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  1. This man was deported after he was caught with a young teenage girl in a hotel in Laascaanood back in 2012. At least Somaliland has done the right thing when things like this are found out. Can you say the same about Xalane Compound? Give us a break. There is a war against our culture and religion and that war is not only towards Somaliland but to all of the Somali speaking regions. Somaliland is the only one that is actually doing actively something about this, talking about this and raising awareness about this. The same problem is unchecked in Ex-Italian Somalia.
  2. I was wondered why Markus comes across as someone with a chip on his shoulders - for a Professor he is bereft of objectivity. He shows a lot of resentment in his writings. Now I understand why, and thank Goodness the Gov't of Somaliland did the right thing at the right to deport this Pedophile. It is mindboggling someone as corrupted as this man is now the official spokesman of the anti-Somaliland groups.
  3. When it comes to internal affairs of Somaliland, Somaliland doesn't take orders or directions from the IC. But we inform and keep them updated about what is happening on the ground, less they get confused by the barrage of fake news decimated by Farmaajo's orphans aka CBB.
  4. Somaliland has already done enough to bring the warmongering Garaads to the table. They refused. The option of negotiations will come once the Garaads know they have no chance with the armed upraising.
  5. After the civil disobedience and the terror ells and other conflated interests groups in Laasaanood are done and dusted with. I have no doubt Somaliland will be returning to Tukaraq and may even go beyond. Because I know there is nothing that can stop it from Garowe side. The defeat you'll face in Laascaanood will be one for historic books. This time it will be captured on Drone footage.
  6. EU delegation report concludes that the Laascaanood Conflict is an internal Somaliland issue and will need to be addressed as part of the Political Settlement between Somalia and Somaliland. Which basically means a Referendum on Independence held across Somaliland's regions. Politically and diplomatically defeated. The only one left is on the ground military victory for Somaliland - which is currently in motion.
  7. The only thing going for the anti-Somaliland group is their Fake News is on overdrive. They have no shame. This guy caught one of his pictures posted in Sep 2022 being used by the anti-Somaliland groups.[0]=AZXPjeYV2mp-kTPpvUIekld_Exa0fdpY1kQ_kAccYu1uMB7d7H--cOz5p6uNWfUDbSBDtn3WH7CmfbqapgKOFZ-1lA8_7VBDeZ84gvXquXl3RkszUgn2nvEnM_iw32Bf28g&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R
  8. Sheeko sheeko sheekho xariira. Reality check ayaad u baahantay. In fact, Laascaanood is teaming with Khamri after Somaliland left the Urban centre. On nightly basis there is fire exchanged between different armed gangs all drunk up.
  9. Garowe struggles with wounded soldiers. They are already feeling the heat in the warm up sessions. Somaliland's war machine is only getting starting now.
  10. With diplomacy done and all concerned partners onboard, the new strategy on the LaasCaanood conflict has been published. Mohamed Ali Bille, Chief of staff at the Presidency.
  11. All captured on Video how the anti-Peace elements turn their back and run to the residential areas after they wake up the Lions. This is probably the most unmanly part of the conflict. They come for a fight and in the first 30 minutes or so, they have the surprise factor on their side as the Somaliland side warms up the war machine. As Somaliland gets its rythem, the attacking melitia run away like cowards.
  12. LOL Sxb, kiniinka dhiig karka raadso. Because the Army is moving now.
  13. Actually I take that back, even SL 20 years ago, had better infrastructure and business outlook.
  14. You guys are where Somaliland was 20 years ago. Somaliland has moved away from imports, it is moving to exporting. The biggest Cooking Oil plant is currently being built in Berbera. 2 Cement Plants are going online soon. 2 large Flour mills are already online. The largest Banana Packaging plant is being build in Berbera. A significant Oil discovery will soon be shared with the world as the Toosan-1 spuds late this year. Somaliland will be in a position to export Oil as early as 2025 - Doesn't need to look for a buyer, as Taiwan recently signed energy deal to buy all the future produced Oil from Somaliland.
  15. Don't know what you are smoking, you must have sunk your head deep into the fake news gutter. Somaliland Army is station right on the Laascaanood-Garowe road - the control station. That has been the case since yonks. Like I said, iska ilaw Gooja cade iyo bunker or whatever.. That is not even the story. You cannot take the road to Garowe at all. Also, the Somaliland Army , as we speak, have retaken Hotel Xamdi. Also Buurta Sayyidka. With all the talk about Caasho Saleebaan ayaa ciidan keentay, Canab Maxamuud ayaa ciidan Keentay. Things are going back to where they were before Hargeisa ordered the army to move out of Urban area.
  16. Just fake news. Forget about Gooja Cade, Somaliland controls all the Checkpoints East & West of Laascaanood. First Puntland forces tried to take their luck on 18th of March. Half of the attacking forces were killed and the other half either captured or fled the scene. Today, the attackers came from Laascaanood. Once again, Somaliland forces still in control of Maraaga area. The Somaliland forces have moved troops and heavy equipment to the South East of Laascaanood. As always, the anti-Somaliland groups are once again back to where they were 2 months ago, shooting from residential houses.
  17. After two months of, the Anti-peace groups are still holed up inside residential buildings.
  18. Ciidanka Qaranka ayaa la wareegay Buurta Sayiidka oo ku taal dhanka Koonfur Bari ee Laascaanood.
  19. You know this is AI generated picture? You can generate any picture using DALL-E from Open AI. DALL·E 2 OPENAI.COM DALL·E 2 is an AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language.
  20. They were obeying Hargeisa orders to just respond to threats. As the spokesperson for Eastern Command said, that position has shifted and the army is not only going to respond but will be initiating calculated attacks. Unlike the desperate militia, the Army once it moves into a new location, it stays there. I am not sure how Ramadan month is going to impact on these decisions but rest assured things will not be the same in the near future.
  21. A repeat of 18th of March. Ciidanka Somaliland declared, going forward, they are going to start going after the anti-Somaliland groups.