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  1. It is Abno-waas vs Beeno-waas what is going in Garowe. They just kicked the dispute down the road for another day. The Garowe clan, come hell or high water, will be the next leaders of that clan enclave. Take that to the bank. Because that is how the hagbad goes around.
  2. @maakhiri1 10 years later still waiting for the *supposed* civil war in Somaliland. Tough luck guys.
  3. Waar nimanyahaw Harti, 6 bilood oo niic niic lahaydeen, Goojacade Goojacade Goojacade, ma waxay ku soo idlaatay, "Please West Burco Clan, help us out". West Burco Clan, if you didn't know, they the power of Isaaq. They will lead the country when Allah wills. Whether it was Tuur, Cigaal, Kaahin, Biixi or in the future Cirro/Mooge etc. It doesn't matter who leads the country. When they win, they win for all of us. And that is what counts. The social media merchants can say whatever they want to get few more views and dollars from platforms they spew nonsense from. However, what they say and what the reality on the ground is, are two completely separate things.
  4. The biggest loser is Abdirizaq Khaliif, Ex-Speaker of Parliament. He is now contemplating his future as a 3rd rate nobody in Garowe. His JS subclan will come back to the SL fold, this time with a lot more power and control over Laascaanood.
  5. Armed Melitia movements in Garowe as local residents start fleeing
  6. Waan ku qoslay runtii. Cadawga Somaliland sidu u jecelyay in Somaliland dagaal ka dhex qarxo iyo siday ay mar walba niyad jabku ugu dhaco. Waar reer Somaliland inta TV yadda la iska yidha, waxa ka badan inta lagu dhameeyo daaha-dabodiisa. Dalku Doorasho ayuu aaday oo loo dareeraya December 2023 and 2024. Daawasho fiican.
  7. Xaashi found a sweet spot to fish in both sides of the waters. He sits between two big blocks and which ever he supports wins the day.
  8. July is a bad month for the the coalition of chaos. It is a turning point. Caasho Maxamuud timid, camabaro la arag, Cosob is soo qaadqaaday. Waxna waa tari kari waayeen. Wixii intan ka hadhay waa iska kabo raacin.
  9. What prediction? The UN Rep came on Hargeisa's terms. If she deviates from those terms, she will get kicked out. Speak for yourself. Not us. The security council said, Somaliland to remove its army from Laascaanood. I don't think that is happening or ever is going to happen. That shows you one thing, no one dictates anything on us. They owe us nothing. Absolutely nothing. It is not the first time that SL gave the Big Finger to the UN. Former Presidents Abdirahman Tuur and Mohamed Haji Ibrahim both totally rejected similar Security Council statements in 1992 and 2000. And in 2012, President Siilaanyo told off the UN Rep to Somalia. In 1992, the Operation Restore Hope was in full swing and they wanted to make Berbera a landing zone. But President Tuur refused it and said not a single UN/US soldier is allowed to enter into Somaliland. In 2000, the Djibouti Conference is in full swing and had the backing of the Security Council and demanded for Somaliland to participate in the Conference. President Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal declared the UN Rep PnG.
  10. The Dh* clan last card is the so called "Tolaay ya Daarood aheey" which has been their main battle cry since the start of the Conflict in Laascaanood. When this card is defeated soon, they will come back to reality and accept their faith within Somaliland. Just look at NFD or DDSI. Only a decisive defeat both militarily, politically and diplomatically can be accepted before they are allowed to take their rightful place in Somaliland. No more qashqashaad and madax salaax.
  11. The containment strategy is working perfect. But the option to go house to house, is still on the table. Yes, true casualties are expected in warzone. however, when it is unsustainable, then it becomes a big issue. That is where the Coalition of Chaos are at today. They have lost almost all their best fighters and leaders. There are rumours that even Cabdi Madoobe is gone. But Somaliland side is not saying that, because Madoobe is the boogeyman.
  12. Going through the FAAFO motion The death tally is at least 4 times higher than he quoted.
  13. Maamulka Puntland oo joojiyay inu lacagta ka bixiyo dhaawaca Laascanood laga soo guraayo.
  14. First it was Businessman Jabuutaawi who declared "Gooja cade - Waa banaan, god malaha, geed malaha, buur malaha". This fact spitted by Jabuutaawi basically destroyed 5 months of lies about Goojacade. They said, Goojacade is full of barrows and hiding places. To the contrary, it is the flat open plain with nothing to hide. Today a knowledgable person from Garowe tells it like its.
  15. They will have no other option on the table, other than give up. There is no way in hell that they will go separate from Somaliland. PL is not going to give them any more than what it already has which has not even moved the needle. And considering the fact that they can't pay their salary and the bad economy there, it doesn't have the wherwithal for a drawn out war. It will fold sooner or later. The locals will come to the same conclusion like Prof. Galaydh did.
  16. Halkii ugu dambeysay ayay marayaan. Like Gudoomiye Saleebaan said at the start of the conflict "Sool clan heer ay wada hadal ogolaadaan, waa in la gaadhsiiya". We are approaching that stage now. Villa Somalia cannot and will not help them, so is the so called 'International Community". Villa Somalia respects the boarders of Somaliland as inherited from colonial powers in 1960.
  17. Puntland leader Deni wants to move the Capital from Garowe to Qardho. As local clan digs in and preps to confront him.
  18. Xooluhu shugux shugux kama ilbaxaan. Guys, everytime your deepest desires are kindled and you are about climax, Somaliland just pulls the plug. What a disappointment indeed. Speaking of fake? You can say a lot of things about Somaliland but fake is not one of them. The Somaliland elections are cut-throat business, probably the best in the whole of Africa in terms of transparency, credibility and free contest between stake holders.. The mud-sledging season between the politicians is all but coming to an end, people are gearing for Election season. And when the time comes, Somaliland will shock & awe its distractors, by holding the freest, the most competitive and most transparent Elections in Africa. Get used to it folks. Like Social media folks say, Somaliland is not easy.
  19. For a long time, falks like yourself were threatening of armagadon war. Well, Somaliland has not even really felt any heat. Whereas you folks are at breaking point both inside and outside (Diaspora) as far as raising funds (Qaadhaan ururin), the Somaliland side do not even know if there is a war going on or not. And certainly there is no need for the average citizen in Somaliland to contribute funds (Qaadhaan) both inside or outside (Diaspora). What this tells you is that, the Somaliland Gov't is financing and doesn't need any other help or support from anyone. On the contrary, the anti-Somaliland groups are going from masjid to masjid to ask for donations. As far as the conflict is concerned, The containment and buy time strategy is going very well. The frustrations and lack of progress from all directions is your side. The Somaliland Army has been in Goojacade since yonks and it will be in Gooja cade for the forseable future. And it will not cause any outwardly change to the Budgets that were already set with or without war. Killing and getting killed is one of the first things a soldier signs up for. So that is not a biggie here as far as the soldiers are concerned. But those that are hurting by the day are the locals who have lost all their livelihoods and way of life. They were promised of a quick victory which is day by day becoming a pipe-dream. Rest assured, the Somaliland Army is in for the long haul. If at one point in History the saying went "Iid00r salfududaa wuxu sugaayo muu dhawro... Today, it is the opposite. Like a lion waiting for the chance to strike, we will sit and wait and defend. However long it takes, Somaliland will be victorious in the end. That is a promise that I will be sharing on here as it happens.
  20. If that helps you sleep better. The only thing you are good at is fake news and fake pictures. I see a lot of you folks sharing pictures from Jubaland and claiming it as from Laascaanood. Jubaland/Alshabab