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  1. What is happening in Laascaanood is not between two conventional military. It is ragtag of melitia who have diverging agenda but all are united to oppose Somaliland. These melitia include former civilians - now-turned-clan-melitia, Harti clan melitia, Daarood melitia from as far as Garrissa and Gedo. The important thing here is that, Somaliland Army is where exactly the same positions as it was on the 6th of Feb when Hargeisa decides to pull the Army out of Laascaanood Urban areas - to give peace talks a chance. All said and done, the Anti-Somaliland groups have completely failed to move the needle in any of defensive positions East, North or West of Laascaanood. And as far as I can tell, they are more or less a spent force. The initiative is now with Somaliland Army to do what is necessary on its own terms.
  2. Poor Galbeedi, You wished what is happening in Garowe was happening in Hargeisa. Granted the political situation in Hargeisa is tense, but that is where it ends. In the end, the NEC will declare the elections dates and everyone will get in line. The un-filtered politics in Hargeisa is like a psychological thriller for anti-Somaliland groups. But the continueing suspense of of an impending disaster with no apparent hope of ever materilising into actionable items - must be a real disappoint for a lot of them. Whenever the enemies of Somaliland think something big is about to happen that is really really bad. The opposite actually takes place, Somaliland rises like a pheonix. What a disappointment.
  3. The "Unity" shown for SSC not by just Harti but also across Daarood clans from NFD to DDSI, has not materialised anything meaningful on the ground. Yes, it may have galvanised fighters to pour into the front lines. But that has not changed a single thing on the ground including the Front line itself. I can confidently say that the so called SSC uprising has all but failed to change the status-quo. And from this day forward, it is only going to get tougher for them. In fact, I am giving them only few more months, by end of October, for substantial re-adjustment and defections.
  4. What is obviously clear is that, they are going through their toughest time both financially, politcally and militarily. They have now been boxed into the Garowe bandwagon. And if history is any guide, Garowe is going to be their deathbed. From here forward, you will witness the defections and the indivitual clans looking after their own interests.
  5. From dreaming about SSC State to "Villa Somalia" is in lock step with Hargeisa. Hope turns to despair. Professor Cali Khaliif Galaydh learned it the hard way, so will Garaad Jamac.
  6. ilaahay ha u naxariisto, dameerkii calanka ku sawirnaa maanta ayuu madfac haleelay.
  7. Garbo-siman - big boy's toys are getting oiled up for major engagement.
  8. Dagaalkii mudo la sugaayay hada ayuu bilow yahay, maalmaha soo socda Laascaanood gudaha ayaa la isula gelayaa.
  9. Former Puntland melitia leader defected to Jimcaale's clan melitia. Garowe's version of macawislay takes up arms and prepares for war with Deni's Qardho clan.
  10. It is not whether she is coming or not, but it is about the agenda of why she is coming. If she is regurgitate the same thing, then she needs to gas out somewhere else. Because we are not entertaining pulling Somaliland forces out. Over my dead body.
  11. Poor. Actually, it is the other way round, she was desperate to come but Hargeisa if what she is coming there is more of the same, then she better save her time for someone else. Which is why she redirected it to Addis Abeba.
  12. Deni's time is up. The whole Garowe conflict is due to Deni trying to extend his term beyond Jan next year, so he can try to bog down HSM's administration. HSM understands this and hence why he named one of Faroole's sons as close advisor. HSM and Deni - as the saying goes "fiinta ayaa ka dhex ciyaysa" which means, they don't even talk i.e. Deni's boycott of the Baydhabo meeting of regional states and Villa Somalia. Having said that, Khaliif is a weakling. I don't think he has a future in politics.
  13. It was not the man, it was the title and position he was holding that was a big deal. At least give SL the credit as well. A man absent from his position for 1/2 year and still holding on to his title. You see, if this was happening anywhere other than Somaliland, he wouldn't have lasted 1 day. In fact, even if he was on the ground inside the Parliament, what happened to Ex-Speaker of Puntland Parliament could have happened to him as well, where the speakers personal body guards were gunned down inside Parliament building and while their dead body was still laden in the yard, a new speaker was announced by Deni himself and all the opposition parliamentarians were given their marching orders and stripped of their title - all in a 1 day's work. On the other hand, in Somaliland, even traitor like Khaliif still had his day in a Court Room.
  14. Abdirizaq Khalif cidna wax ku dari kari maayo, xataa Garowe maanta joogo wax ku soo kordhin kari maayo. He just condemned himself into irrelevance. He used his 15 second Air time too. I would be surprised to even see him on TV any more.
  15. Garowe update: Residents who hail from Bari/Qardho are moving out of Garowe fearing clan reprisals, as the call for war echoes the city. Many armed clan melitia from other villages are pouring into the town.
  16. Not too sure what you are on about? don't hold back.
  17. Back at the start of the LA conflict I posted my 2 cents on how things will transpire in the next 5 - 6 months. Some folks even attacked me when I said the political & economical situation in Puntland will dictate if/when Hiil-H@rti melitia will pack their bags and return. Exactly as I said, the majority of Hiil H@rti clan melitia returned back to their original homes. The old Somali adage went "xabaal iyo ninkeed loo kala tag". The Laascaanood Garaads are going through their toughest time as I write this. They have run out money, run out of fighting men (I mean those who really wanted to fight are majority dead). The SL Army is now making its final preparations for a full scale attack.
  18. Gen. Faysal made his mark, that is all counts. The Tukaraq pull out was voluntary defensive decision. The LA issue was not a conventional military conflict. It was a fluid situation where the civilian and the armed person were not distinguishable. So until the dust settled and we understood exactly what we are confronting, it was a good move for the Army to retreat to positions that are safe and within reach of the supplies. The Army is still exactly the same positions that it retreated to back in 5th of Feb. The failure of the attacking side to claim victory in any of the positions that the Army is holding, says a lot about the attackers than the defending side. Since now the situation is stabilized and the fronts are more or less known, the treat is identified, the Army is now preparing to go on the offensive. The Army is returning to Tukaraq, lets see if you can defend it.
  19. There is one reason why top 10 posts on Somalia Online are all about Somaliland. It is ok by us. It seems the consistent Habaar towards Somaliland just makes a u-turn back to the source. The root issue in Garowe are deeper than you think. Deni wants to break the Hagbad and deny the CM their turn come January next year. The CM will not allow that and will do whatever it takes. In the end, the CM will get what they want come hell or high water. Whether they make alliances with Hargeisa or otherwise.
  20. Don't count out. SL damaged Jimcaale's melitia back in April, most of his heavy weapons were seized by General Faysal Cabdi Botan. In the event that The Farooles seek help from their maternal uncles in Hargeisa, we can always make deals, including returning the heavy weapons that were captured and release the PoWs. So again, don't count him out.
  21. Just current news sxb. As for Aaran Jaan, or the local Garowe Clan per say, don't count them out.
  22. Many casualties reported including civilians in today's clashes. The two sides are regrouping.
  23. A wounded melitia man captured by the otherside is maltreated