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  1. Disregard him, he doesn't have Somalia's interest at heart, he is a secessionist boy.
  2. Xamar is full of snitches, they are the everyday ordinary people around you. AS has tentacles all over the place. Sad
  3. ^ Folks are belatedly realising our peaceful traditional Sufism was the bulwark against the dark forces of Wahhabis and salafis.
  4. Quite accurate actually. Trust maryooley to be stringent about the application of the bad stuff - qabyaalad, terrorism, piracy, FGM, anarchy etc.
  5. Meeshaasaa ku dhiiqatay. I like you Galbeedi, but once in a while you unleash howlers like that, which make me doubt your analysis.
  6. Good reporting Galbeedi. Kuwaas ciddii wax la qaybsata dhib qabta. They are a majority with a dangerous minority complex.
  7. ^ shaqo la'aan iyo jah wareer waxaasa lagaa dhahaa.
  8. The issue was pushed by the likes of Adelson, Pence and others in his entourage. Netanyahu was directing the whole thing behind the scenes not just happy but these was well orchestrated move. Ehud Barak is a failed leftist former PM and his warnings about Arab majority are to be taken with a grain of salt. Barak and the opposition want to unseat Netanyahu badly but can't because the majority of the public support his security policies. He is a corrupt man however and voters are in a dilemma.
  9. LST I couldn't find the book and there is no place I could buy it. Frustrating.
  10. Probably only one of a few good decisions he's made. But a broken clock is right twice a day as they say.
  11. The problem is foreign aid itself, Che. That is the only logical conclusion. "Lee Kuan Yew ruled out passing the begging bowl and accepting foreign assistance of any kind. " " Singapore refused to accept foreign aid: This is a far cry from many developing countries, where, when you pick up the paper, all you see are politicians and bureaucrats trying to secure foreign aid from someone, be it an NGO, a foreign government, or an international financial institution such as the World Bank. By contrast, “no foreign aid” signs hung, and still hang, figuratively, outside every government office in Singapore. "
  12. Everything he said is facts, but they wanted him to pander. This actually makes me respect him.
  13. Same shidh happening in Kenya. Only industry is real estate and land speculation. There is a population boom and every inch has been squatted on. Can't be sustainable in the long run.
  14. Imagine these types of water retention schemes back home with our arid and thirsty land. It would literally transform the landscape. It is in my bucket list.