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  1. Politics and diplomacy is delaying that, but the army is ready for whatever eventuality. Somaliland let the Garaads convene their Conference in Laascaanood and the policy has always been from the get go to hold talks with the Garaads. The Army has been restrained by that policy.
  2. Taliyaha Ciidanka Qaranka General Nuux Taani oo ka hadlay xaalada Laascaanood. There has not been any major engagement in the last week or so. In other news, mounting pressure on Garaads has forced them to accept peace talks to be held in Addis Abeba. The preliminary teams from both sides are said to be preparing to depart for Addis Abeba in the next few days.
  3. Durba sow dinkan keer keeray. Waxa Bosaso ilaa Kismaayo microphone lala dhex socdo magaalooyinka "yaa Daarood Ismaciil aheey"... kkk Idinka sheekadi maamulo dhex taalay Daarood u geeyey, ceebta halkaa ka dhacda hadhaw qirta guusha ninka iska leh, hadii kale gocor xun oo gobonimo aqoon noqda.
  4. Bal mar dhaw yaan lagaa maqlin Djibouti this, Djibouti that. Ileen waadigan laabta usii daayay daacayadaha Somaliland gudaheeda. Libinta kolka aan soo hooyo, bal ha noqon gocor xun, u qir libinta ragga soo hooyay.
  5. The 3rd World, spontaneous civil unrest is very hard to control even for 1st world countries. In the 3rd World countries, they are done with mass killings and state of terror. But when you want to not hurt the people and open for dialogue, of course you have to retreat and let the euphoria die down. The fact that for the past 2 weeks all of the Daaroods brought their melitia and still unable to have any chance of winning should tell you that, thus far, the Somaliland army has been playing softly softly approach.
  6. Gooja Cade taariikhda ayuu gali doona. Daarood Melitia Fadalkay dhigaan, samaan ka samaan ayu geelu ka cabi doona. Fardo la isu hayo maxaa la isaga faa nin. Hal request naga aqbala, don't run towards the urban areas. Ninkii Guryaha shacabka gala, should really accept defeat.
  7. Grand Opening of Berbera Economic Zone.
  8. The easiest way for you to capture Gooja cade is if you field a line of what **** call Guutada-koowaad ( otherwise known as women and kids) before your melitia. That line of women and children is enough to spook us and we will run away. We just can't find the guts to target Guutada Koowaad. Btw, dagaalka ugu wayn wuxu ka dhacayaa dhanka Boholaha Xargaga oo Ciidankii ugu adkaa Somaliland keentay shalay.
  9. LOL draw all the arrows you want, just one arrow will be true, the arrow of running towards the houses and going behind woman's Googarad for cover.
  10. Tomorrow is the grand opening day for Berbera Economic Zone. One of the largest Freezones in Africa.
  11. Whoever they are, Laascaanood is probably the departing terminal to the next world for many of them. Don't worry about the Bless Republic, we are a different kind. When our enemies think "That is it", is actually when we are making our greatest leap forward. Just watch this space.
  12. War bixintii dagaal ka dhacay shalay dhanka Waqooyi galbeed ee magaalada
  13. Fake news is part of the war, I give you that. Anyway, it looks like today has been a quiet day. Both sides are getting ready for a major escalation in the next day or two. The Daarood (As they want to be called now) melitia have come from far afield. If the Daarood get defeated, the Daarood community in many South Somalia regions will become Maato or unarmed communities. This is a high stakes gamble. One which history will record. Game on.
  14. A heavy fight is going on the Western side of Laascaanood where the Army is pushing towards the suburbs on the Western side of the town.
  15. Somaliland Army went on the offensive early in the morning and around 9am, felt back as if they were being beaten, but it was tactical to draw the Maryo-calas far away from the Urban area. Then a massacre ensued more than 100 bodies and still counting and tens of Prisoners. Also 3 pickup trucks were captured a number of others destroyed.
  16. Guys, peace will come, on Somaliland's terms. You can take that to the bank. This whole thing will not last. The Army is not going anywhere. In fact, the Somaliland tax payer is getting a return for their investnemtns into the army. They would otherwise be in a barracks doing nothing, they must as well get something done. But you cannot say the same on the otherside. The children that are given guns, the business men, the teachers, these will have to find a way to make ends meet. It is a wonderful world and it works in ways you cannot imagine. We will keep the pressure and also olive branch at the same time. If we have to, we will try to expand the sphere of war and include Garowe into the calculations. We have time and we have money.
  17. The dead Sarkaal's name is Jimcaale Jamac Takar. Here is his picture from 2016. He earned few more stars since 2016. This is hat now.
  18. In my opinion, this is a good start for peace talks. The misunderstanding can be settled.
  19. Does it really matter where they are stationed? they attacked and they got destroyed and their leaders annihilated and captured. End of story. Ciidanka Qaranka once they are done with the Laascaanood issue, they are coming for Garowe. Sit tight. I saw Ex-Somalia Police Chief Xijaar also came to Laascaanood. Qofku isaga xabaashiisa raadsada/doonta.
  20. That is the name he claims in this video. Ma ninkaa intaa leeg ayaa been ka sheegay magaciisa? waar ileen tanoo kale.
  21. The captured one his name is "Maxamoud Mursal Maxamoud". At least that what he said in the video he recorded a day before. The dead one, his passport and the documents that is shown in the video I posted earlier were pulled from the back pockets of his dead body. As soon as his name is published, I will share it.