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  1. ^^^What are you talking about man? Sheikh Sharif is the TFG. Didn't your deviant apologist butt get the memo in your pre-historic cave. No need to panic though- I'm sure it will finally sink in, once the munaafiq supporting websites you frequent publish it(i.e, if ever they do). dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  2. To Kool_kat: Abaayo, dad aad mowdid iney yihiin xoolo daaqa ayaa SOL ka buuxa. Marka ha layaabin kuwaan Computer screen-ka kadaashiisa ka qalaadaya oo cimaamadaha beenta ah wada qaba. Subuxii BIG MAC ayaa laga dhargayaa, habeenkiina waxaa laleeyahay Al-Shabab baan taageeraynaa. Waa cajiib walahi To All: I was always amazed by, whenever the Shabab deviants killed innocent cleaning women and used civilians as human shields in Xamar, how their apologists on SOL were quick to justify such actions as colateral damage. They said since the real target of such operations were the TFG forces, "accidents"(i.e murder of innocent women and kids) were fine and dandy. But now, in Hargeisa and Bosaaso(where I'm sure they aint any TFG or AU forces), the questions that beg for an answer are; who were the targets of those attacks? what religion permits suicide bombing? I know damn well, it aint OUR Islam! Islam does not condone fanaticism. Islam forbids cruelty and intolerance. I find this heresy, the shabab goons are so fond of engaging in as stupendously hypocritical. They have distorted the essence of our Holy Prophet's teachings in exchange for the blind following of rabid dogs the likes of Indha-Cade and Abuu Munaafiq himself, Mr Yabarow abu mansoor. Walaalayaal, these shabab extremist dolts have usurped the charisma of a great many Somali youth. They have taken advantage of the weakness of the young and have self-fishly exploited their warm beliefs towards Islam. Through aggressive propaganda--even in the western diaspora-- they have glorified Un-Islamic primitive methods of war to young kids. Oh , did I also mention the money they lure our hungry youth with in Somalia. Walahi, its a shame that Somalia has to lose its best generation(our youth) to such vile harlots of Ibliis. May the curse of Allah(SWT) be on them all and may they all perish in Jahanam like Ibliis. My Somali sisters and brothers: these Shabab louts have become an anal-wart on our fundamental Muslim nature, which I posit, must be REMOVED, surgically if need be. Unlike all the other foreign borne ailments Somalia faces, these fanatics(inspired by Al Qaeda) are a terrible illness that will consume our insides if we do not collectively put an end to them. We MUST all, aggressively, oppose this loathsome pseudo-islamic munaafiq movement called Al-shabab! We must become a barrier against it's odious objectives for our nation. We must ALL work towards Killing this infection of deviancy while it still lingers in the roots and NOT wait for it to spread to other parts of our country. We must stop them from spreading their ruthless terror and bloody violence on our country's citizens. If we want to thwart this threat in Somalia, we should fight it in its embryonic stage. Our duty to our country and posterity is to courageously CRUSH these maggots. The most effective remedy against the brutal insanity of Al-Shabab is to unite and support our current but weak transitional government. The TFG is our best option against those hellhounds who seek political power by sowing the seeds of hatred, intolerance and violence in our country. Wabilaahi Tawfiiq dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  3. Your comments, Mr Xiin, overlook the terrible sitution Somalia is in and the danger posed by this guys you call a "fringe group", and which I like to call deviants. Furthermore, your snarky comments about Duke's alleged "snitching" don't do anything to diminish the fact that you and many others in here have tried, rather clumsily, to side-step the real purpose of this thread, which was and still is, the apparent Munaafiqnimo of Al-Shabab. And by the way, you also said... Originally posted by xiinfaniin: Besides since you dodged BG's qs, you have participated to burry your original points. How can you accuse me of "dodging" anything?--for fcuks sake, I was the one who started this bloody thread. If anyone is guilty of dodging a question; it is the fustilarians who support the deviants. BG, being the main culprit. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic of california
  4. Xiin, That's too bad. I think if you'd stuck to the initial points raised-- on the lead post of this thread-- you might have NOT cared much about this alleged "profession" of the General-- which clearly has unsettled you. Instead of raising cogent arguements against the reasons why I(dhulQarnayn) think the Shabab deviants are hypocrites, you chose to clapper-claw that lumpish excuse of a rebuttal by our resident dunghill, BG. Xiin, sir, I think Duke--being the most impenetratable bulwark of the TFG against all bumbling naysayers on SOL-- is deserving of some respect from you. I believe anyone who opposes the Shabab maggots in Somalia, should be a friend of yours. After all, it is Duke's TFG that Sheikh Shariif(whom you admire) and your so-called peace caravan is headed to. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  5. ^^^Hey yo Xiin: I'd like to know what the big fuss is all about if the good General were to "snitch" on you or not? I mean, you aint got nothing to hide right. By the way, good job to ALL, for hijacking my thread with all this nonsense. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  6. Ngonge Macnamaleh- Adeer, ever heard the saying, "strangth through unity". I and most Puntlanders on SOL wholeheartedly believe in that. So don't try to make something out of nothing in here. The degmooyin of Sool ALL belong to Puntland. Insha-Allah, I'm confident, with a little in-house cleaning we'll sort out our small diffrences in Las Canood and sweep out the trash who've been brainwashed by the moronic secessionist enclave led by retard Riyaale. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  7. ^^^I see you've posted Cade's picture twice so far. We get it dude...masawirkaas barkintaada hoostiisa ayuu kuugu jiraa. So no need to keep plastering the damn thing all over the place. It seems odayga inaad u yeelatay, some homo-erotic attraction. Xaraam Caleyk waryaa. Naga kalayaree shidada...Waxaad isku darsatay support for secessionism, deviancy and now laga roon-nimo. How sad! dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  8. Originally posted by nuune: I got pictures of myself pictured with heads of states and ministers, should I qualify to put phD under my name leen qaboow waaye, hada ka dib waaba camiranaa anigana Saaxiib, the only phD you'd qualify for is a Playa Hater Degree. Quit hating on these dudes. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  9. ^^^Nobody is saying it's a bad idea. Like I mentioned in a different thread, these las Canood guys need to quit prostituting themselves to Puntland and Somaliland simultaneuosly. They should go there own way. After-all its their land and their futures at stake here. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  10. ^^^ I have never seen Gaalkacyo, so don't be quick to tell folks am from there. Seef laboodnah ma ihi, I just want these Sool guys to get motivated. Every Puntlander, including Las Anod folks, knows Cade is a bad leader. That should have atleast given them the green light to LEARN NOT to rely on the incompetent Cade administration. As for the take-over of Gaalkacyo in the 90's by Aideed-- it was righteoous for all Puntlanders to repel that attack. But in the case of Las Anod today, it aint like Riyale's men are the dominant force there; it's Xaabsade and his goons who all sadly hail from Sool too. So all am saying is that, we would gladly b*tch Slap any secessionist dullards in Las Anood, but we all know that, they just aint the ones who captured the place for Riyaale. It was our own turn-coat brethren who did that. And thats why, Puntland should NOT fight Xaabsade's men who're unlike Riyaale, are our kinsmen. I'm sure the day a considerable force from Hargeisa sets foot in Las Anod, all Puntlanders will unite to thwart such efforts. But until then, I urge all reer LA folks to find an amicable solution to their local differences. Fix the problem that caused Xaabsade and a large group of his followers to do what they did to their hometown for a retard like Riyaale. Wibaliahi Tawfiiq. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California ....................../---------------------------------------/ ..................../........................................................../ ................../...............__ /__........... ................/ ................/................. /..../............................/ ............. /..................../__/_.................../ (__/).../........................../.........................../ (='.'=)/------------------------------------------/ (")_(") ....../ ..../
  11. Alla jecliyaa jabka munaafiqiinta cimaamada beenta ah xirta... ******************************************* Maliishiyada Jaale indhacade oo jab xun loogu geystay dagaal ay maanta shabeelaha hoose kula galeen kuwa Islaam-leyska ee shabaabiyiinta.{Labadii xaq darro ku heshiisa xaq bay ku dirirtaa}. Dhowr deegaan oo ka tirsan gobalka Shabeelaha hoose ayaa maanta waxaa dagaalo aad u qaraari ay ku dhex mareen maliishiyada shabaabiyiinta iyo kuwa Jaale Indhacadde waxaana dagaalkaas oo faraha looga gubtay uu khasaare xoogani kasoo gaadhey labada dhinac inkastoo jabkii ugu xumaa maanta loo geystay maliishiyada Jaale Indhacade. Dagaalka ayaa kusoo beegmaya iyadoo dhawaanahanba uu sii xoogeysanayay khilaafka u dhexeeya Jaale Indhacade iyo shabaabiyiinta. Dagaalka ayaa markii hore ka bilaabmay qoryooley iyo deegaano kale waxaana uu kadib ku faafay dhul aad u balaadhan iyadoo haatan duleedka degmada marka ay labada dhinac ku dagaalamayaan, kadib markii maliishiyada jaale indhacade lagasoo sifeeyay inta badan meelihii ay gacanta ku hayeen. Soomaalidu waxaa ay tiraahdaa "Labadii xaq darro ku heshiisa xaq bay ku diriraan", waxaana maanta la dareemi karayaa sida uu xaqu isugu diray labadan dhinac oo horay ugu heshiiyay leynta aqoonyahanada, saraakiisha, saxafiyiinta iyo shaqaalaha gargaarka ee usoo gurmaday in ay shacbaka Soomaaliyeed ee tabaaleytsan wax taraan. Dagaalada oo haatan ka soconaya inta u dhexeysa ceel Jacel iyo marka oo wax badan isu jirin wixii kusoo kordha goor kasta waxaa uu-- dhulQarnayn-- balanqaadeyaa aqristeyaasha-- SOL-- in uu usoo gudbin doono. ************************************************* dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  12. Originally posted by Protocol: Dhulqarynanyn Sxb, that's not the way to handle this. Las Canood is part of puntland, puntland was formed by all puntlanders from all the different regions(SSC included). There are some selfish warlords in LA who were bought by SL, and I'm sure majority of LA residents don't want to have anything to do with somaliland. Walaale, don't get me wrong. I agree 100% that las anod is a Puntland city. I just think, the natives of that city should do more to liberate themselves from those monkeys. It's been more than a year since that city fell. Tell me why on earth, did they wait for the venal Cade administration to do the job for them, when he even refused to pay the salaries of the police, let alone liberate a city. If anyone in here is from Las Anod, we will help, but we expect your lazy butts to do all the heavy lifting. After all, it your hood. You must be willing to pay the greatest price to chase those troglodytes out. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  13. Horta anigu, weligay runta kama xishoon. So don't you dare try to apologise for daciifnimada dadkaas. The jaded secessionists claim Sanaag and eastern Bari aswell, but we all know they do not have the cuevos to mess with those provinces. Why? because the locals of Maakhir will not tolerate such nonsense. Puntland is a state that was formed by the people of that current state Yes. But we all know that a great number of Sool natives were corrupted by Riyaale. So until, y'all get your act together, please don't expect us to take sides in a family affair. Lets just even say Las Anod was to fend for itself, what happens if those crazy ikhwaans take over Bosaso or southerners take northern galkacyo, or these Somalilanders take a portion of Garowe because that is would happen should these colonial borders you are recently fond are implemented. Runta aan isku sheegno. The only weaklings the secessionists are able to force their warped vision on, are the people of las anod. And if ever some 'crazy ikhwaan' were take over Garowe, bosaso or galkacyo--Am sure they aint gonna be from other parts of Somalia, but instead OUR own local crazy ikhwaans...kapish! dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  14. ^^^Saaxiib, Keep the good news coming. I would like to see sheikh Sharif become our next PRIME MINISTER-- The naysayers can all rot in hell for all I care-- and deliver the long awaited goods on that bloody caravan of yours. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  15. ^^^LOL@Kool_Kat, Don't be a DREAM-KILLER abaayo... Nimankaan ka tartiibi oo hakaa riyoodaan ee. Dad marqaan iyo riyo isku darsaday baad rabtaa inaad ka jabjabisid...see wax kaa yihiin qofta? dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  16. ^^^Fulay baad tahay waryaa...Jihaadka si fiican wa ina looga qeyb qaato, mise ONLY being a cyber "mujaahid" will suffice for you and your co-hearts on SOL? dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  17. ^^^ Personally, I don't see what the big fuss is all about in Las Anod. The secessionist control of that city is ONLY possible because the people who own it are simply a bunch of namby-pambies, who refuse to take responsibility for their own problems. Puntland should resist the temptation to invest anymore blood and treasure, to liberate Las Anod from the secessionist troglodytes who have illegally occupied it... Reer las caanod meeshey rabaan nimankaan reer waqooyiga ah, ha kala dhacaan. Iyagaa dhaciif ah oo dhulkoodi laga qabsaday. From now onwards, we should prevent their territories from becoming an object of contention between Puntland and Somaliland. I believe they should take full responsibility for their own destiny. If this comes to pass, I'm sure it will stimie the desires of the corrupt leadership's of Puntland&Somaliland, to foment ill-will between the citizens of the two regions, and thereby promote an excuse for their self-centered nefarious plans. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California p.s Reer Las Canood Please, don't take this the wrong way. I just want y'all to take full ownership of your local problems-- that's all!
  18. LOL@ puntites! As for Cade-- he has every right to stand for re-election, if he so wishes. The question however is, are the folks in Puntland dumb enough to have him again as head of state? dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  19. YES WE CAN and YES WE DID! dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  20. ^^^Walaale, it's only a matter of time before the few Somalis who support the deviants slowly realise that Al-Shabab aint just a threat to Somali politics, but a threat to our very basic essence-- Our faith in Allah(SWT) and the message brought to us by our Rasool(pbuh). dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  21. To Red Sea: I hope you remember when I said the following on this thread . Originally posted by dhulQarnayn: The people of Xamar have kicked out the Askar-Jinni that worked for the Shabab deviants. Woe to Riyaale's secessionist clique. Bet yo a$$es these guys will return home to Hargeisa with their newly acquired bomb making skills. I don't think your coveted marfashyo will no longer be safe zones for marqaan iyo xidigaha anymore! aad baan ugu walwalsanahay for northern amigos JB&Co . Looking back on that exchange, I was really saddened by my prescience. I just hope more should have been done to prevent the radicalization of the people of the north. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  22. ^^^ Nobody give a flying a-hole, if nobody buys what "we" are saying about Hargeisa. So whats you point cretin? dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  23. ^^^Wax xun baad afkayga ka raadinaysaa ee, nacnacda iigala tag, alwaaxyahow qaabka daran. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  24. Originally posted by Emperor: ^Riyaale is a bafoon, an ed1ot, so whats your problem. Walaale, Don't pay attention to africa's own trogdolyte. I don't think Puntland nor Somaliland are his concern. He just wants to forment an arguement. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  25. Ilaahay ha u naxariisto dadka masaakiinta ah u wax ku noqday qaraxa. dhulQarnayn Republic Of California