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  1. qac qac im not saying mine,,,like my OG sister you already contemplated who will win. and iam not in it,,, ok runti hadii aan sheego waa la qosli doona inta wadan een tagay. so iam keeping quiet.
  2. Hmmmmmm, maybe you should just stick to Somali? How about that... LMAO!!!! Qac, Prez of Igorant Squad, yet again ur entertaining me with ur futile half brain thoughts. Bless ur miniscule brain. What a load of crap, feminists are lesbians? Pls do some reading ASAP, b4 jumping to conclusions. girls girls come down,,,, you eating up the poor guy,,,i think theres some big misconception here in this awful debate thats heading nowhere. opinionated i think you have a wrong notion of what ignorant is,,,speaking english doesn't make intelligent. Qac Qaac is only telling you guys what the quraan says---from an islamic perspective, and you cannot interepret and twist the prophets sayings to make it more westernised,,to suit your current situation--the quran does state that women should ramain at home- look after thier houshold aswell as studying and spreading dawa by teaching thier fellow brothers and sisters. so chill guys,,,the poor guy was being a brother, trying to help by giving you the right opinion. Pity you dont see him actually caring about you guys. And plus were is the respect ya'll grow up, this quarell actually sounds juvinille
  3. safia sister, every second of your life counts,,, it is soooooo precious and cannot be wasted. Have you ever ended a day and asked yourself what you have done? Sister start planning for the future,,, spend every sec of every min with the rememberance of Allah Dikr and Dhikr And more Dhikr,,, I have been through bit of that phase, but alham dullilah with allahs help got out. i got to the stage where i realised i wasn't benefiting. Every new day i got up- no difference, partying git turned me off, it was just waste and waste and waste. everyday but sis when you start goign to the mosque with your free time to listen to a qudbah( lecture),,,you feel you have only benefited, not wasted. And once you start, you see your future and direction. Everyday is a new day and a CHALLENGE!!! QA QAAC solution perhapes ain't so baad. Marriage is a bliss, blessing from god and youngsters these days gave a it a different deffinition. I hope you will stop partying,,,and start planning. Marraige isnt the only other thing to worry of, life is full of other oppurtunities, its up to you to look for them. take care and Allah be with you.
  4. ACUDKEEEEEEE this debate is going like h#e*$!ll! Where is everyone respect, Themes of brotherhood you all learn at the dugsi or Mosque? it all vanishes in the air whne it comes to Qabyaalid. S/land would get independence or not will make no difference> to day there is no difference >they are segregated now so what differencce would it make if they got that so called" recognition" which i don't believe in merely because people need not other country's aid and recognition that they are capable and independnent> they can do it on their own, like thye have always done and which i respect them for.
  5. CHEMISTRYYYYYYY & literature( love those too) economics aint baad either calculus> yuk
  6. CHEMISTRYYYYYYY & literature( love those too) economics aint baad either calculus> yuk
  7. thakxz nin yaaban I'll drink to that, that was the best suggestion i got so far. maybe they studied alot better in the old days
  8. thakxz nin yaaban I'll drink to that, that was the best suggestion i got so far. maybe they studied alot better in the old days
  9. Saalixa

    A Wild Story

    lool@nur is that your bad dream? staring at a cheescake and trying to resist it, was that so scary for you nu? iam laughing so bad right now, ar qoosalka waad iga dhamaysay>you must love cheesecake. its haram ok!! lol fisrt thanx for the story, that was scary stuff. ah i dont want to share my baad dreams, (trust me they have nothing to do with cheescakes) but then i heard you should not talk about them, you should let it be or theyll come true, haunting you. is it true???would any person have any idea? but thanx for sharing nur
  10. where is sols most frequent visitor and poster where is LUCKYYYYYYYY. i miss lucky, cum back yaakhi And hibo i do agree, sols becoming boring, 2001 members have gone, for some perculiar reason, atleast most of the ones i can remember.
  11. funny funny funny, how i miss my friend, these kind of association are the ones laguu balambalay, dhul gaaleed marka liyimid baa laga fikiri laha horta marka hore.
  12. jaamaac, first let me welcome you to da big family we got here in sol,iam telling ya we are some close community,,,well next thanx for your comments, i couldnt agree more. you see we here are more intlligent than somalinet girls(if there are actually any person with the slightest intellect in somalinet) coz we respect our fellow borathers and sisters here. No one can stand a minute in somalinet, those forums youll think have all been written by 4 yr olds, they are too gibberish, every word is crap. hope you like it here(theres no doubt) but again welcome.
  13. angel sis, it si not ceeb but you need to know that it's something that should be kept private, and if you wanaa know go to ur councilor at scool, or health teacher, thats how i learnt back in grade 7-8,,,it was all wierd at the time, and its better when you grow up coz your mind can hack it,is capable of handleing a very serious and relevant topic. So don't be so impateint bout it coz kids shouldn't know at a very young age, i think its not good for them at that age. salam
  14. 'they're too old-fashioned', 'too domineering', 'too lazy around the house', 'too ugly', etc. That sounds gibberish,,,i wonder don't these girls have brothers of thier own, and so are they trying to say that thier brothers are ugly, old fashioned? and i also wonder if they are better looking themselves? Yasmine would you know? coz i would like to. i think any person who is ashamed of their own culture, heritage suffers deep illness, low self esteem, and sort of a depression. My brothers are GOODDD LOOKKKINGGG like hell . salam
  15. nuune, walaal we need more intelligent, intellectual youths, not singers, who can raise up the flag of ISLAM and do somethin to help our people,,,such docters and nurses to heal and cure the sick, engineers to build our roads and infrustrutural, providing all facilities to our diposal, and most importantly teachers, as you know the literacy rate of our people back insomali,,,man we are so not progressing!that makes me wanna shout. so i wouldnt exactely encourage the yuoths to take singing as a career like those old fellas who have nothing else to change to so remain in the industry. Sad ain;t it? simply not worth the time and effort.
  16. Rayaana, Abaayo, Sophist is pulling your leg and he is using his Shakespearian knowledge to do so. Do you know that Sheikh Subair was an Arab artist who later named himself Shakespeare? In other wards, Shakespeare and Sheikh Subair is the same person. i know shaikh subair, studied him in arabic class,,,his not shakespeare, and his plays,stories had a different narrative/style of writing>the one iam refering to,thats da brit fella. anyhow, nice, looking back at it now, a while later, Sophist kinda starting to make sense. Sophist, are u by the way a Sophist aka; a person who reasons with fallcious arguements?ah i hope not-coz i was tought in school that they were somehow retarded,psychologically. maybe theres some wrong in that eh?
  17. horn afrique sister, all true, and thats why i don't come here often, i first go to islmic and the women sction, then probably to poems and debates,(love the debating team here in sol) but rarely do i visit the politics side of sol, and if this continues, we will lose alot of sol nomads, just like somalinet. we have a good family here i hope we don't ever resemble or end up like somalinet.
  18. To hide my inferiority complex I protest it's unimportant Though my heart screams to tell me I'm a blatant fraudulent The best thing is no-one can hear what's going on inside People think I've got it made and with my life I'm satisfied. true true, very true. iam like that at times and i wonder, why do i even call myself a muslim? then i run to the quraan for some rehabilitation.i hate living in the west! I can't help my attitude - I was placed in a Kufrstaan. sad stuff
  19. a Sumatran woman her knees looooool thats funny, bal halkaas na maxa laga qarinaya? that ALL Africans were naked and didnt wear cLothes...and she is wearing short shorts and a tube top...LoL...the nerve of some peopLe. lucky you should have hitten that *****. like she knows any better i met so many of them girls. shabelle walaalo i think you shouldn't talk to your professor, its not like he made this up, he is just told to teach it. and plus his your teacher so don't create any hatred, coz you know what htey do then.
  20. girl, i knew that cream since i was a little girl, and now iam so familiar with it, coz all my friends, and ladies use it. Its not that powerfull actually, if you are thinking it lightens up the skin, then you are wrong, because all it does is cleans it, But the strong and powerfull ones are more popular these days, like doornafat or whateva. I don't use any simply because i know i will be lying to myself, the only time i could be happy with myself will be when i look inside the mirror and i know thats ME and No other damn person. Plus satisfaction and confidence is the key. chow
  22. more like what turns maliwomen off don't ask like ma sis hibo said
  23. g'day mate, welcome with open arms loving greetings, wa calaykuma salaam
  24. huh? iam confused, since when did shy girls have problems? there is a saying " GOOD GIRLS GO TO HEAVEN, BAD GIRLS GO EVERYWHERE " so my sister in islam, don't change just to fit into society, if you were living 100 yrs ago, you would have had no problems at all. your a mali muslim +, not from the west remember that!
  25. nur this realy is interesting, but iam going to come back to fifnsh reading,,,,,,,jazaka allah