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  1. I don't think the FBI has anything to do with this investigation, if there is one. Constitutionally, the FBI has always been handicapped by it US-only jurisdiction. So if anyone is looking into those terrorist attacks, I believe it is the CIA, using the more respected FBI name as a cover-- just like they did when they investigated the attacks on the east africa embassies. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  2. Originally posted by nuune: Dhulqarneyn, Salla Calaa Nabi. Salla'lahu alaihi wa sallam dhulQarnayn
  3. Originally posted by Redy: Guushana ogow Xabashi dulmi wadaa ilaahay masiinayo umana quudho.guusha waxaa iska leh dadka xalaasha ah Red, I had to ask...what if both of them guusha ilaahay haduuna siin. Waayo Xabashi kufaar weeye, kuwaanah waa munaafiqiin ee. Saasna soo masuurtoobi karto. Walaale adigu waxaad ka mid tahay dad badan oo masaakiin ah oo la duufsaday oo dad aan diintu dhab ka ahayn ey isticmaalayaan. Marka anigu Xabash waan ogaa Soomaliya inuu joogeen. Laakin waran hadii markey baxaan, ey runta nimankaan aad taageeraysid ey soo baxdu, oo ey munaafiqnimadooda ey ka darnaato gaaladaan? Maxaa talo markaas kuu noqon doonto? dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  4. Originally posted by Redy: Dhuqarnayn, I can swear on Allah that the resistance will prevail. Stop the presses right there! You say you can swear they will succeed. Then do it. How sad of you to think Allah(SWT) will give victory to people who have turned against Allah's wishes every step they've taken so far. So go ahead SWEAR IT! dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  5. ^^^Thanks for the concern saaxiib. But Al-Shabab will destroy itself sooner or later. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  6. ^^^I think with this last one you have crossed the line. Hadaad sheekada aad rabtid inaad ka dhigtid saan. Gadaal ha ka cabaadin markaan kuula soo baxo my caano boore bozooka. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  7. Yes ofcourse. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  8. What war? The only conflict I'm aware of is between the deviant children of the devil, Al-Shabab. Now, are you refusing the beef between them? dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  9. “The fate and destiny will depend on our deeds; but to be docile is merely dangerous” Jama Deef 2008 As we recover slowly from the bewilderness that accompanied our joy at the sheer enormity of what was about to unfold before us, we witness the new dawn that has begun for humanity. History indeed, but above all the symbolic meaning this “barakamania” has become to represent, is something worth cherishing, it shows us that change is possible. It is a message I trust, to the Somali pessimists, who their inherited learned helplessness and negativity from our past have characterised not only our politics but generally our life outlook. Empowered by these events, I have been thinking about all that has been achieved in Puntland and what needs to be done. By choosing peace over war, Puntland has already shown a commitment to life for all over death. They have also attempted, albeit imperfect, some sort of governance and democratisation. Of course these are difficult concepts that other nations, have achieved with centuries long trials and errors. In Puntland, there have been some obstacles in both conceptual and practical levels, which produced muddled results and even in sometimes a total departure from the cause. I believe the problem lied all along in our insistence to use a blend of a dictatorship style of governance based on qabiil and democracy. Since I endorsed the charismatic presidential candidate, our own Obama, Nuridin Dirie, the storm was high. The loyalists have employed every trick in the book knowingly or not, urging me to conform to the demands of this Centuries Old dictator called “Qabiil”. The justifications being that this is how things are in our country – everyone should stick to his/ her own. Reminding me of the old - jahiliat times, when the Arabs justified their resistance to Islam by saying “haadaa maa kaana calayhi abaa unaa – meaning we are born to our ways of life”. Simply to be different called for me accusations of being (a little girl, a utopian, being detached from reality, and even an alien). Somalia has seen successive powers that wished ill on her like Turks, Portuguese, British, Italian, French and so on. Although we managed to rid ourselves from them all, we stand captive to qabiil. A dictator is being an absolutist. So is “Qabiil”, it is the only thing that assumes an absolute power over our intellect, and is certainly obeyed unchallenged. All our social and cultural structures prepare us to think, to talk, and to walk in a world that serves its purposes. This menace creeps into our thoughts when we converse with others and convinces us that the other, a brother that looks and sounds like I do, for instance is the enemy or the inferior. It dictates our socialisation patterns and our choice of friends and colleagues. Qabiil, I believe makes the justifications for our actions sound even worst than the guilt itself, yet we comply. It makes us make number of wrong assumptions about the world. Qabiil also prescribe the actions of those who are trying to combat its influence, they too make wrong assertions: they think that to oppose qabiil is to disassociate themselves with their own. I have been told that the reality in Puntland today, is that angry “qabiils” are preparing for war, including my own. I also heard that these groups have suffered from injustices and that the current regime has allowed the channeling of the wealth of Puntland to the benefit of the few. As if this validates the fact that, what we are preparing for, if that is to be the case, is removing unjust practice by installing another that would obviously go about its business in very much the same way. My question is; does two wrongs make right? I am really astonished at the excessive powers this dictator “Qabiil” has enjoyed so far. I very much wonder how could a nation that calls itself 100% Muslim, managed to cling on to this pagan culture which not only contradicts the spirit of the century, but is fundamentally incompatible with the principals of the believers. Worst still is the fact that instead of dwindling, it is getting stronger, more solid, deep rooted, and accepted as part of life. Of course it has to become part of life because it is official and institutionalised. Our half hearted attempts with democracy in Puntland, also indicates the misconceptions that surrounds its translation to practice. Before I attempt explaining what I mean of a democratic system, I would like to clarify on the outset its relationship with dictatorship. These two systems are certainly fierce enemies, and they have evidently fought each other uncompromisingly throughout history. The concept of democracy is more than a simple voting system. To begun with, it requires that we seek understanding to how are we citizens; do we have the sense of belonging to where we live; do we share core values with the rest of the inhabitants such as the understanding that for instance, my personal and qabiil survivals are intertwined with the survival of the collective; and above all do we have the conviction that in order for the individual to live, he/ she must allow others to live. These are questions that form the fundamentals of a democratic system (i.e. a system that guarantees equality, justice, and freedoms). Democracy also requires individuals that believe that others have equal rights and equal access to justice and resources as them. There are no half measures in our pursuit of democracy, it is whether we have freedoms, justice and equality for all that are guaranteed by the constitution of the land or we have not. As soon as we have oppressors and the oppressed as in the case of qabiil dictatorship, we will not have sense of ownership over where we live. The injustices that we are complacent about were made possible because we stand divided along qabiil lines. As a result we fail to see that Puntland belongs to us as well as those in power. We have deprived ourselves from the right to talk, or protest out of fear or because we believe that our views are not of any value and as such suffer from a self inflicted terrorism. We simply fail to see that we are the power that feeds the continuation of injustice by choosing being docile, silent and withdrawing to the phony protection of our qabiil. Falling back on Qabiil is not the way forward. To be fair, our journey to a cultural revolution has begun long ago. Nevertheless our experiences with democracy and governance have been flimsy and mystifying for both the governed and the government as they stand both powerless and perplexed. The government is powerless in seeking legitimacy from its citizens, and the governed has found it difficult to accept the government as their own. Indeed, the first taste of a democratic revolution was when the people demonstrated against the money counterfeit. This was the first time that the people saw themselves as the governed and attempted to show peacefully their discontent with the way things were. Unfortunately their hopes were crashed by the police’s use of Chinese style violence against the very people it meant to protect. The government didn’t stop there but continued to promote, consciously or not, these reactions as the rebellion of certain “qabiils” and by so doing succeeded in dividing the people even further. Old wounds serviced and it was possible to break the will of the people by awaking the dictator in their minds and hearts. Suddenly the people who came together saw each other as the enemies. To me though, I still cherish that moment, in fact, I believe that we ought to erect monuments in the middle of Bosaaso for those who died, the first ever martyrs of democracy in Puntland. The government also cannot be blamed, because even though they are the government, the leadership cannot escape from the fact that they were “qabiil” revolting against what they perceived at the time “qabiil” dictatorship. The conflict of interest between this backdrop and the interest of the population is apparent. This centuries old dictator that willingly takes over our lives allowed the “xoog culture” to floorish in Puntland and beyond. As a result we have had so far rotations of injustices. Each “qabiil” that feels alienated takes up arms and pursues the submission of people against their will. We are told that those individuals who embark on such acts are mad, have no shame, or they are pure criminals. These are all justifications, after all it is the environment of mistrust made possible by the dictator in our mind, that these madness breeds in. “Qabiil” is the single largest enemy that faces us. It creates a sea of confusion and does not enable people to differentiate rights from wrongs. In a normal situation, one would expect that the mad is sanctioned, the shameless is judged by the “xeer”, and the pure criminal is jailed. Any of these actions sound more right and sensible than the fact that these individuals are allowed to govern. This dictator is settled and it is also in our minds. The first jihad that we should embark on, therefore should be the Jihad of the self. If such logic continues we will always be under the mercy of the gun, not Allah. The good people of Puntland and of every qabiil should come and stand together knowing that they all have an interest in so doing. There shouldn’t be a conflict between who our ancestors are and our rights as citizens. Indeed, the pride and the aspiration of our forefathers should be the tie that brings our destiny together, not the one that divides us. The “qabiil blindness” I called for, is seeking independence from its influence. It is about not making our decisions on the basis of kinship and that in terms of selection, we should not prefer one person over the other based on their relations to us. Nevertheless reverse racism is equally not the pursuant goal. Members of your qabiil should be treated as equal to others and vice versus. Neither should the quantity of our qabiil matter, only the quality of our deeds should distinguish us. It is certainly tempting to continue with a system that makes us feel better, greater or superior to others. However, these practices make us vulnerable and it is the condition by which the bitter division of our nation was made possible. Today with the dangers of extremism looming on us, our existence is at stake. This calls not only for the unity of Puntlanders, but also, to come together with Somaliland in order to mend our relationships and change it to one of mutual respect and collaboration. The recent acts of violence that we have experienced mark the imminent death of a dictator called “qabiil” and we have to be serious about eradicating it by raising awareness about citizenship. Who got there before the other, who is more than the other are not the issues that will give us the strength to face the wind. The land belongs to all, to those Somalis who chose to make Puntland their home. As we are coming closer to divisive moments of our history through election, I would also call for all the candidates to stop hiding behind their qabiils. And come forward to convince us, the people, as to why they should be elected. Someone who cannot rely on his deeds and qualifications in order to persuade the people, is not someone to be trusted. As for us, we do know what we want, we want a government for all, with a forward looking agenda that brings us together, that can take us out of uncertainty and into the 21st century. For the love of God and country. by Warsan Cismaan Saalax Cabdikariim ************************************************** ** I found this article very compelling and thought I'd share it with my fellow Puntlanders. This election season we must do our outmost to overcome ALL the "us" Vs "them" mentality. Strength through Unity! dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  10. ^^^Then you have NOTHING to worry about my good old deviant-supporter buddy, is there? I know you're more inclined to believe a source unless of course the source is coming from a deviant mouthpiece, then you assume it's a lie. Gotcha. What else is new? dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  11. For those not terrified by reality, more good news about the conflict between the munaafiqiin... ************************************************** ***** Maliishiyada ururka maxkamadaha iyo kuwa Jaale Indhacade oo ku dagaalamay Deegaanka Ceelasha biyaha. Ugu yaraantii 4 ruux ayaa ku geeriyootay tiro intaa ka badana waa ay ku dhaawacmeen dagaal galabta deegaanka ceelasha biyaha ku dhex marray maliishiyada ururka maxkamadaha iyo kuwii Jaale Indhacade ee lagasoo ceriyay degmada Marka. Dadka dhaawacmay iyo kuwa dhintayba waxaa sida la xaqiijiyay ay ka tirsanaayeen maliishiyadii Jaale Indhacade,walina si dhab ah looma ogaanin sababta keentay dagaalka dhex maray labadan dhinac. Deegaanka Ceelasha biyaha ayaa haatan waxaa ka jirta xaalad kacsanaan leh waxaana laga baqo qabaa in saacad kasta oo inasoo aadan labada maliishiyo uu mar kale dagaal dhex maro. Iska hor imaadkan ayaa intii uu socday waxaa uu saameyn ku yeeshay isusocodka dadweynaha iyo dhaq dhaqaaqa ganacsiga ee deegaankan. ************************************************* ****** dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  12. Originally posted by Nephthys: Ethiopia waa walaalkeen, saaxiibkeen, dadkeenii, waanu jecelnahay oo soo dhawaynaynaaa, aroosyada & welcome partygada ay axmaaro nooga haysaysaa, cadawgaan ku xumaynaynaa. Waxaa ka dambeesay.. quote: Ethiopia's true objective is to keep the deviants strong enough to always pose a threat to the TFG-- thus preventing it from ever getting anything worthwhile done Ayyyyy! Addeero waa Bruce Lee, washamsi uu karate ugu cayaaraa Somali oo dhan. Waxaa ka dambeesay.. He CANNOT, fix Somalia's problems all by himself War iga jeesta jeesta aan qoslee, ilkahayga cad cad hayga cawrineee..! . Allaa maxaa ka joog la idin yiri! [ November 17, 2008, 01:48 PM: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
  13. ^^^And since when is Allah(SWT)judgement a thing to compete for against others. Saaxiib, don't ever forget that on Judgement day, your OWN deeds ARE your biggest concern. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  14. I follow the mainstream Ahlul Sunnah of the Salaf, which is against declaring takfir/killing government officials on people and the manhaj of Osama Bin Laden. What a laugh! I have said this before and I'll say it again. The depth and breadth of your ignorance is very impressive. But I also have to give you credit for backtracking on your support for the fake cimaamad wearing deviants of Somalia. There IS hope for you after-all, unlike some unapologetic deviant fanny-kissers on this thread. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  15. Originally posted by B_G: ^^Yes, but a significant portion of the SOmali Population do not see taking part in the resistance in Somalia as a criminal offense, although it is probably a criminal offense in certain Western countries. Over-hearing some dudes wanting to blow up a subway or clear knowing that there is terror plot is not the same as a grown man going to SOmalia to participate in a which he sees as legitimate and right. I would definitely inform the inform the authorities on the former, but the latter wouldn't be my shaqo/job, lest I had certain evidence that these men were going to blow up innocents, which is most probably not the case, as most are(probably) going to resist Ethiopian forces. I know many people are scared to say that, but that is the situation. Secondly, of course, he who has nothing to hide need not feel any fear.However, we know that the draconian anti-terror measures have detained innocent people for large periods of time, jailed people for minor offenses with litle evidence, thus opportunistic people will seek to exploit the tense situation. What applies theoritically, that is everyone is equal and entitled to a fair case, doesn't always occur in realiyu, especially int the current climate. Lastly, in any case the reliablity and motiviations of the witness, ie those that bring forth the case, must be scrutinized. In this case, the politics section of SOL is enough to give a little hint, as to the motivations behind the sudden descent of morality and heroic attempts at saving crying mothers, from certain folks : To BG: Your comments do nothing to diminish the fact that Al-Shabab are a bunch of munaafiq terrorists who have attempted to hijack our good faith, to recklessly spill the blood of many innocent(i.e non-TFG) Somalis. So just fess up fully to the charges man, and admit you're wrong to support deviants who murder innocents. Now as for the issue of reporting, a.k.a "snitching", your butt to the police for such irrational support--I am very much against. You have every right to sympathize with heretics in Somalia if you so choose. But as long as arintu ay tahay, fadhi ku dirirnimo, and you're NOT--with unswerving devotion-- providing Al-Shabab the bombs they use to kill innocents, then you are AIGHT by me. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  16. the TFG can do no wrong Let's be fair here, no one ever said the TFG was infallible. If the TFG had achieved an iota of solidarity in it's ranks, then all this nonsense in Nairobi and Addis could have been effectively averted. the president is marvellous No. While el Presidente has had his fair share of mistakes, he isn't the only one. Virtually every other politician in the TFG holds some level of blame for the current mess it's in. the rag tags will be crushed by Ethiopia and all will be rosy thereafter Well that would be true if Ethiopia's real intention was to crush the deviants. Alas, Ethiopia's true objective is to keep the deviants strong enough to always pose a threat to the TFG-- thus preventing it from ever getting anything worthwhile done-- but weak enough to ever muster up the support needed to unite Somalis behind it's political objectives. The principle of the TFG supporters on here, in most cases, is to simply support and cheer for one old man in the TFG>hoping that he will crush all before him and miraclously bring SOmali out it's misery The old man has earned his respect from most of his supporters, but he will NOT, and CANNOT, fix Somalia's problems all by himself. Neither will the numskulls who senselessly contradict his leadership and blame him for everything that went wrong with Somalis and Somalia in general. For godness sake, even the Ethiopians have realised these couldn't run a Zoo What you fail to see is that, Ethiopia actually wants the animals in the Zoo to fight over each others respective enclosures. And its so far working just fine for them. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  17. Originally posted by NGONGE: ^^ Two minutes keeping you from creating more mischief elsewhere. My job is done, Milky Bar Kid. "Mischief"? I think I have far too much competition from all the deviant apologists on SOL. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  18. ^^^ Sorry to butt in once again... <> Duke da snitch & Xiin tha terrorist are both Somali brothers. Ergo, kinsmen. Aint that El General? You guys, iska kala wareejiya bahasha. Xiin tell us more about the Caravan and Duke whats the latest on the TFG saaxiib? dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  19. NGONGE: Our valiant warriors defeated the tyrant's army. We were going to claim our land and dignity back. We were going to return our country to its former glory with peace, equality and justice. But then our leaders had a squabble and each group broke down into several different militias. Come to think of it now, we were not really that united to start with. Now the militias broke into even more fragments. The age of the warlord was here! But those in the far north decided to cut loose and declare their own state. How treacherous. There were at least five warring groups that kept on multiplying and now we did not know how many groups were there. They divided the loot amongst themselves and ruled their areas with iron fists. Some of the players from the olden days were still there but were fading rapidly. Despite the carnage and confusion in the entire country, the most noise was emanating from the capital. Warlords sprang out like wild mushrooms. They had the funniest names and all swore their undying love for the dying country. The world tried to intervene but was repelled and sent packing with the added insult of corpses being dragged around the streets. A new entity was established further north. Unlike the one before it, this one swore it is still part of the original land and was only here to keep the peaceful parts in trust until the motherland was back on its feet. The snowball of madness kept on rolling and getting bigger and bigger by the day. Like Penelope's suitors, the warlords were stripping the country from all that was good. An Islamic group appeared in the new entity and tried to establish its power. It was defeated by our very own odysseus. People thought him an average warlord and never paid him the respect his political astuteness deserved. Meanwhile, the various reconciliatory meetings continued in far off lands. A president was elected! Salvation was finally here. Some warlords rejected him and others merely paid him lip service. The snowball kept on rolling. Neighbouring countries and others with a stake in the final outcome kept on interfering. The land of a million madmen produced yet more warlords. Odysseus sent his troops to a dusty town and challenged the secessionists. They huffed, they puffed but they let things be. The reconciliation meetings carried on. The neighbouring countries continued their interference. Lots were drawn, lotteries were arranged and Odysseus came out on top. A new president was elected! Salvation was finally here. He picked a young, intelligent, neutral, untainted by the blood of millions Prime Minster. People danced in the streets. Warlords hugged warlords. The secessionists stuck two fingers up at all and sulked in their corner. They were ignored by all. Odysseus was going to fix this broken glass. He gave the warlords ministerial jobs. He instituted a parliament in exile. But the acid test was all about setting foot in the great old Villa. Could he ever do it? His new group of minsters suddenly had new foes. A group of Mullahs that were previously ignored and dismissed as men of god suddenly became men of war. There were mutterings about the CIA and terrorist groups. The warlords took a gamble and lost. The Mullahs became the Islamic Courts Union! Drunk with the joy of power and supremacy, they challenged Odysseus! Several reconciliation meetings failed. The Mullahs had god in their side and were not going to give up power. They boasted of their strength. They boasted of their numbers. They claimed the whole nation was on their side. But, more importantly, they bragged about god (again) being on their side. They overextended themselves and challenged a powerful neighbour. They made claims and questioned counter claims. Things came to a boil; the neighbour was given a chance to physically interfere. Odysseus won. The Mullahs were no more. He entered the sacred Villa. Salvation was finally here. The situation became very stale. Unlike in the past, this time the fighting had only two sides. On one hand there were the defeated Mullahs and their fans and on the other there was Odysseus and his neighbouring supporters. You were either with them or against them. But the land of the million mad men does not do two sides. The leaders of the Mullahs went to the enemies of the invading neighbour and sipped Ethiopian coffee as they dreamed of a way out of their predicament. The old warlords were split between the two sides. The plot thickened. Then a hero came along with a caravan to jump on and we cast our fears aside and we knew we could survive. But he had no control over the resistance. A new group appeared out of nowhere with the aim to liberate the country from the dirty clutches of the infidel invader. They could not use the Islamic excuse alone this time. They had to have a better selling point. They called themselves the young ones. The young ones, darling we're the young ones. And young ones shouldn't be afraid, so the song goes. They fought, they bombed and the harassed the enemy. They burned; accidently killed innocents and they recruited. They were young, they were full of life and they were not afraid. The Americans woke up from their slumber and sent a few random bombs. Some of the leaders of the young ones (who in actual fact were older than pharaoh himself) were killed. But the young ones were never afraid. Meanwhile, the hero and his companions finished their coffee and decided to end this ridicules charade. After countless loss of life, after endless threats and disagreements and after foolish decisions, they finally realised the only way to fix the dying country was to sit with Odysseus and thrash out a deal! Political genius at its best. The young ones and their ancient leaders rejected such abject surrender and vowed to go it alone. Amongst all this drama Odysseus found himself cornered, lost and confused. He had already sacked his young, intelligent, neutral and untainted by the blood of millions Prime Minster. For he (the Prime Minster) was said to be old, foolish, partisan and a corrupt man who was responsible for the deaths of thousands. A white knight in shining armour was chosen as Prime Minster. He too was said to be a good man, a neutral man untainted by the blood of millions. Salvation was finally here. But the young ones would not let it be. They declared everyone who was not on their side as persona non grata. They were going to liberate the land and resurrect the long awaited Islamic nation. They were young, full of impossible dreams and the energy to realise these dreams. They spread around the country like wild fire and started to win back towns one by one. Odysseus stood and watched silently. Could he have given up or has he got another Trojan horse up his sleeve? The prize is slipping away from him. He stands to lose the sacred villa, but, more importantly, he stands to lose fair Penelope. What will his next move be? His foes are gaining strength by the day and are even recruiting fighters from far off lands. As a demonstration of their newfound strength it is said they were behind the attacks on the secessionist north. Who, by the way, and we only mention it here to display the waning power of Odysseus and his fans, have finally reclaimed that dusty town they lost all those months ago. However, it is not all song and dance for that entity either. They got bombed. They had their election registrations disrupted and they are facing secession within secession in the form of Makhirland. Such is the story of the land with a million madmen but as the hero keeps on telling anyone that will listen, salvation will finally come. Ngonge: Thanks for wasting two minutes of my time that I'll never get back--Stuff iyo Caano boore waaxid! dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  20. Cerigaabo city is 100% Somali. Cut this division nonsense. It's time SOLers worked more on what unites us than what divides us. This "US" against "THEM" mentality is so old school. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of Somalia
  21. ^^^Too late now! Mr Xiin has been knocked the f*ck out. Waryaa Duke odayga kawareeji. Mise waxaad rabtaa qoor sagaaro inaan kugu aamusiyo But for the real though-- enough with this cyber cat fight between the two of you. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  22. ^^^War waxaan ma waalanyahay. So if Al-Shabab were not behind the deaths of innocents in Hargeisa and bosaso--then who did it? I hope you dont think those people magically combusted on their own, right? Please tell me that, that aint want you think. I've always said that you came across as a little under-medicated, but this is insanity saaxiib. Waryaa Red Sea, read my lips. Suicide bombs in Somalia are a trademark of the Shabab dogs!!! THIS AINT ABOUT THE TFG OR EVEN THE ETHIOPIANS. The shabab deviants have murdered your innocent cousins in Hargeisa. War miyaada dhiiglaheyn--snap out of it, o.k! Trust me Red Sea, you wont loose an inch of ground on SOL to TFG supporters like Duke and I, if you admit this one fact: That Al-Shabab are merciless bunch heretics who have murdered Red Sea's Eedooyin and Adeero. Come on! You can do it--Say it! dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  23. ^^^Insha-Allah, waa dhow riyada aad ku jirtay oo ah wax baanu dharbaaxnay waad ka kici doonta, laclacyahow munaafiq taageerka ah. Also labadeyna, keeni la dharbaaxeeyey waaba la arki doona ee, orod oo beenta aad soo akhrisatay meesha kalatag. Waxaana kuugula talin lahaa-- kitaabka aad soo sawiratay inaad ku dhaqantid oo aad tuugadaan shabaabka labaxay oo malin walba dadka masaakiinta miinada ku qarxinaya taageeradooda aad joojisid. Wabilaahi tawfiiq! dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California