
  23. I don't feel sorry for him at all. The public humiliation might be seen as a harsh punishment, especially with all those pictures on there (freaky obsession with legs or what?), but it should serve as a warning to other fraudsters on ebay.
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    Welcome back Qac, and congrats with the marriage!
  25. I thought Abyan was the boys' version of Ebyan? Correct me if I'm wrong...