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  1. Well done 187, guess you would've had it whether u lost out to me or not. My team had been on a downward spiral for some time now, nevertheless I'm happy with 6th place since it was my first season. May next season bring more luck (and money) to the Soup!
  2. Jibis, define slut please? Has she got her tits out? Is her precious on show? Leave such narrow-mindedness at the door please. Check out the link below. This guy is a good friend of mine and got a great voice. Q
  3. Khayr: When do kids start to show certain distinguisable traits? Is it at 18months as the article states or 2yrs etc.? It's between 12 and 18 months that children become (more) aware of social demands and start to develop the ability to control their urges and listen to what their parents tell them to do (self-regualtion). At 2 years, self regulation turns into self control and empathy, conscience and guilt develop. And at 3 years the child starts to act in ways that they think mom and dad would want them to behave. As for the article Kash, that is a interesting piece of research, flares up the whole innate vs. learned debate all over again.
  4. :mad: Wallee, I am beyond pissed off! From 3rd to 5th. Not.Impressed.At.All Brashkanan...Spread some of that knowledge over to this side dee, Who is my nemesis, so I can put a hit man on 'em?
  5. Wow that's fantastic. Masha Allah and congrats to Kool Kat
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    Feyrouz, personally I do not believe in friends getting other friend's a job, especially in the same firm since it can cause competiteveness, jealousy and what not. However, in this case it did happen, but that shouldn't cloud ones judgement. Ofcourse, you would be grateful but you don't have to take it to extremes and pass out on a promotion. The fact that you have to fire her, comes with the new territory, and that says more about the friend's progress within that firm than you as person.
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    What if she got promoted instead of you? Would she be so kind as not to fire you then? It's not a case of loyalty, rather having a perspective on things. Things like friendship and the like should be kept seperated from the workplace. It's not professional to act on emotions so think about what would be best for you in the long term since you've been working towards it. You've put in the effort, she didn't. Simple as that. BTW...when it's done and dusted, you can take her out for a nice meal, to console her and also because she won't be able to afford it anymore. (okay that might be a tad mean...)
  8. ^ I had that same addiction but with coke instead. I used to wake up in the middle of the night wanting a big glass of coke. Then again first thing in the morning. Since then I've cut down to 3 glasses a day. My new addiction is tea. Not your conventional brew, rather pour a tiny amount of hot water in a cup with caleen, leave it for a while till the teabag is drained, then drink the tiny amount of black bitter water. Sugarless. It's nice.
  9. ^ Mr Faniin, because it's you, I'll let that 'nafyar' comment go. Anyone else would've been introduced to the soles of my shoes. However, You say flagging a dead horse, I say someone is trying to cover up his tracks. Neither do I believe that Bishaaro is in hiding because of the supposed rumours....I say something more sinister is at play here, something worse than unrequited love even. More on this to follow... This just got in... - Tuujiye has been seen leaving a cosmetic surgery clinic in LA. Apperently, the good old hair line has been reclining too fast for his liking. After a free consultation, he made an appointment for next month. Judging by his avatar, the receding hairline is not his only problem Next feature; Will we find Bishaaro? Will Tuut go ahead with the surgery? Will Caano Geel get a hair cut after 15 years of donning an afro? Stay Tuned
  10. ^^ Thank you, thank you all Indeed it was a victorious game. W11, you played well, but not well enough. I told my players it was your b-day, however they laughed it off...I trained them into emotionless, hard-as-steel playmakers, so it's not entirely their fault. If it's any consolation you're still on top, but for how long though? 'Cause by the looks of it, the wolves are getting hungrier... 187, you rascal you
  11. ^^^ Your waxaro has drowned in my Soup several times now, check the intensive ward, you might find them there if you're not too late that is. W11...I see you're pulling out all the stops, telling me it's your b-day so I'd take easy on you. I'm not that soft natured laakin... By the time I'm finished with you, you will be spewing orange Soup both ends But seriously, I don't like to boast much, so good luck and Happy Birthday!!
  12. After a jubilant celebration, I have happily accepted the position of Field Reporter for Rumour Central. Rumour has it.... - Alle-u-baahne was overheard narrating to a bystander how his peculiar name came about. Apperently, he used to be part of the jinnoolayaal tribesmen, but decided that he had enough one day and did some soul searching in the desert. After an extensive period of drought he cried out " Alle, waan ku baahanahay...grant me some water", and up sprung an oasis, he alleges. Identity confusion combined with a heat stroke will do that to you... - The women section has never failed to produce when it comes to cat fights. Blood pressure rose to high levels when Alexus said "men are silly woebegone puppies" to which Ibtisam replied "You're not exactley intellectual yourself". Shocking indeed.... - Bishaaro has yet not been released and the investigation into her involvement with the Valentine celebration in Borama is still pending and detectives have failed to produce a conclusive report. Xiin has vouched for her whereabouts, but this alibi was dismissed on grounds of "personal interest". I wonder what Xiin's wife makes of all this, watch out for next feature when she speaks out on this love triangle - Amelia, real name Amethyst, was arrested last night on suspicions of threatening one of our reporters. The reporter has asked us not to disclose her name and is said to be deeply traumatised by these threats. Whatever happened to freedom of speech? - Zafir has set his sights on the editor of Rumour Central and posted an article of the Cartoons in a vain attempt to capture her attention. However, Layzie was not impressed and snubbed his advances. We recommend an extensive course in shukaansi techniques before you go in for the kill again... Until Next Time
  13. ^^ LOL @ nuune...Hell must be freezing over indeed. Lazy starting a thread of her own and a good one at that is headline grabbing news in itself. Since your last post the rumour mill has been in overdrive and here are some of the headlines that grabbed my attention; At 11.59 last night, Ahura was snapped dining in a dark corner of Blue Ocean restaurant, with someone who had an odd resemblance to NGONGE. Find out on the next feature whether it was in fact NGONGE and is his marriage already on the rocks? In similar fashion, Curling Waterfall was found lurking behind a large plant in another Somali restaurant, and was later overheard telling a friend over the phone that she was stood up yet again and wondered whether she could come and pick her up. So much for playing hard to get. JB and Bishaaro were spotted having coffee together but what seemed two lovers catching up ended up in a full blown row. Bishaaro has since then moved in with Xiin Faniin and his wife. JB has gone back to his girlfriend. Castro was found flirting with one of his co-workers. The unsuspecting victim was left traumatised when tried to seduce her at the photo-copying machine.
  14. ^^ G'Luck Sheh ...Last year, I would've sold my mom for the chloe bag but after a while the novelty had worn off. That and the fact that I wouldn't settle for a cheap alternative. Anywho, saw this little gem while I was looking through ebay the other day. DOn't know whether it's a genuine one, but it's got the tags and the lock... And so far none have bidded yet Have a looksie
  15. match is on Monday, so be a sport and score ur own goal again eh...That'll make it easier for you to bear that I wasn't solely responsible for your defeat :cool:
  16. Barclays is absolutely Sh* took me six months to open an account with them. Six months...4 years on I still bank with them, simply because of the fact that none of the other banks are any better. They all have a poor standard of customer service, it takes ages to sort out your finances and they do nothing to repay your loyalty. BTW, this is for the Barclays account holders; do large amounts of money appear in your account sometimes (other than you're weekly/monthly paycheck) and dissappear just as fast? This has happened to me several times and made me come to the conclusion that perhaps they're using my account to traffick money into different accounts....maybe I'm being too paranoid. Anyone?
  17. For the past few days I have been following this thread and the replies that the nomads are throwing at each other back and forth. Muslims all over the world are outraged. Our prophet (pbuh) has been disgraced. I just find it ironic that we are outraged at cartoons which depict him as a terrorist, while there are nutters out there who strap themselves in explosives and take the lives of innocent people all in the name of muhammed (saw). So, I ask you all, why are we not outraged then? Why do we say, illahey ha u naxa riisto those people and then continue our daily chores. Why don't we take to the streets then and lobby for our diin and prophet. Our prophet's name has long ago been tarnished, not by them but by us. Surely there is nothing more that can be done to damage his image more?
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    Questions ~

    ^^^Athigu maxat tatga karabta, shaleito anigaba kamit baan aha taatka kajawabaye sualatha Was that on purpose or do you normally write Somali like that. It's almost funnier than the nasal inspired "Atheer". Who do I stalk in SOL? Stoic at the moment. Waves at Stoic Hi!
  19. ^^ That's the spirit girl Brown : War yur! I know you'd trade places with me if you had the chance, laakin you're right and am feeling go and blow your nose or something! [Edit] Happy New Year Everyone
  20. ^ I'm skiving off Uni today. Called in sick for work as well... Right now, i'm sat in my pj's with a packet of crisps, watching the less fortunate scurry around in the cold. For once, I'm having a good Monday :cool:
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    Questions ~

    Stoic Can I please use you as a subject for my next Psych. research/report. You'd make a great case study (and I say this with the utmost sincerity) My greatest fear... Being locked up in a room full of lab rats. They are worse than wild ones; trained to do all sorts.
  22. anybody been around a cat giving birth? Any associated smell? I was, but I don't want to say what the smell reminded me off. That would be too gross
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    ^^ If you go to Uni you should be able to join the Uni gym and let loose there for the fraction of what 'normal' gyms would charge you. At my uni, membership is £25 (a month) and you can get into the classes for free. That can add up over time, but it beats having to pay £59 for just one lesson (ask around at your Uni is what I would suggest)... If you're a wintery sort of person, and looking for a new hobby, give ice-skating a go. By summer, your legs will be so toned, you could give Kelly Holmes a run for her money G'luck with whatever you decide to do and don't forget to stretch first!