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  1. From this: Originally posted by Stealth: In order for these areas to seceed, let us say that Sool and parts of sanaag don't want to seceed, then referendum would be taken and more than likely, as these areas don't make the majority , they would lose out and therefore Somaliland' case would go into effect. To this: So, now, I am not saying that people of Sool and Sanaag have to be forced to join Somaliland That's exactly what you're saying. Since the 'people' of SSC are in the minority population-wise, their wishs mean nada.
  2. Originally posted by Wisdom_Seeker: quote:Originally posted by Ebyan: Hmmmm..Is it just me or are my replys disappearing? :confused: Anyway, clan elders have done a lot for Somalia post-91..It was a meeting of clan-elders that led to the formation of Puntland and I'm sure clan-elders in the south have done a lot for their people so don't disrespect their efforts. I'm out.. If Puntland is so great, go live there and leave your welfare consuming life behind…. Somalia as a whole is a hell-hole. A Fact. Yeah, Puntland is great and when the time comes I will relocate there, but by all means you can continue your ever-redundant calacaal from your comfortable subsidized housing complex. I wouldn't knock government hand-outs if I were you.
  3. Hmmmm..Is it just me or are my replys disappearing? :confused: Anyway, clan elders have done a lot for Somalia post-91..It was a meeting of clan-elders that led to the formation of Puntland and I'm sure clan-elders in the south have done a lot for their people so don't disrespect their efforts. I'm out..
  4. Shoulds, woulds, coulds. The meeting of these clan-elders with A/Y means that most members of these clan will support the TFG. A few people here and there opposing the TFG means nothing. P.S.- Somali politics is clan politics.
  5. So this was a sign from god then, eh? Don't support the 'puppet-regime' or else..
  6. Originally posted by Tahliil: he was badly wounded and burnt in an attack couple of days ago....near KM-4...he was among conveys of cars who was seeing off the visiting Q.M. guy...He was flown into Nairobi just the other day and he just woke up, like many of my Tolka friends, to the bitter reality of being on the side of those who sold the country for mere revenge and greed.... I'm sure his flesh being burnt gave him clarity of vision.
  7. Originally posted by Garaad Canood: quote: ^^do you expect me to take someone who cheers the TFG and Ethio seriously when it comes to this issue? Its a time saving exercise,,,,,, You support another habashi puppet - the former siyaad spy (riyaale) who openly supported the Xabashi invasion of Mogadishu You also support Waraabe, and you actually believe his famous saying It's funny how he tries to relate your support for the TFG to your stance on the issue of Sool-Sanaag-&-Cayn. Desperate times, eh? Loooool@ 'Disputed SSC parts make up approx 35% of the whole SSC regions in my book and thats being generous.'
  8. Originally posted by Wisdom_Seeker: Each clan? Instead of saying “people” you say” clans”? No wonder your vision is distorted. Do honestly believe that if one man from a certain clan supports the slave regime that he represents the acceptance of the slave regime by his whole clan? Yes, if he's a clan-elder then he represents the collective opinion of his tribe/clan. The TFG recognizes the reality on the ground..Somalia is a clan based country..The 'people' belong to specific tribes and clans and resolving any issues with a segment of the population means doing it at a clan-based level. There's nothing distorted about their vision.
  9. Originally posted by Jacaylbaro: I'm glad they stayed apart and they did not join that false Somaliweyn ,,,,,,,,, We did that and still regret ,,,,,,,, Now there would be a deadly civil war in Djibouti but i'm glad that at least they are save. You're right. Its funny that all these people speak of a 'United Somalia' when they themselves have no country to speak of. The people of Djibouti should count their blessings..They're lucky they never joined 'Somalia'.
  10. Originally posted by Juje: (1) defeating the democratically elected government of Jamac Cali Jamaac in Puntland - I thought he was appointed? In any case, Jama Ali Jama was removed and in retrospect, it was in the best interest of Puntland.
  11. Originally posted by Caano Geel: First when is money asked for to "ransack", it never is, but more importantly, money is secondary. The important thing is your voice and support which gives the permission and encouragement for the action. It is only by removing your voice and support that you remove your permission and reduce the incentives to act in such ways. What are you getting at? I said that I would never support individuals from my qabil acting as aggressors towards individuals of other qabils, so how am I giving them "permission" or "encouraging" their actions. :confused: I should relinquish my support for my qabil because of the actions of a few individuals ? If your conclusion there were true, then it would be a sad day for any one with a faith in a fair and just god, since it would imply a god that did not care for a just society - so if you believe that you might as well renounce islam. You've totally lost me. What does my support of my qabil have to do with the existence of a 'just and fair' god? It is actually your self asteem which is more in question, you are the one in search of an identity defined by ever reducing concentric circles - grabbing for a label in 1/2000 of a share in forefather ... i'd hate to ever be in need of your charity Ah-huh..When did I say my identity was defined by my qabil? My qabil is an important part of my identity, but I'm not defined by it. You may not be in need of my charity, but there are many people who depend on me. I'm done with you..Go take your bleeding heart and be depressed somewhere else. :rolleyes:
  12. Originally posted by Jacaylbaro: walee waan idinka yaabay ,,,, let the old man rest in his grave ,, Allah knows everybody and evryone will get his reward from only Allah ,,, for da moment ,,,,,, odayga ha la dhaafo. Anwar shouldn't have said what he said, but there's nothing wrong with commenting on Aydiid's actions.
  13. Originally posted by Socod_badne: What does loving yourself and loving your clan got to do with each other? Your clan members aren't necessarily your relatives unless of course you accept the premise behind the foundational myth of Somali clan system (hint: you shouldn't!). And what's this little myth your on about? That we're all B*stards( we don't know our origins)? That's a serious allegiation. Castro; You're not making any sense( not that you ever were). :rolleyes:
  14. Originally posted by Geel_Jire12: Maybe it's because i grew up on a hostile London estate, where ppl hated on you just because your were Somali and the small group of Somalis had to stick together. So i don't define myself by my Qabil. Sometimes am called a Muslim male in the U.K, but most of the time i am called Somali. When i go Europe, i am the guy from the U.K. When i go back to U.K, i realise, i am actually, originally from Somalia. But when i go 2 Somalia, i am the guy from the Ingriis. So you base your identity on how others perceive you? How people in Somalia,England or Poland see you shouldn't define your identity. You said you don't "love" your clan, let me ask you, do you love yourself? Are you not apart of your clan? I question the self-esteem of people who make comments like yours. WTF. :confused:
  15. My ancestors were coastal people, but my family has been urbanizied(w/i the last 60 yrs). Had the civil war not happened, I'd still be in Canada. If I could travel back in time, I'd like to join my Awoowe(AUN) on his trips to India and Arabta..So I guess the coastal/fishing lifestyle appeals to me the most.
  16. Caano Geel; (I'm not sure I completely understood your post..but here goes) There are 10+ million Somalis in the world and my obligation is first to my family and then to my extended family (my qabil). During Ramadan, when I’m certain that my family back home has everything it needs, I make sure that some money is left for the less well-off people in my extended family..People I've never met in my life..People to whom I'm not really 'related'. When members of my qabil come knocking on my door and ask me for money to build a hospital (/school/mosque etc.) back home, I spare whatever money that I have left, even though I know that the people who will be treated in that hospital (or attending that school/mosque) will be individuals from my qabil and not any random Farah or Halimo. Should I withhold my donation because I know that the hospital/school/mosque will be in the benefit of my qabil and not to the benefit of all Somalis? Should I withhold my donation because the 'gain' of my qabil will be at the expense of some other qabil(s)? I'd never pay money to 'tolka' so they can ransack villages and do god-knows-what, but I'm not gonna be 'sad' that the advancement of my qabil might mean that other qabils get the short-end of the stick. That's life.. So is my support of my qabil 'innocent'(/halaal)? I think it is.
  17. Originally posted by Xalimopatra: Lol @ Playgirl I've never heard of this in my life,porno mags for women? :eek: Loool. I first heard about Playgirl when we( me and some other students) found our french teacher browsing their website in 6th grade. It was reaaally awkward to say the least.
  18. Yeah, of course it would, but I don't understand how people can blame qabil for everything that has gone wrong in Somalia. It's like blaming Islam for 9/11.
  19. Hehehe. I remember my mom telling me this joke a few years back. I gotta show this her, I'm sure she'd enjoy it. Thanks for the clip.
  20. Originally posted by Jimcaale: As much as one hates Caydiid, one can't deny he's got a chapter in our history Just like Hitler has a chapter in German history.
  21. If you speak arabic, you're an Arab..It's nothing more than a language grouping. Does being Somali mean anything? Interesting question..Don't really have an answer for it though.
  22. Don't know what that means, but right back at ya bud.
  23. Zeilac is in Somaliland..close to the Djibouti border.