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  1. Kheyre is a good guy. This article is probably written by a hater for clannish reasons.
  2. This is what it's like to pee after female genital mutilation This is one of the articles that opened my eyes to the terrible practice of FGM. I challenge you to read it and come back to us with you equivocating whatabouttery.
  3. Well said Galbeedi. Things will get real dicey in this region in the coming years.
  4. I don't even believe your a real person but a bot. Damn these bots are getting advanced. A SL supporting bot at that.
  5. There is nothing nuanced about this terrible practice of FGM, its as black and white as you can get, its a health risk and an infringement on the rights of the child. I have read the article and your whataboutery nonsense is hereby dismissed unceremoniously.
  6. Look, some one is trying to use Russian dezinformatsiya tactics on SOL. There you go, stop trying to muddy waters waryaa. They were referring to forced instances of genital piercing not adults doing it on their own. Why are you trying so hard to defend FGM ?
  7. You can't tell an adult what to do with their body, they don't need consent from you or any one else and it not harmful in any case just an expression of their individuality. However forcing young children without their consent to undergo painful and dangerous FGM operations that cause sexual dysfunction and problems during birth is completely different matter, it is immoral and sick, the civilized world and the UN banned this ugly practice for a reason.
  8. Wow oday Gooni, reerka waad ku talaxtagtay runti! You basically saying they don't want government, only anarchy and mess ? Is it because they oppose your uncle Farmaajo ? Are you about to break your famous alliance with the HAG that you had since the fall of the SB regime ? Maxaa u talo ah reerka ?
  9. Good thing she won't be called a princess.
  10. In other words you just wanted a jaariyad ?
  11. Typical! They are more worried about image and who is making money off NGOs rather than the lives of the kids destroyed in the process. Nobody keeps a taboo alive as well as maryooley.
  12. The fix is hard is hard adeer. Habar fadhida lagdin la fududaa You have an Islamist insurgency and other unfinished issues from the civil war to sort through before you have an effective government. Even then, the human capital is wanting in the country. Experts waa in dibada laga keenaa ala colonial period. Mini states are the last of our problems, that can be sorted anytime. Let us crawl before we run. We can have these nice constitutional debates after AS stops blowing people up.
  13. Observations: 1. More non ethnic Somalis. 2. Kids appear well fed no sunken cheekbones and hollow eyes. 3. The Khawarij wave had not reached the land as evidenced by the teacher not wearing a tent.
  14. The IC is pushing the formation of these states, their rationale is since the federal government can't extend its writ beyond xamar, these local administrations will take the load of the struggling central government in fighting the Islamists. Look at Jubbaland's case, AS were kicked out with foreign muscle and an administration was put in place to make sure they terrorists didn't make a come back, by some measures it was a successful project. This is what they are trying to replicate elsewhere. Deny the bad guys a vacuum to operate, pacify the country bit by bit and deal with constitutional issues of the proper role of the federal states later. Your complaining about 10 federal states when the last 30 years saw the absence of any form of governance in some parts of the country, at least we have some governance now. I'ts not fucked up, its a welcome sign of progress and how far things have come. Your spoiled now. I would have 20 federal states than endless Zoobe massacres. Those monsters breed in ungoverned spaces which the federal system will solve. If an effective government returns then we can discard it but for now keep it.
  15. As schoolchildren start the Christmas holidays, many parents in Garissa are plotting ways to have them undergo FGM.This is despite knowing well the law prohibits Female Genital Mutilation. However, the parents organise to have the girls undergo the cut in secrecy. Statistically, the Somali community has the highest rates of FGM in the world. About 95 per cent of girls between the ages of four and 11 undergo FGM, according to Unicef. Zahara Hashi, a nurse at Simaho, said at least three cases of retained menstruation, formation of cyst and delayed delivery are reported at the facility every week. These conditions lead to fistula and may cause permanent disability. Some of the women have since been divorced for sexually underperforming. How come no headway is being made among Somali people, what makes this practice so persistent and difficult to eradicate in this community? A friend of mine's wife took her daughter to Africa just this year to undergo this ritual. I was shocked because they were relatively educated.
  16. Not his sweat but the sun's illumination is just magnified for some reason probably due to no cloud cover plus poor cameras and technique.
  17. Silly question: Does the SUN shine brighter in Somalia than in other places?
  18. Operation tolka ha la quudiyo, miyaa! Not bad, they figured if sillyland and buuqland can get cadaan deeq bixiyaal beeso to pay their clans why should HAG be left out of the gravy train. Salute.
  19. They may be something to this, land should revert to its ancestral owners. Everyone in Somalia has a piece of land somewhere in this dusty country, the failed experiment unrelated clans living together shouldn't be repeated.