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  1. surely the new somali political landscape is becoming more confusing and more uuum confusing. but surely we will know next few days what will happen. Will Col Aweys be too greedy and declare a new adminstration and new government in Mogadishu? and will Col Yeey be too greedy to replace Geedi with Aweys who is the favour to take the PM posistion? If the understand each other which I doubt then the victory of the Islamic courts will be a truimph for the Somali people, but if the fail the the story goes on and on and on, meaning more bloodshed, more starvation, and more killings. and the $64000 question is Will the defeated warlords comeback stronger after their awfful humiliation?
  2. These are the most ruthless, headless, brainless, thugs who are inflicting havoc in the streets of our beloved capital. Max'ed Qanyare Afrax, (Homeland security minister), a ruthless warlord, occupied parts of Mogadishu since early 1990s. Current assignment: a big player in the ongoing war in Mogadishu. Muusa suudi aka Yaloxow, The minister of finance, a ruthless warlord, and a proffesional anarchist, rules parts of northern and pockets of southern Mogadishu. Current assignment: big player at the ongoing genocide in Mogadishu. Qaybdiid. a ruthless thug who is a proffesional bandit, has strong militia who occupy the road to Afgoe. Current assignment: participent on the war in Mogadishu. Bashir raage, a bussiness man turned america spy, judge and excuter. occupied parts of Mogadishu with many road blocks. Current assignment: paymaster of the American dollar. Bootaan Ciise aka (xaaraan ku naax), a ruthless warlord, occupies part of Mogadishu, has many many roadblocks to rob people. current assignment: part of the old terror in mogadishu. C/rashid Ilqeyte, a bussiness man turned warlord, owner of hotel saxafi. Current assignment: part of the wolf pack. Yusuf Indhacade, a thuggesh warlord coveres himself with an islamic slogan, represses people of lower shabelle, evil warlord. Current assignment: shock and awe. A warlord in the name of Islam, does not like a central government to be established, used to be an ally of his current enemies. Current assignment: siisi, and KM4.
  3. Afro

    Loyal Gun Dogs

    Animal Farm They've got families they have to feed With respect to you mate what a bullsh*t, this is the kind of excuse they need to spell more blood, they are able human being who Allah gave them two hands to work why can't they find some other humain job, we have a very rich country of raw matirial and miniral sources why can't they get that out of the ground, We have a coast line of almost 4000 KMs why can't they fish, we have the highest livestock population in the world why can't they shepherd, there are plenty of ways to feed your children other than shading inoocent blood, what about somaliland and Puntland which has less mineral wealth and farmland than the south and they still don't kill old woman and children to feed their stomac, please farmland don't ever give an excuse to this barbaric act. its pure savagery, and pure evil what they doing.
  4. Who are they fighting for? Who are they fighting agains? What's their benefit of shading blood? is it worth to fight for a bankrupted warlord?
  5. BAKKIE What a nutter.... why rant and rant against Puntland and its people, they should be praised for keeping their house in some form of law and order. Why blame your misfortunes in Mogadishu on these people , surely you are burning in blind clannish rage, I advice you should direct these venoms on uncle Qanyare, Uncle Muuse, Uncle Qeybdiid and Co. Secondly what good will it do for you if Embagathi fails, will your life improve, will the country get better, or will it make you happy becouse the guy who leads it is from Puntland, nonsence. Please get your house in order before you speak about others. Now tell me whats the solution....???
  6. Killing a warlord will not solve our problems, although it sounds a good start, but the main problem of somalis is the lack of realisation of where these warlords are leading us to, This is not the first time they started a war in Xamar, and maybe it won't be the last one. The first thing the government should do is Sack them. We as Somalis in exile is to campaign and show the world who these crule animals are, remeber these warlords participated the Kenya conference once the international community threatened to brand them war criminals if they don't take part, and IGAD threatened to impose travel senctions. So this is the only way which they can repent.
  7. what a leader, We are DOOMED mates, this is the kind of warlord we are dealing with, No brain at all. Read this
  8. Waw I like the way you entertain your selves, typical somalis, what a joke. as one of you said I am proud of the SAB we eat, is he really serious. you guys don't even exist on the world map, there is a country called somalia, but there is no estate called somalia, I'll tell you what the real somalis are. *Raciests who look down on other minorities. *anarchists, who can't rule themselves, and don't want to be ruled by others. *ignorant nation, even the educated one talks like the geel jire, isma dhaanto iyo dhasheed. *corrupted to the core. *Don't know anything about Islam, islam tells you to respect others, somalis don't. This is just the tip of the ice berg, I could go on and on and on. so please accept somalis are the lowest nation on earth, don't pretend we are the best cos you know it I know it and the whole world knows it. Well Modesty you don't need me to reply your filthy venom, coz i don't want to go as low as your brainless head has gone.
  9. Xooga thats not accurate, the guy is from a minority,un armed clan, so there is no justification, even if they are from Ali mahdi's clan why didn't they start from Ali mahdi, yaloxow, filish, or are they too strong to be apprahended. So pls don't justify this savagery.You said silence is golden, but Silence is why we are in this mess, speaking againist these acts is the only thing we can do.
  10. Blue Farah, You are a typical somali, who can't figure out right from wrong, hot headed, irrational, and aimless. I just said the truth about Maryooleey, and as they say the truth hurts, So I guess I touched a sensative nerve from you, but go to hell, I really don't care. Well I said before if I could change my ethnicity I would have signed for another nation, but fate made me one of them. anyway you told us the only reason you are proud of being somali is coz you don't have to pay $100 at the ports, what a sad man, if you really cared about somalia you woud've paid these $100 as it will do something for the country. Anyway I don't see anybody comming up with concrete evedence of why should I be proud of Somalis, some of you repeat We kicked the rangers out, and we shot down a black hawk, Is that really what we are proud of????, how many somalis did the rangers killed for the killing of 18 of them, a conservative estimate is around 2000 somalis, is that what we are proud of?? very sad. Ok even if we did kicked them out, has our lives improved or has it gone wrost and backward? everyone knows the answer. lets face the reality Maryoley, MEESHA WAX AAD KU HAYSAAN MA JIRTO. isma dhaanto iy dhasheed.
  11. HIZB-UK, tell me what to be proud of, just one point I can tell the world that I am somali and here is what we have done for humanity. The fact is We are from a nation who are bankrupted physically and mentally, a nation who don't understand right from wrong, a nation who are still on dark ages of canabalism and savagery, The lowest nation in africa and world, just have a look at the country, actually we became the first nation to became without authority for so long, a nation who knows how to dimolish but not how to build, and please don't blame the warlords because at the end of the day a nation's leaders is a direct product from them, and they reflect on them. If we were good people we wouldn't have the Aideed's, The Yeey's, The Qanyare's, The yalohow's, The Indhacade's and the countless evil's we have today. So pls tell me what to be proud of?????? If I could change my ethnicity I would choose another nation, but Allah made me a Somali and unfotunetly I can't change that.
  12. Somalis, The most racist nation on earth, why do they discriminate against their brothers and sisters, such as Midgans, Tumal, Yaxar, Yibir, Musa dhari, What have they done to deserve to be treated like that by the other somalis, I really feel sorry for these people, its pure appartheid, and pure racism, This MENTALITY has to be chalanged, There are still people in the west who still believe they are suppirior than these people, are you one of them, DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE THEY ARE EQUAL TO YOU? WOULD YOU GIVE YOUR DOUGHTER TO A MIDGAN PERSON? ITS OBVIOUSE PEOPLE WILL SAY OF COURSE THEY ARE EQUAL TO US WHAT A SILLY QUESTION. BUT DEEP DOWN WE KNOW SOMALIS ARE A RECIST NATION TO THE CORE. AND WHAT IS THE SOLUTION TO FACE THIS IDEOLIGY.
  14. Sheikh Ibrahim Mohamed Nur, an imam in the Bermuda district of the capital, said: "Islam is the only solace to the overcome the difficulties we are facing. The justice of Allah has been implemented and there is no better justice than what Allah reccommended Subxaanalaah, Justice for the poor and unarmed, altough I don't know the guy's clan, I am sure he is from the weak unarmed tribes of mogadishu, do you think he would be excuted if he was from the BIG BOYS of Mogadishu? I doubtit. Where is the justice when Qanyare, yaloxow, bashir raage, filish, etc,murdered many people in mugadishu for the last decade, and recently last few weeks, where is the justice for the 49 road blocks scattered around Xamar and people are robbed on daylight by these thugs, where is the justice when there are estimated 60,000 armed men in Xamar most of whom have commited attrocities in the city and all over the southern regions, where is the Justice. In Xamar justice is carried on thoes who are unarmed, that is for sure. Please don't bring Allah into this filth. Allah is just, and justice is blind, no matter your status, wealth, clan, justice is not dicriminate.