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  1. damn it, didn't I tell you HORNEY that he left the NSS in 1986. Tell me who were repressed to the maximum in that period! You got men like Daahir Riyaale, Shaatiguduud who stayed working for the notorious sections till the end of times and nobody says anyting about them, yet you insult my father. While he left and took off to an unknown country with nothing! HorniestAfrican, you have no idea who you're dealing with...so you better back off! BTW: Admin isn't that a personal attack, he attacked my family background instead of my view. BN, I'm for a future in Puntland all the way but just saying a lot of people will o to Xamar.
  2. hahaha looool THNX Rudy, Damn you're funny! You made my day saaxib, I thought I was PUBLIC ENEMY of SOL, man!
  3. Yo Admin, check what yasmine writes about me. She calls me a blabbermouth, narrowminded, irrational & misinformed. Is this double-standard or what? My fists are itching, but you guys need to discipline that girl. She had the option to look beyond the namecalling and confront my arguments, but she confronted the way I treated her. Wich shows that I won the debate!
  4. BALLERZ, waryaa don't be saying the F-word man, 12-yearolds come here. Unbelievable walaahi!
  5. hornafrique, I don't know how your logic works, but the NSS didn't just kill people and such. You have to be part of the 'Godka' section. You can also work for the NSS against teenage vandalists in Xamar for example. Besides didn't I tell he left the NSS anyway. He just refused to work for the NSS and remember there was a brutal dictatorship. 'NO' was not a word you use to your boss!
  6. Cawralo, when Chinese take pictures it's always art! they know how to take pictures na mean. We can learn something from them.
  7. Guraad, my father told me like two or three weeks ago that Insha Allah we will go back to Xamar as soon as there will be a new national government and it will be safe for Puntlanders to return. I don't think we will ever get our stolen properties, but we have build from scratch before. Xamar is the place where my greatgrandfather, my grandfather, my father and I have been born and except for me we have all been raised in Xamar. Not that because of that Puntland is not our home, but Xamar has not lost it's charm and dignity. It's devastated but you can always rebuild. When we left in 1989 (luckily just before the civil war) to the US, I was just 3 years old and I can only vagely remember the last city we saw in Somalia; Kismaayo where a Colonel who was our relative and the military commander in Kismaayo district helped us with fleeying Siyaad Barre's brutal regime. That same Colonel was killed by the USC in 1991 while trying to defend the inhabtitants against forces loyal to Caydiid. He was killed with a sledgehammer bashed in his head. We left all our belongings there, even pictures were left because we never thought things could even get worse. We had a large villa, two cars and some land near Marka city. My father was a colonel and worked as a secret agent for the NSS (National Security Service), that's why he left. He didn't want to work for people who hate Puntlanders. Probably if you work for the NSS you get paid very good money $$$$. Anyway Puntland should be rebuild, but don't underestimate Xamar as well. I'm telling you people will go back to that once vibrant city wich was called the most beautiful city of East Africa! VIVA PUNTLAND!!
  8. spadez what tha hell are you talking about? are you using your medication? looooooooooooool
  9. there are only two Somali Queens; my momma and my future wife!
  10. Spadez stop laughing son. Before you break your own rib or choke on your caanjeelo iyo shaah!
  11. Aadan Cadde is my numero due after Mudane Cabdirisaaq Xaaji Xuseen. good choice saaxib
  12. DARK, DARKER, DARKEST, DARKO!!! haven't seen the movie but I saw the ring, damn you need to take a chick and rent that dvd! PS: am not asskissing because I've crossed the line some times
  13. DARK, DARKER, DARKEST, DARKO!!! haven't seen the movie but I saw the ring, damn you need to take a chick and rent that dvd! PS: am not asskissing because I've crossed the line some times