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  1. After two months of, the Anti-peace groups are still holed up inside residential buildings.
  2. Ciidanka Qaranka ayaa la wareegay Buurta Sayiidka oo ku taal dhanka Koonfur Bari ee Laascaanood.
  3. You know this is AI generated picture? You can generate any picture using DALL-E from Open AI. DALL·E 2 OPENAI.COM DALL·E 2 is an AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language.
  4. They were obeying Hargeisa orders to just respond to threats. As the spokesperson for Eastern Command said, that position has shifted and the army is not only going to respond but will be initiating calculated attacks. Unlike the desperate militia, the Army once it moves into a new location, it stays there. I am not sure how Ramadan month is going to impact on these decisions but rest assured things will not be the same in the near future.
  5. A repeat of 18th of March. Ciidanka Somaliland declared, going forward, they are going to start going after the anti-Somaliland groups.
  6. Filim hindiga Mjteeniya dhigayso oo la fahmay. Aamina Saleebaan oo ciidan soo dirtay, Suleekha Maxamuud oo ciidan soo dirtay...
  7. Ex-PL VP Camey confirms that money is in short supply and pleads for the diaspora. A lot of the people living in the West are facing Living cost pressures as inflation and Interest rates cut into their take home payments. Like I said previously, give this another few more months and you will have a very different picture.
  8. Darisku xaq waa isku leeyihin, laakin daris xuduudka ka soo talaabay oo xad qabiil sheeganaya, dee wuxu doonayo waa xasarad. Although it looks like Maamulka Garowe has finally accepted that they cannot change the borders which is why they are trying to mislead and give false hope to the local clans that they can dream about their own FMS. Which of course is non-starter.
  9. Here are some video from the receiving end. The other side from the ground. The Drone shows the Somaliland side as the bombings are directed with pin point accuracy. This shows the anti-Somaliland side.
  10. Somaliland drone footage which shows how the artillery campaign was directed with pin point accuracy.
  11. I am sure the audience meant for this fake news is not Somali. B/c We know: 1. Buuhoodle has no tarmac road 2. Buuhoodle is not even on the route where South Somalia/Somaliland trucks take. 3. Just 3 km West of Buuhoodle is Bali-Dhiig which is HJ town. This just reeks the desperation and crying for attention. Photos from 2018 Garowe Duqa degmada Garoowe Cabdi Bare ” Gaadiidka kuxaniban Kaantaroolka Garoowe iyaga ayaa diiday in ay gudbaan (dhegayso ) WWW.DALJIR.COM Gudoomiyaha degmada Garoowe Axmed Siciid Muuse (Axmed Barre) ayaa ka hadlay cabashada gaadiidlayda xamuulka ah ee kuxaniban...
  12. Shock & Awe - Somaliland style. Destroying behind their front lines decimating their defences and then routing them like sheep.
  13. Yes, that is true, only a political settlement where the border of Somaliland remain intact, is the only solution. There is no other solution to this conflict. The Garaad clans cannot sustain a long running war, that is a fact. Neither Puntland. Caring for their wounded soldiers/civilians alone will consume all their $$$. And in war, $$$ is the king. The realisation that they cannot continue and they cannot remove Somaliland from Gooja Cadde, will force the nabaddiid Garaads to come to the table.
  14. Only in the twisted logic of Somalis that a tragedy (which now counts more than 30 people lost their lives) is not worthy of coverage, while a damage to a Bridge in Somaliland gets unnecessary time. In any other people, the lost of lives would be on front pages. With that said, as Baala Xoofto, I don't deny or accept that I am Odweyne, waa kuu mubaax marinka aad doonta. Btw, the Bridges and the Corridor is funded by the Abu Dhabi Fund. It was part of the DP World/Naval Base deal. The Naval Base has since been abandoned by UAE but its contract obligation has been taken over by the United Kingdom and United States. It is scheduled to open by mid next year. So one can conclude the Berbera Corridor is not costing Somaliland anything.
  15. Fair. It just mind-boggling a superficially damaged Bridge in Somaliland is getting a lot of news cycle, than a tragedy of this scale.
  16. A lot of people are sharing the damage caused by seasonal floods to one of the recently completed Bridges in Somaliland. Of course, there was no life lost, nor was there any major damage or collapse of a Bridge. Sometime only a local news group would be interested in. A tragedy happened in Bardheere, Gedo region, a score of people died after the only bridge that connects the two sides of the town collapsed due to the recent heavy rains.
  17. Dacarbudhuq has not been damaged, it is the Lafa-ruug Bridge. There are total of 8 Bridges on this road. I am sure all the Bridges will be reviewed after this event.
  18. The contractors are still in the country, they need to go back and fix it. It is obvious that they underestimated the power of those seasonal rivers.
  19. We are all making our best guesses here, only Allah is the best to know the future, but we humans can use our brains to put together the best case scenarios which are based on historical events and observed patterns. You have made your opinion, I have made mine. Let mother nature take its course and we will, of course, come back and compare notes at a later date - my guess is - 3 months time. In the meantime, lets just analyze the day to day things.
  20. The Latest episode of the NBC hit sitcom American Auto covers Somaliland in one of its sketches. Hilarious and funny.
  21. Hadhaw yaan la odhan calaa geel laaayay There is a video footage from yesterdays engagement in Western side of Laascaanood where hundreds of young men's bodies were left behind. These are kids should be dreaming about graduating from University being used as cannon-fodder.
  22. Because of the nature of the conflict at the moment which the other side want to turn into clan-war, then the approach need to be different. The current approach is to exhaust the clan melitia so much that divisions and internal disputes become visible. As both men and money become exhausted. The economy of Laascaanood as a city is on its knees, that means all funding will be externally provided. How long can they sustain that? I think maximum 2 - 3 months. By 4month, you will see a totally different opponent.