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  1. Galbeedi, where are they mining these Tigre and SL trolls, they are crawling all over the Somali internet. This is an organized and paid for operation.
  2. or better, use your own names. I don't see no explicit rule in Islam that says: " give your offspring arab names" after all god made us different peoples ( shucuub ) with different languages ( lughaat ) for a reason, if he wanted to make the whole of humanity arab he would.
  3. You did not read my post it seems. A common problem with Somalis Re read it.
  4. Cool I'm earnest online and offline. Anyways, cabdiyada waa in laga gudbaa sanadka ama gu'ga cusub ee 2018. My brother just had a son, baby has not been named yet. I'm eagerly awaiting for his new name. Will keep you all posted on the choice.
  5. Holac, what do you suggest ? Change our names ? I myself carry an Abdi prefixed name and to be honest I hate it.
  6. Che No cabiid would be way too flagrant lol I would swing on someone for using it, hahaha Cabdi = slave of hebel cabiid = slaves, waa wadarta cabdi, at least in classical Arabic. I have come across Pakistanis named Abeed The worst case of mis-naming involved a Pakistani who worked in the Gulf who when prompted for his name replied Zub Akbar
  7. I was reading the Kenya Nation newspaper's online version and one thing caught my eye, all the Somali people cited carried the name: ABDI, what explains the extraordinary popularity of this name among Somalis ? I'm not even talking about Abdi with a suffix such Abdi-khaliq, Abdishakur, Abdirizaq, etc but just straight up Abdi without any other name at the end. Somalis are the only Muslim community that use this weird name too. I cringe when I hear our people call each other Abdi. Somali N word perhaps I will be adding examples as I come across them.
  8. I absolutely agree with you on the population threat. Africa is headed for scary territory given current population growth rates, rabi sahal. I'm tired of seeing starving black kids on t.v, we have become the face of suffering worldwide, witness the migration crisis in Europe and slavery in Libya. Africa has too many people, a population crash of epic proportions is bound to happen I'm afraid. Most of these countries are sustained by food imports, they can't even feed themselves let alone export to earn foreign exchange. It doesn't help that Africans and Muslims are the most pro-natal cultures. We are literally whistling past our graveyards. Gloomy future awaits. Which ethnic/religious groups have the highest fertility in Ethiopia? My guess is the Somali, Oromo, and other Cushitic groups are mainly the ones having too many children, while the Habeshas: Amharas, Tigrays, and other Semitic groups have lower fertility rates. Correct ? Similarly, Muslims are outpacing Christians in child birth. Yes ?
  9. These Arabs are so amateurish and impulsive it is unbelievable, no wonder Iran is able to pick off one Arab state after the other. Only Somalis are more myopic and fickle than them MBS will be a disaster for KSA, I defended him as a reformer on this forum but I have changed my mind, that guy is stupid, rash and very profligate. Dude bought a yacht for $400 million, Salvator Mundi painting for $450 million, and the straw that broke the camel's back: a $300 million chateau in France. He is no reformer but a typical Arab prince. His father is also extremely extravagant and lavish in his spending on luxury, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree as they say.
  10. The inevitable big AS bombing will make them come to their senses and stop all these silly games.
  11. The reality is on the ground is there is no separation, the services, the infrastructure, the people, it all one city. It is fiction that Jerusalem is divided, yes the East is primarily Arab but there are increasingly Jews in the east and likewise Arabs in the west of the city. Which ever super power comes after America, they can't force a sovereign country to give up its capital. Handing over East Jerusalem means giving the Western wall - holiest site in Judaism to Arabs, unthinkable. - Japanese are shrinking rapidly in population, don't think they will become a super power any time soon. - Germany is not going to be a super power even if it wanted, now it doesn't want to be lead the EU given its historical baggage. - Chinese - ? Many people are touting the Chinese to be the next super power, however they have massive challenges already - economy is slowing, pollution issues, shrinking workforce. They may not even get rich before they get old. Meaning the U.S will be the sole super power for the foreseeable future. Balance of power will ensure Israel remains unassailable in that region for a long time whatever happens. Arabs are cannibalizing themselves.
  12. The depressing news from Ethiopia got me thinking. We have had 50 years of self rule, and not a single viable African state has emerged. Not a single successful economy anywhere across the continent been witnessed. What ails the continent ? Do we have unfix-able flaws. Are we a failed branch of the human tree. Should we stop procreating and terminate ourselves given our dismal track record. I'm serious.
  13. Jerusalem is Israel's capital, no one can change that fact. This symbolic vote won't change anything. More countries will eventually move their embassy to Jerusalem.
  14. Very appealing and chic design, definitely not what we've come to expect of maryooley. Niyow, I wanna saw real wax-soo-saar, warshado, small cottage industries, crafts, machine shops, etc We need something like the mittelstands of Germany, small and medium size enterprises that actually produce stuff and not import goods from Asia and the Gulf.
  15. Mooge I thought you were nationalist guy, this guy sold Somali seas. Is that not a treasonous move ?
  16. It is ridiculous to equate PL'ers to the anarchists of the last 30 years, PL nacayb yeysan ku qaadin. Qaswadayaasha Somalia last 30 years waan wada ogsoonahay sxb.
  17. Waa yaab'e qoladan PL maxay ula safteen mucaaridka ? Just because their cousin uusey is part of the qaswadaayasha? walaahi waa dad iyo dal aan waligey fahmeyn.
  18. Treason is not opposition, get your head right. Oohintaadu orgiga ka weyn, adeer. cadeyso waxa kuu daran. Apart from gooni no one here supports farmaajo like that, but wrong is wrong and this guy were pushing the boundaries.
  19. They do, I was talking yesterday to a guy from his same clan and he was furious with the traitors as called them, they are under the pay of the UAE. The whole of Xamar is up and fed up with these guys.
  20. Your wrong. Even their clans don't support these traitors.
  21. Minor demarcations may be, but the border is well known and not in dispute.