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  1. So is Xmas. In badan ayaan halkan idinka sheegnay, fake news and propanda wax kale ma haysaan. It is good that you folks are now facing the day of reckoning. Sheeko khiyaali ah iyo Cali Harti iyo beenbeen... warkeedii waa soo dhamaaday. Ciidanka Qaranku halku 6dii Feb loo raray si magaaladda shacabka inay isku dhacaan loo kala ilaal iyo, ilaa maanta halkii ayay joogaan. Caasho Maxamuud, Canab Saleebaan, SiWaaqroon baraq baraq, waxba kama badalin.
  2. Like I said before, and you can quote me on this, Fake news and cheap propaganda was the only thing going for you guys. And that has its limits. Fortuntely the limits of Fake news has been reached, it neither wins wars nor changes reality on the ground. Waar Gooja cade iska ilaaw, Maraaga is the most important gateway for you guys both in terms of transporting your wounded people to Garowe etc. Today, you take the 60 km rough road south of Laascaanood and get on the road near Gambadhe. For a wounded person that is torture.
  3. In fact, there is a lot going for Somaliland at the moment. This is a time to rechoice. I am just busy with other more important things. But I laugh at how the Daar00ds and the Looma ooyaans have put all their eggs on G@rxajis. Desparate times call for desparate measures.
  4. Somaliland is not Somalia.
  5. Trafigura to invest 50 million USD on Berbera Oil & Gas Terminal which is set to open in 2024.
  6. Indeed Habar fadhida legdin wax ula fudud. Before you even raise the issue of "go'doon'. First, ask yourself who is in go'doon right now? The SL Army has check points on all sides with the exception of the Southern side of Laascaanood. That means, East, North and West of Laascaanood is under Somaliland Army control. Gooja cade has never been under threat. For the past 8 months, the D-clan melitia were trying to open the main road to Garowe, so they don't have to suffer the grueling rough road South of Laascaanood when transporting their wounded people to Garowe. The last attempt by the clan melitia to fight anywhere outside of the Urban area was in the village of Dabansaar near Tuulo Samakaab. The Somaliland Army taught them a lesson they never forgot. It was their first and their last.
  7. Treasury Designates Senior ISIS-Somalia Financier HOME.TREASURY.GOV WASHINGTON — Today, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) imposed sanctions on Abdiweli Mohamed Yusuf, the head of the finance office of the Somalia-based...
  8. Adiga ayaa hayb qabiil ku soo dagaal galay oo isku habar-wacday. Kolka kabaashku inu sumad Qabiil yeesho adiga aya sabab u ah.
  9. You tried to sell the idea that Gooja cade is full of hiding places. But the fact is, Goojacade is an open plain terrain where there is hardly anything to hide under or hide behind. No big rocks, no trees and certainly there are no dry river beds. This gives you a glimpse of what the terrain looks like in real life. The Daarood melitia cannot come out into the open and fight honourably. They want to run around between houses and shoot from bedrooms. The D30 artillery is the answer to Daaroods. Come out or we will liquidate you and your bedroom.
  10. I wonder who is trapped? The one who is controlling the main road East and West. Or the one who is forced to take the rough terrain?
  11. Going ahead of yourself. The fact that it is a remote area far away from civilians, the fact that nothing is gonna happen. Still here you are drooling all over yourself about it. Imagine if this was happening in an urban setting in Somaliland, like the one below?
  12. Siyaad Barre Supporter only know one cheap trick and that is Fakenews. If Fakenews could get you anything, just look at Laascaanood. Eventually, you are crying about HSM. Of course, nobody buys fake news. You can enjoy the old ONLF videos as much as you want. But reality will, as always, slap you on the face.
  13. A bolt is loose in the head of Minister for Information for PL. He comes across frustrated and angery. He is lashing out on everybody. Nothing has materialised and they have only got bogged down in a conflict they have no means for, so now they are now angry with everybody including UN, International Organisation, Villa Somalia. You name it.
  14. Che is a product of Social Media. He hears wacky things from views-chasing social media lowlifes and he comes here as a fact.
  15. In Mjeerteeniya the so called Parliament is only a formality, even when voting for the next leader, they know they have to obey the Maxamuud Saleebaan gentleman's agreement of rotating the seat. So essentially, they are only there to choose between next candidates that hails from the next recipients of the Hagbad.
  16. You have invested a lot of energy into this. It will come to an end very soon. Gacan Libax provides just the perfect space to vent out, with its lush green scenery and fresh air.
  17. We will see about that. But what I know is that, Garowe clan will not allow Qardho or Galkacyo to take their turn. So all these Constitutional talk is just bluff.
  18. Muse is the President of all including HY. And all presidents regardless whether it is Biihi or someone else will do exactly as Biihi has done and put the country first. It is tough decisions that make a man. And every President in SL has reached a tough decision once or twice during their leadership. And every time, in hindsight, those decisions payed off for Somaliland. I find it amusing that you think your opinion of Somaliland really matters at all? If SL took the opinion of folks like yourself, we would have ended up "Cali Garleh, Caydiid Garleh" situation and be stuck in a circle forever. But we don't and we won't. For those of you looking from outside, the political situation in Somalland may seem like a civilwar is about to explode. But that is far from it. It is during these sort of times that the country makes its biggest strides. And before you know it, the naysayers are left gobsmacked. I assure you that in the not too distance future, this current issues will be a thing of the past. Waa la doogi, yaan la dacaroon.
  19. The Daaroods always talked about "The mother of all wars" against Somaliland. The Conflict in Laascaanood is probably the biggest challenge to Somaliland administration since 1994. But if what we have seen so far is all that you've got, then this is really a walk in the park for Somaliland. The 1994 Habar-Habar wars shook the foundation of the new republic. However, today, the Republic is not even feeling like it is in a war, let alone kicking the foundations as you have termed. The Gov't has single handedly neutralised the threat. What is now left is the political aspect of the war. Which is full swing. The newly selected 45 member Administration is probably the final nail of the coffin for SSC.
  20. The vast majority of the Somaliland people have the same views as the professor. But the reality on the ground dictates what is possible and what is not possible. If you look back 30 years, the Somaliland politics as exactly the same as it is today. However, there is order and progress which no one can deny. It is because of these tough decisions and real politick that moves people - not feel good or wishful thinking. Somaliland is moving and it is moving in the right direction - less the naysayers keep crying.
  21. Happyness or lack there of is a subjective matter and cannot be generalised. You need to provide examples of where and what you mean by that. Also if I may ask, Have you been to anywhere else other than Somaliland?
  22. More water more suburbs of Hargeisa.