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  1. Originally posted by Elysian: Where do you suggest to draw the line for which treatments/interference medicine would be allowed? ^^The million dollar question. And it has a million answers. The first step to solving a problem is asking the right question. Maybe the question isn't "where to draw the line" but who should decide where to draw the line. Some people will tell you that God should decide and others that the State should decide and others will say skilled professionals and doctors. I think the best place for the decision is the consumer (or patient). If someone wants to have a RFID implanted in him; let him... do whatever, it's your body. but when the government wants to implant them in it's citizens, then we start running into problems. But then again, what about forced drug use... as in vaccines. Governments force people to use vaccines to protect the population against disease, why shouldn't they be allowed to force people to have RFID chips implanted to protect us against crime?
  2. Shot! I missed it! Whens the next one? When do they hold the puntland independence party, maybe I'll be able to make it to that one.
  3. How do you start a conversation with the hot girl across the room? Well, according to scientific research the best way is to go up to her and grab her ***. http://calsun.canoe.ca/News/Columnists/Lautens_Stephen/2007/05/19/4192447.html Women rubbed the right way By STEPHEN LAUTENS When you've been married for more than 15 years, you sort of lose touch with the dating scene. Or at least you should be out of touch with the dating scene. If you're still dating after being married for 15 years, I know a couple of good divorce lawyers who would love to speak to you -- at $300 an hour. Back in my dating years I, of course, considered myself pretty smooth -- but then again I have yet to meet a man who doesn't think he is. My style was sincere, funny and respectful, which I hoped made me stand out from the other guys in the room who were crude, rude and grabby. It turns out, I had it all wrong, at least according to a new survey conducted by a medical resident at Queen's University, Kingston. Jonathan Huber surveyed 143 women in clubs between the ages of 18 and 28 about what works when a man is trying to get their attention at a bar. While most women in the survey said they preferred a man introduce himself and start a conversation when they first meet, about 30% said "grinding" is an acceptable way to pick someone up. "Grinding" is exactly what it sounds like -- a man introduces himself to a strange woman by coming up behind her on the dance floor and rubbing his pelvis against her. In case you think this is a bit exaggerated, 84% of the women in the survey say this is how they have personally experienced new men introducing themselves. And to think I wasted all that money on business cards. Just in case you think this is a man thing somehow coded in our leftover male monkey DNA, a little less than half the women surveyed said they, too, first introduced themselves to men at a bar by rubbing a man's behind. Back in the day, I do recall once having my butt pinched by a woman on a dance floor, but the contact was brief and to the point, and over so fast it left me wondering if I had imagined it. Compared to grinding, a pinch now seems to almost qualify as witty conversation. Another startling finding in the survey is 3.5% of the women asked said touching their breasts was an "acceptable alternative to hello". Now, 3.5% is not very high, but if you're in a bar with 200 women, that means statistically somewhere there are seven of them who will let you shake more than their hands when you introduce yourself. Of course, the secret is always figuring out which ones they are. Is this just sour grapes from someone who has been thrown clear of the dating scene? You bet. Dating in what was considered the sexually liberated late '70s and early '80s is going to seem like going to a party to waltz to my grandchildren. I can see that as a magical moment a modern couple's golden wedding anniversary celebration, as they tell the grandchildren how they first met: "Your grandfather, the old romantic, had just finished grinding his way down all the other women at the bar, but when he ground his pelvis into my behind, sparks flew and I knew it was something special. He never was much of a talker, but boy could he sneak up behind you on a crowded dance floor and start polishing the Captain's Quarters."
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    Originally posted by LayZieGirl: Pistons didn't bring pistons basketball, but like I said before 4-2, pistons will close it out in chi-town. Don't start to doubt the pistons, they were the same team who smoothly closed out magic 4-0 and went 3-0 on bulls easily, so for you to start questioning them now, that just tells me how little you know. you're right about the pistons not playing at their level, the fact is if they are to come ahead at the end of this when they face SA in the finals, they'r going to have to play consistently, and the win that they GAVE to the bulls shows how inconsistent and prone to disfunction the pistons can be.
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    could the bulls win the whole series? ar xaa pistoniska ku dhacay??
  6. Originally posted by Ebyan: ^ People misuse qabil. Yeah, they misuse qabil like... like crack heads misuse crack-cocaine
  7. Dugsi ma leh qabyaaladi waxay dumiso mooyaane
  8. Dugsi ma leh qabyaaladi waxay dumiso mooyaane
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    OMG! Last night Bull v. Pistons. There is only one way to describe that game: Domination! The bulls just fail apart. To have your home team fans booing must be the most demoralizing thing a player can endure.
  10. the religion anyone of us practices is going to come to him or her by way of someone else so there is always room for errors. among the muslims you find such a wide differences and contradictions. am sure there are groups that can convincingly argue that women and men are equal is all ways. it would be interesting if someone can post here a believe or idea that was widely held by muslims in the past that's considered to be blasphemes now. also, if those two hadiths about women were to be views as lacking, what would that mean for other hadiths found in similar sources? naden, you made the point that some people may gain benefit from perpetuating believe in these hediths; its a fact that powers that be invest greatly to influence the believes people hold and I can see why some may seek to preempt the possibility of a woman gaining authority by claiming that its unislamic. but that claim that ‘special interests’ push certain believes can be put forth regarding any believe.
  11. Originally posted by Elysian: As long as the medication, treatment, implantation does not alter the individuals’ personality I don't see what the problem is? It’s interesting that you mention medication in this context. When I think of a cyborgs I think of mechanical modifications to the body. At this point mechanical modifications to the body are for the most part limited to prosthetics, discs, cosmetic implants and such. They have little or no direct impact on the mind and personalities of the people that get them. On the other hand, a large number of people use medications that have profound impact on the mind and personality. it's interesting that people are taken a back by mechanical modifications to the body but are dismissive of the ubiquitous and profound modification many of us make to our mind and personality through the use of drugs. Aren’t we already chemical-borgs?
  12. I guess we know which clan the TFG (ie Yeey, Gedi & Gaal) will target next.
  13. Alot of people think Hoya won the fight. But mayweather landed more punches. Mayweather talks trash, lots of it, and it's true he hasn't been through any hard fights. But thats because he avoids getting hit. He really uses his speed. If he let people hit him then he wouldn't stay "Pretty Boy Floyd".