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  1. Interesting interview with the Djibouti Minister of Finance on those talks, listen from 14:33min.
  2. the old SNM guard speaking out, but fear it might be too late by now after decades of Qaaxo subversion.
  3. Dowlad iyo Dadka macaa xumaanta tageera wee kusoo labataa oo Kama nabad galaan. War hooy ka jooga, oo tariikdaa burburka ha laga cimri qaato.
  4. They video has been removed. What was it about! Can you find another link?
  5. Xunjuf, Oday dooda ku fiicna ayaa ahaan jirtay laakin baryahan Caay uun ayaa kasoo hadhay.
  6. I meant won’t the fighting between the two tribes in Sitta have impact on the relations between them and stability of Djibouti. So, If IOG or his clan folks are involved and win against the Afar tribe in Sitta, won’t that enrage the Afars in Djibouti?
  7. Heshiiskii Somaliland ku dhisneed (social contract) dhawac badan ayaa so gaaray 10kii sano ugu dambeeyay. Dad baa isleh xalkeedu wa doorasho, iyo Muuse oo ka taga meesha ama qaar isleh Muuse oo dib loo doorto. laakin isma lihi xal ayee keenisaa doorashadaan hada lagu dhawaqay wee kasii darisaa uun xalada hada lagu jiro uun ayee sii qaraarinisaa. Waxa kasoo qadataa Bas xoogaha so socday oo wakhti badan u baahna ina la sameeyo (repair iyo maintenance), oo waxba laga qaban. Ama dareewal cusub u dhiib sii wado ama kii hore hasii wado, si kasta Baskaas wuu kala fariisaniyaa maadama u wakhtigaan u baahan yahay geeraj la geeyo sida loo sameeyo. Daraweelka lee badam micno ma sameyniso hada, ila hadii macaa la keeno dareewalka aduunka ugu fiican ee Hamilton, Senna ama Schumacher, midna ma wadi karo gaari la dhaafay wakhtigii u baahnaa ina la sameeyo oo laga shaqeeyo. Ka waran xaalkaas hadii Baskii oo socda la dhaho tartan ha la qabto cida dareewalka noqonisa. Kii waday Buska iyo kii rabay inu la wareego ku jeestaan oo isku qabsadaan shukaanta, maxaa u maleynisaa ayaa ka dhalan kara Meeshaan?
  8. Kulmiye re-election campaign kicked off, with immediately putting all blame for the military defeat in Las Anod with a sub-clan.
  9. Kulmiye starts attacking Wadani offices
  10. After much pressure an election date has been set.
  11. Ethiopia strategically plays neighboring countries against one another to renegotiate favorable port deals, tariffs and access, and Kenya turns the table by renegotiating on energy. Mature countries who are driven by their own interest, nothing wrong with this. Headless Somali’s could learn one or two things if they paid any attention and took a moment to learn and think beyond their tainted clan perspectives,
  12. Even Saudi’s participated in the campaign to support Israel against the attack. That’s quite a number of countries and hell of a firepower needed against one countries pre-announced attack. Report: Gulf states, including Saudi Arabia, provided intelligence on Iran attack US persuaded several countries to help in preparing for Iranian assault on Israel, enabling a comprehensive defensive shield to be put in place, Wall Street Journal says Just a moment... WWW.TIMESOFISRAEL.COM
  13. Tens of thousands of Israeli’s have left the country, after the attack how many are rushing to leaving the country out of fear. Hamas and Iran have reached their goal, which is to instill fear in to the opponent and not about how many missiles hit targets. Just a moment... WWW.TIMESOFISRAEL.COM Israel's emigration rate jumps as it learns to count EN.GLOBES.CO.IL The Central Bureau of Statistics has decided that Israelis who pay short annual visits are not residents, lopping 150,000 off the population...
  14. This is quit off putting, even if Abiy has any good intention for the country, this kind of behavior from his tribes man undermines it.
  15. U.S., Not Israel, Shot Down Most Iran Drones and Missiles THEINTERCEPT.COM American forces did most of the heavy lifting responding to Iran’s retaliation for the attack on its embassy in Damascus.
  16. US, UK and Jordan intercept many of the Iranian drones headed to Israel Israeli official says American forces stopped over 100 aircraft outside the country; Jordanian jets shot down dozens of drones in kingdom’s airspace; France also assists defense Just a moment... WWW.TIMESOFISRAEL.COM
  17. Somaliland will need to achieve certain goals to win, which are and always have been capturing and holding on to Las Anod or/and the border areas (the pre 25 august positions), anything less than that is a major defeat ever for SL. Somaliland is truly gambling here.
  18. Perhaps a base under an international AU/IGAD mandate and flag, with Ethiopia being the majority troop contributing state. Something similar to the ATMIS arrangement used for Ethiopia’s and Kenya’s presence in Somalia? Surely that could be an acceptable compromise for both sides, but what would Somaliland gain from this? Commitment from AU/IGAD to mediate issue of between Somaliland and Somalia?
  19. It seems that one wasn’t serieuz with the candidate for the AU post, as they in meantime undermine own candidate by going for the UNSC membership. It will be a competitive race between Djibouti and Kenya, Djibouti candidate has advantage of being an experienced diplomat with extensive contacts over the continent and also speaks French, whereas Raila is a statesman bringing political weight to the post.
  20. They are elected Parliamentarians, talking about their political views. Surely that’s what their constituencies elected them for, so why the personal insults?
  21. Dagaalkii hore haduu keenay ceeb iyo qawanaan, kan dambe ee durbaanka loo tumiyu muxuu keeni doona? Ilahayoow dadka caqliga saliimka kusoo celi.
  22. Makes sense that it’s “all hands on deck” for Puntland and to close the circle around focussing attention and putting counter weight to HSM. And even though other regions are not at the forefront of this power struggle, nevertheless Deni might want to seek and forge alliances with other regions and political players in the country.